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Sophie Garcia

About Me

I am a nearly 30 female, slim and flexible. I am always certed and shoot to all levels. If you can let me know as much detail in your messages as possible (levels, duration, location etc) I will be able to faster provide you with my rates.

I have worked for the following reputable companies:
Fake Agent UK • Fake Cop • Pascal's Sub Sluts • Nerd Pervert • PureXXX • Hustler

You will also see the performers I have worked with for content share/above in the 'worked with' section of my profile

I am always on time and maintain good communication on shoot day to confirm when I am on my way as well as keep you updated should there be any travel delays. I will travel all over the UK, though please let me know if travel costs are covered as this may otherwise be factored into my rates.

Looking to work with other genuine performers both male and female for content share as well as work for reputable mainstream producers. Please note content share I ONLY work with certed individuals.

Look forward to hearing from you soon


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admin's picture

Love Sophie, always a trooper :-)

Signature - AIR Admin aka Paul Jones Model, and Producer

She is a great model. Lovely to get on with and knows how to have a laugh. Our content can be quite hard for some people with it not being your usual wham bam stuff. But Sophie certainly has the personality we look for when shooting. Someone who can bounce ideas around and help towards the work being shot and put together. She is a natural in front of the camera and really made the role her own, we were very impressed with her acting that we would love to have her back in other storylines for NP. Email communication was amazing, with replies back within a couple of hours and most of time sooner, and on the day which is almost the worst part, communication on the day of the shoot is what settles our mind and Sophie went above and beyond, by texting us while she was on her way, and when she was here so meeting was a breeze. We try and surround ourselves as a company with people like Sophie because it just makes our job just that little bit easier, for that reason we shot her a few times to continue her storyline and we have more planned too.

Paul Taylor

awww thanks for my lovely feedback..... I love taking pictures of this girl and hope to take more of her and do a few sets when shes next her at Dusk Films. She has a long running story on Nerd Pervert now and I always get excited when I hear what Sophie and Paul have planned next.... there is a really good inter linking story line going on, and it could go on forever....... She's a really pretty girl and she is great on video and very suited to what we do on Nerd Pervert, which many aren't.. A lot struggle with the none porn aspects of it, but Sophie just shines through. Great girl to work with.

See you soon hunni xxxxx

droberts's picture

I've known Sophie for a long time and she is a great model.
She is not only sexy but a real fox in front of the camera.

Highly recommend.

Shot a great content scene with Sophie. Her precomms were excellent, with swift replies and ideas swapped in the weeks and days running up to the shoot. Once there on the day we already had a scene plan and loose script even, and after a welcoming chat and preparation, we were able to go straight into the scene and Sophie was a class act in terms of bringing character and enthusiasm to the scene. She was a brilliant partner to work with and seamlessly helped guide the scene through free-flowing transitions ending up with content in no need of editing that we were both very happy with.

I did a short shoot in Leeds today with this wonderful lady. I can only highly recommend this lady, I had a wonderful time with her. Nigel

I did a short shoot in Leeds today with this wonderful lady. I can only highly recommend this lady, I had a wonderful time with her. Nigel

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