WebCam Models - make 75%+ with Skyprivate

Skyprivate allows you to make 75%+ from camming via Skype (plus extra if the guy is new to the system, up to 80% payout).

Proper adult payment system, all approved etc.

This is THE BEST way to monetise your Twitter fans etc.

Every time you are going on cam, Tweet etc saying on Skype AND on AW.

Best of EVERYTHING :-)

It's also not instead of AdultWork, but AS WELL AS AdultWork etc.

  • Cam Site - you wait for them to send you customers, they take big percentage for that service.
  • Skyprivate - you need to bring the customer, but YOU get to keep more of the money. More than with Cam Sites.

So USE BOTH - make sure that those on Skype know they can get you on Skyprivate, and those on the sites, through the sites. When camming, be logged into Skype as well :-)

What to do next

Join, register, all free then just add it to your options for clients. For some girls it will be a goldmine.

MORE DETAILS on their site

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