WANTED Male for b/g shoot

Male wanted for b/g shoot this week - one evening TBC in the Northwich area

Under 30 ideally with experience

Please contact with availability/rates

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Shame I am nearly 40 now, lol

James Wildfowler


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Huh, you're just a pair of young whipersnappers compared to me :-D :-D :-D :-D.

So if Mike0ck is sixty but has double the experience, what happens?

I am surprised, so many experienced people are falling for such obvious bait.

Sammysnake Listing Link

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Are you still looking for someone to do this shoot with? I am 37 year old 6ft9 VWE (10 inches) Black guy with certs and verifications

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Hi Louise, sorry I just read your post. I will be in England next week if you require an experience male for a shoot.