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About Me

I run this site :-)

I am a very experienced producer (several series for Red Hot) and performer with hundreds of credits including :-

  • Anything That Moves (Red Hot TV) - male lead over both series, 10 episodes. I also produced it.
  • Swingering - male lead and producer, 5 Episodes
  • Petting Picnics - was just supposed to produce but am also in one scene due to model no show leading to rescheduling.
  • Red Hot Xmas Special - male performer and producer.
  • Candid Christmas (Red Hot) - male performer and producer
  • My Wife and I - male lead series 1, 5 episodes
  • Viewers Wives - many volumes, often in the bonus winning episode, at least 10 scenes all told, usually with new girls.
  • Loads of web sites, DVDs etc.

At present other commitments limit my time, but I am available to film content (and do NOT require any rights in it) where models want to build up their own material for AW etc a couple of days a week.

Just ask. Normally need 2-3 weeks notice.

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Pablo Aslan's picture

Hired Paul as a cameraman and performer for a shoot with Kandi Spitfire! Very professional and reliable!!! It was fun and a great and shoot!!! Highly recommended!!!

SarahKellyxxx's picture

One of THE good guys in the business with absolute integrity ...

I would recommend any girls needing a showreel or content shot entrusts it to Paul as he wont mess you about (a lesson learned the hard way with some people in this business) and he wont rip you off.

Comes with Cock AND Camera kit/skills

,is considerate - towards everyone and at all times,

is knowledgeable - if you need great advice,get it from the right source,

and also decent company (cant wait for the Summer AIR Party) so ticks all the right boxes..

In a tough business,he is one of THE good guys,is totally honest and with integrity...

I would say any new girls into the biz should make Paul one of their FIRST contacts and experiences to get temselves off to a great start

Sarah Kellyxxx

Always fully certed, I'm RELIABLE and turn up on time,fully prepared to shoot what you want,or happy to shoot you a Private CommissionMy Model Listing

admin's picture

People might start to think you're really quiite sweet :-)

Signature - AIR Admin aka Paul Jones Model, and Producer

SarahKellyxxx's picture

Well, we wouldnt want people thinking that!! Alot depends on who is actually pressing my buttons... I Can be a TOTAL Fem Domme+Dominatrix Bitch (for Kink) or all sweetness,nice and totally harmless..... Or whatever we aiming for in between ;) x

Sarah Kellyxxx

Always fully certed, I'm RELIABLE and turn up on time,fully prepared to shoot what you want,or happy to shoot you a Private CommissionMy Model Listing

Kelly's picture

My first BG shoot and loads of fun :-) Can I do you again sometime?

See me at My Model Listing

lexiecummings's picture

Hi Thanks for setting up the share content shoot, great venue, and excellent day to meet new models and friends. Had great fun and will have high quality content

Great to work with you

Lexie xx
for films and clips
twitter- @Lexie_Cummings
facebook -lexie.cummings
If we email direct check your setting to accept the .xxx adult codes

SarahJayne's picture

Thank you for all your help this morning it would not have got any where with out you, i think i have completed everything correct be feel free to check i have done it properly many thanks BIG THANK YOU x SJ

Paul is a fantastic performer.
Great fun was had on the shoot, I would highly recommend him.
Many thanks.

Shot some content with Paul yesterday for My Dirty Hobby site - instantly felt comfortable, and he is a very charming man and a great performer!
Also got some invaluable advice - will definitely work with Paul again!!!

Krystal xxx

Signature - Black Krystal, curvy, black, hot and willing! My Model Listing

Barbie Stroker's picture

I worked with Paul over the weekend for shooting content for My Dirty Hobby site
Paul is a very easy producer to work with and is always clear in his pre shoot messages.
He also gives great advice if asked and has much knowledge for those starting out in the industry.
That was one hot weekend Paul !! We will have to perform together next time.
Barbie xxx

Sookieblues's picture

Easy and fun to work with, very helpful and lovely guy.
Recommend to anyone x was good to meet you finally!

CrystalSparx's picture

I have worked with Paul a few times with him as a model and as a producer and he is fantastic with both, has great equipment in both senses of the word, He is always on time and prompt and can always perform. A really good guy definitely work popping by and saying hello to, I highly recommend Paul with great enthusiasm!!!
Big hugs!
Crystal xx

claire knight's picture

Met Paul at recent shoot who was very professional and very easy to work with. Good direction and performed well too! Hope to work with you again xx

lexiecummings's picture

Had another great shoot with Paul always a pleasure to have him behind (or in-front of) the camera. Highly recommended and great fun to work with.. XX

Lexie xx
for films and clips
twitter- @Lexie_Cummings
facebook -lexie.cummings
If we email direct check your setting to accept the .xxx adult codes

ClassForCam69's picture

Paul is fab! met him Monday after he arranged a shoot for the studs to get their proof content, he communicated brilliantly letting me no all details I needed for the shoot leaving no queries. I would HIGHLY recommend Paul to anybody but especially to the newbies he's very professional a Great source of information about the adult industry and happy to help :) Absolute pleasure to work with
Thanks Again :):):) xxx

Alisha Rydes's picture

Had the greatest pleasure meeting Paul in April on a shoot for Red Hot TV . Was a very enjoyable day and hopefully see you again Paul xxx

Honesty Calliaro's picture

Worked with Admin a couple of times now, no complaints here. Turns up, does the job, friendly, polite, no hassle really. Also doesn't seem to get into any big nasty stress bubbles, which is unusual for a photographer, nor is he rapidly disappearing up his own arse... Happy to stamp the Honesty Brand Seal of Approval on this one! Take it easy Admin. x

Zero Fucks Given

jodiecummings's picture

I had the pleasure of working with Paul on Sunday (12.7.15)
Paul is a fantastic guy. He goes way out of his way to help and advise. He has a lot of knowledge about the industry. In every area!
Paul is also great to be around. He's easy going, friendly, funny... It makes the day go so smoothly.
Thank you very much for all your help and all the work you put into the shoot on Sunday. It's very much appreciated, and I hope I get the chance to work with you again soon!xxx

Had fabulous time the other day shooting with Paul in Birmingham with Toby Dick.
Awesome guy and communication was spot on. Highly recommended!

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