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U.Y.C. Productions

About Me

This is U.Y.C (Under Your Command) Productions. I’ve been doing shoots with models for over 10 years.

My shoots revolve around the niche hypnosis/mind control fetish scene. None of the hypnosis is real, models only have to act as though they are hypnotised and play out accompanying plots.

I'm looking for models to shoot B/G content. I always try to keep the shoots fun and a relaxed atmosphere always gets the best out of everyone.

I've worked with many UK and foreign models over the years including Jessica Jensen, Tara Holiday, Lola-Marie, Ashley Rider, Axa Jay, Tasha Holz, Cindy Sun, Kiki Minaj, Chantelle Fox and many more.

Chaperones are free to come along, provided they keep out of the way during the shoot.

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Very professional producer/director/performer, very organised and knew exactly what he wanted to shoot, perfectly happy to have him on the premises and would so again without hesitation.

Jessica Jensen's picture

This guy is awesome!! Had a really fun shoot with him and really enjoyed it. He actually creates proper storylines for the scenes and shoots to a high quality- Would definitely recommend and work with again.

Jessica Jensen

axajay's picture

Had a great shoot fun shoot a while back. A lot of fun, prepared, and easy to get on with. Would def recommend xx

Had a shoot and was really easy going and relaxed. Would happily shoot again :) Please let me know if you want to do something else soon :)

ashley rider 88's picture

Had the pleasure of meeting this lovely guy had a great shoot and a good laugh very easy going and relaxed shoot would highly recommend working with looking forward to seeing him again in the future

Adultwork ashleyryder1988

Lola-Marie's picture

I had a fantastic day shooting on 30th September 2015 and for once obeying lol
Such a patient individual to work with , was a pleasure being hypnotized for the second time .
Keep up the good work , hope to see you soon .

Lola-Marie xx

Jakki Louise's picture

Had Great Shoot with a lovely guy, knew what he wanted , got along famously ,Fun and something very different Thanks!

It is all too rarely that I get to work with UYC Productions. As ever he was reliable, professional, well-organised and gave Tasha Holz a seeing-to worthy of her status as the best porn starlet in the UK right now. I hope we can do more before too long.

Amy Latina's picture

Worked with him few weeks ago in London, he is very well organized, very lovely guy to work with! .. comminication is 101 % super excellent..thank you for the great shoot..time just flew by so quickly. I highly recommend him to others!

thank you

kind regards

Cindy Sun's picture

Had a pleasure to work with him on my last visit in UK. Very professional, easy and fun to shoot with. I would definitely recommend and work with him again!

Cindy Sun

Switch booked our location with porn legend Chantelle Fox. By now he is probably one of the best-established POV producers in the UK. Needless to say he was organised, professional and a fast worker as ever. An impressive movie producer.

Switch has used the location twice now, he is very easy going / well organized and a good producer very happy to highly recommend him.

Funny and easy shoot with him, very professional and very nice. I recommend 100% and I hope we shoot together again!

Funny and easy shoot with him, very professional and very nice. I recommend 100% and I hope we shoot together again!

I was location host to Switch twice in April, shooting with Ava Austen and Misha Mayfair. It's always easy working with him and always happy to make a booking. Good working with a real movie-maker.

TSNikkiVidic's picture

A very pleasant and professional performer / producer who shoots very interesting content. Definitely a different experience from the usual. Would wholeheartedly recommend!

Holly's picture

I worked with Nab a few weeks ago, he was great a fantastic person
he met me at station was kind and an easy going shoot
Would love to work with him again xx

Signature - I'm Holly and love working in this business. My Model Page

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