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Thanks for looking, our site is
We now have our own in house website design and build team, hosting servers We'll be able to host around 100 models websites...
We can sponsor your website build for a small % of sales, or you can pay us of course lol, But i'm happy to cover cost's mostly, Your able to Sell photo sets, Video Content, and your own Merchandise too, and of course webcam too getting your fans to your own site via social media we all use all the time anyways :) all via secure Ccbillin payment's and of course legal with the new UK laws of Dec 1st 2014, this is not a Wix type site or Model Cen where you don't really own anything, this can be your very own business, i'm in the game to make good money with bringing on good models so if your looking to have your own business within the modelling industry I could be a great partner to yourself,

I own 2 webcam sites also for good models that can prove themselves we're willing to offer models there own website's

We have a Small Studio set up in Berkshire, which can be hired to friends of AIR, We look out for new hot young ladies and try to Promote the Adult Industry in a Positive Light to todays young adults, we do this with our Porn Star hot Tub Parties, Not only was we the first, were still going and still the best at it also.

Were happy to work with almost anyone from the industry.
Lots of TimeWasters on Social Networking Sites which is why we prefer to network via AIR and keep every thing Professional and Positive towards our industry,
Happy to help if we can, we have a great little set up, Hot Tub (inside) Full Back Drop(s) and Lighting Kit,
so if you think you could work with us or know someone that fancies a lot of fun, point them our way,
Thanks for Looking
Enjoy your Day
Dave Tubs

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I done a recent content shoot at Daves recently with Paul (admin), it was great fun we had such a laugh in the tub too. Id highly recommend Dave to you all.
Thanks Tubs, hope to see you soon, Barbie xxx

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Lovely chap great fun, you'll enjoy yourself

Signature - AIR Admin aka Paul Jones Model, and Producer

Had the honour of working with the Prof on a Cream Pie Productions shoot. He made the evening fun, creative and productive for all. Hope to do it again before too long.

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