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Steve 1975

About Me


Got a heartless streak?

Paid work only. Internet publication.

Only contact me if you can tell the time! I like punctual models.

Work is always interactive B/G - non sexual BDSM. Slaves are naked, mistresses are not. No requirement to be touched. BDSM is for real, so you need to be aware of that.

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Ashleigh's picture

I have been working with steve now pretty much every month for about the last year. I absolutely love my shoot days for goddess-uk!! You will love the work steve offers particularly if you have a dominant side and like to unleash some pain on male "cretins" lol (so i refer to the slaves). Steve is respectful,always clear on what he wants fro the shoot and always hands over your fee in cash by the end of the shoot,very genuine down to earth guy.All i can say is I'm so glad i met and worked with him and hope to continue for as long as my modelling career continues for.

takeapic's picture

Steve is a very interesting person to work with. He knows what he wants and what his market is, so he is very focused and this can put you off when communicating with him. Steve is a professional and knows his market, and this explains his style of communication. I have attended one shoot with Steven, as it is not the type of 'work' I would normally do. Steve doesn't pay male models, again, another reason for me not normally doing this type of shoot.

Steve demands a lot from his models, who, on the male side, tend to mostly be amateurs, so he works in a completely different way to the majority of photographers and videographers I have 'work' with... Steve is honest with his views and open about the way he works, for that reason he can be quite abrupt with guys. He told me that he gets a lot of responses, but most are just time wasters, so he only sends the necessary information, when and where to show up for the shoot. For that reason, he has very little communication normally with the male models. He said that:- "I just get bogged down with endless questions from people who aren't going to show up anyway. Plus most males know exactly what is expected to happen on the shoot if they contact me." So don't be surprised by his apparent attitude.

I can say that he does pay female model reasonably well, and they are expected to follow directions and remember them once a shoot starts. Steve tries then to do a shoot with as little or no cuts as possible. So any female model must be able to react to what he has requested and also follow visual cues from the male model, she is working with, once Steve starts. This is for the safety of the male model and also to make the scene look as good as it can be.

If you are male and shoot with him, you must expect to go away with bruising and possibly some skin damage, due to the nature of his shoots. Also, it is worth checking the floor closely for items that can hurt you, before shooting, just in case anything might have been missed, as it is hard to stop the shoot once a take in underway. Steve uses a safe word system to stop action, but that is only to stop it. You must be aware that he does not use a traffic light system, as his female model is expected to go all the way, and will only stop if you say the safe word is used.

In short... As I said, I do not do unpaid shoots as a rule, but I wanted to learn more about the area of adult video shoots that he works in, hence why I went along. It is not a shoot I would personally do again, but I found it an extremely interesting experience. The fact I would not do it again is not a reflection on Steve, but the fact that this was not my type of shoot...

steve1975's picture

I believe that I'm completely honest in my communication with people before shoots.

What I do isn't for everyone. The female models need a heartless streak and there's not much on offer for guys who aren't masochists.

I make no secret of this and no apology for it.

I understand my market very well and while I welcome suggestions, I don't spend much time considering them..

I'm also very aware that time is money so I go out of my way to eliminate chit chat.

I wish I earned what I pay the models and I'm not ashamed of asking people to work for their money.

Thank you for attending our shoot. We got some good content.

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