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West London



Toxic Innocence

About Me


I am Toxic Innocence, a Belgian and Japanese model. I was born in 1995.

I am published in Escort Readers' Wives (issue 91), Escort magazine (volume 35 number 8), Escort Swing magazine (issue 64), Unfolded magazine (issue 20), Naughty Neighbors (March 2016 issue), Razzle (issue 34.09) and online. Even appeared on a Sunday Sports’ article about a TV X show I was involved in.

I am petite with no tattoos. I have taken part in more many shoots (I don't count anymore) and I have modelled internationally. I am a versatile model (i.e. I can look adorably innocent or very sexy - I am "Toxic Innocence") and I can bring a variety of items including unique ones. I am enthusiastic, reliable, fun to shoot with and I pose with ease! I consider modelling as a job that I take seriously, but I am incredibly passionate about it.

Also I can squirt!!!! If you wish to shoot that, please let me know in advance so that I can bring the right toys!


All my levels up to solo adult with insertion for stills/up to open leg US mag without masturbation for video. Rates include travel.
2 hrs - £80
3hrs - £115
4 hrs - £145
5 hrs - £170
6hrs - £190 + 30 min free break on top of shooting time
7 hrs - £205 + 45 min free break on top of shooting time
8 hrs - £215 + 1hr free break on top of shooting time

If you want to do solo adult with insertion/continental video, it is an additional £20 per shoot. So no matter if we shoot for 2 or 8 hours it is still £20 extra.

Happy to travel up to 4 hours each way for a shoot. I live in South West London.


Minimum 2 hours booking (except on studio days)

I do rely on my income from modelling so please note that I would expect to be paid for late cancellations or my costs if I booked things in advance for our shoot.

I work up to solo adult with insertion/continental and can work up to hard g/g. Please note my hard g/g rates are different.

I use my own toys. I have a good collection and if you need something specific, please let me know with enough notice and I'll buy it if I don't have it yet (as long as these items can be useful for other shoots too).

Breaks are included in the time should they be needed, however for 6 hour shoots I am happy to have 30 minutes free on top of the shooting time for a break (45 minutes for 7 hour shoots and 1 hour for 8 hour shoots).

Do not use my real name publicly (Tomoko is not my real name).

I am allergic to Johnson's baby oil so if you wish to do a baby oil shoot we can use another brand's baby oil or I'll bring my own. Please let me know if that's needed.

We treat each other with respect. Inappropriate physical contact will not be tolerated.

Thank you for looking at my profile and hopefully we will be shooting together!


(Both the profile picture and the model listing main image have been photographed by Raw and The Cooked)
(Other image by Jaydee)
(2nd other image by Jaydee)
(3rd other image by StuH)
(4th other image by Dobbinn)
(5th other mage by Dobbinn)
(6th image by Tina Spice)
(7th image by Ariel Images)
(8th image by Photo10)

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chrisb's picture

have worked with Tomoko last year.very friendly girl works like the energiser bunnie.
all the poses you need gauranteed

I had a shoot with Tomoko last year. Really awesome. Highly recommended

Gary Digital's picture

I had the pleasure of working with Tomoko a while ago. She is a lovely young model with a very professional outlook. Highly recommended and will work with her again!

I have shot with Tomoko a number of times and each time have come away with keepers (every one of them) Tomoko gives 100% on a shoot and is able to pose with or without direction. Professional all the way

SensualArt's picture

Had a photo shoot with Tomoko last month. Excellent comms, professional in everything, and lovely to work with!

Worked with Tomoko yesterday on a 3 hour shoot. Beautiful model, friendly person and very professional throughout. She worked so hard to ensure I got the shots I requested - but did so very easily and entirely naturally, which comes through on the results.
Had a wonderful time and was worth every minute of the 4 hr drive to get to her. Pictures are amazing and I really hope to soot with her again soon.

cheverny00's picture

I have shoot with Toxic a few times now, always turns up on time and read to work
Very organised and efficient young lady who can pose well and is a pleasure to work with

hands_e's picture

I had the pleasure of a shoot with Toxic a few weeks ago in a hotel in London. Absolutely gorgeous and great fun as well. Highly recommended

Jafas's picture

Worked with Tomoko this year. Very artistic and great to work with. Will be shooting again in 2017 if I can


EROTIC FETISH PHOTOGRAPHY. Hard/soft BG & GG as well as fetish cosplay and solo work. Stills work at the moment, no professional video

banjojohn's picture

Had an amazing shoot with Miss Innocence , One of the rare " Natural " Beautiful Models there is , No directions are needed when you hire this Model ... Amazing posing ! ,
I would luv to work with Toxic so much more this Year ,
Thank you so much for a really great shoot :)
Kind Regards ,
John ,


LaceyStarr's picture

I worked with Tomoko today and can thoroughly recommend her to everyone. Such a nice, cool girlie with all the skills any producer should want. Pre-shoot comms were easy, friendly and brief. She arrived right on time, looking fab and brought a terrific choice of suitable clothes and lingerie for the shoot. During filming she was utterly professional and always ready to take direction when needed. She has a bright and bubbly personality, but held focus throughout. We shot a soft girl girl scene, chose a creatively vanilla scenario, but wow! this lady works her soft levels hard, which leaves you with amazing and highly sensual content.
Tomoko has a stunning look, gorgeous figure and is even more pretty in person than in her amazing photos. We have already agreed to work together again soon and I can't wait.

Love her love her love her!


alan.armstrong's picture

After years of having Toxic Innocence on my wish list, being given recommendations by several friends and a few false starts, I eventually got to meet her and do a shoot.

Let me say from the off, toxic's communications skills take some beating. Tuesday she was unwell, so as a precaution, she postponed the shoot. Fair enough, these things happen. A year ago this week I suffered a slipped disc and was flat on my back, canceling shoots on my phone like there was no tomorrow.

However, very early Thursday morning Toxic woke up and decided she was well enough to travel. After all, Newbury is not far from London, only an hour on a train from Paddington. So she tried to get in touch to reinstate the shoot. I got a message here, on Twitter and she even found my mobile number from somewhere and sent me a text. To say I got the message is an under statement. She demonstrated her eagerness to with me, because she had heard a lot of good things about me from mutual friends, which is always nice to hear.

As the start time for most days is 2pm it was not a problem and I hadn't organised anything else.

I met her at the station and took her to my house in Speen. We started the shoot and pretty soon we were firing on all cylinders. Toxic is a lovely model. She has poise and posture, works with minimal direction and is happy to try most things. And what a bonus, she likes Leopard Print!!!

It's pointless to say I would work with her again. We have already booked our next shoot in May.
I thoroughly recommend Toxic Innocence.

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