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Tindra Frost

About Me

Hi, I’m Tindra Frost and welcome to my profile,

Twitter: @tindrafrost
Instagram: tindrafrost

A professional full time adult model and performer since 2012, London based but always happy to travel! TVX Cherry Pop winner at the 2018 Shafta awards! Three times UKAP nominee

I love working with exciting people, I'm passionate about my work and take pride in every project. I’m hard working, punctual, open minded and easy going. I can pose without direction and I’m confident in doing improvised acting as well as scripted. I have a variety of outfits, can do my own hair and make-up and always have my certs up to date. Most of my work has been in adult, erotic and fetish but I am also experienced and confident shooting other levels such as glamour, lingerie, art nude and topless.

I’ve worked with several of the adult babe channels, I’ve been published in various magazines and on websites for pornographic and fetish content doing both stills and video work. My educational background is in performance and I’ve starred in an internationally award winning short film.

Long dark brown hair. I’m 5’7”, a UK dress size 8, bra size 32DD, shoe 4 (wide foot). Hourglass shaped and natural looking with clear skin.
I have discreet tattoos behind both ears and one on finger (covered on request) and all piercings can be removed without noticeable scarring (ears, nose, tongue, septum, lip, bellybutton)
Pubic hair fully shaven aside from a “landing strip”.

I always have up to date certs and only work with models/performer that do too.
I shoot the following adult levels (both stills and video):
• Tease
• Fetish (too many to list, please request)
• SOLO soft and hard
• GG soft and hard

• Level you wish to shoot to
• Length of shoot and location
• What I need to bring/prepare in terms of look
• If it’s paid or content share (see below)

I ONLY do collaborations with other female models on content share basis. I expect to keep a copy of all content except otherwise agreed upon. I run my own website and sell content on various clip sale platforms.

I webcam via Adultwork
I accept webcam work offers as well as collaborations with other female webcam models.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for further information and references.
Always looking forward to hearing your ideas and working on exciting projects!
Tindra Frost

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Satyruk2000's picture

I shot Tindra today in an adult-level, solo-girl scene. The shoot was very easy to setup; Tindra replied very quickly and professionally to my proposal and this set the tone for the entire shoot. Her pre-shoot comms were very good.

Tindra arrived at the rendezvous slightly early and, once we’d reached the venue, was ready to go as soon as I’d set up lights and cameras. She did exactly what was asked of her, and very competently. She’s clearly a very experienced model/actress who showed a good understanding of the video-making process.

Tindra is very vivacious, friendly, and is very highly recommended.

banjojohn's picture

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Tindra on the 2 occasions We've shot , not only is she a very professional model but she is a breeze to work with. Stunning all the way through with pose after pose, very versatile. Her wardrobe and makeup was flawless. Her acting is amazing too ! , She was also friendly and a brilliant laugh !

She arrived totally prepared with exactly the wardrobe I needed for the shoots and The Pre Comms are always brilliant ! , very hard working model which i highly recommend to anyone, Tindra is the kind of Model that makes the shoot so easy and comfortable ... Thank you so much for that,

I cant wait to work with Miss Frost again this Month, thank you so much :)
kind regards,


shinyvideos's picture

What an awesome model I could leave it at that, because if you work with Tindra you will think the same.
Shoot details, booking, confirmation were done quickly and easily. Arrived on time and kept me upto date.
Tindra has an amazing figure, in fact its near perfect. She needs little or no direction, easily picks up on what you need and delivers the perfect image. So easy to chat with, infact it was a good laugh and really made the shoot fly.
An amazing professional whose easily recommend,
Awesome is Tindra

LaceyStarr's picture

I shot a hard gg scene with the delicious Tindra yesterday, and have to say that this gorgeous young lady jumps straight in to my chart of favourite models to work with. She is everything you need someone in this industry to be... genuine, respectful, sexy, charming, warm, professional, unassuming, fun-loving and confident, etc etc. Treat this fantastic lady with the courtesy and respect she deserves and you'll be richly rewarded with great content and time spent in the feel-good company of one of this industry bona fide rising stars.

I'm already planning our next shoot....


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