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Photographer Producer Content Maker Listing

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Simon Buttler - 4K Ultra HD Videographer, Photographer & Web Design

About Me

I am a 4K Ultra HD Videographer, Photographer and Web Guru based in Hampshire, UK.

I have just launched my downblouse website and looking to create a few more so please get in contact if you work / cover one or more of the following levels / genres (m & f models needed):

*Implied Topless


*Implied Nude


*Open Leg



*Web Presenting (reading a script of an autocue) - would need to be a good reader for this

Areas covered:

Southampton, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Winchester, Basingstoke, Reading, SW London, London Victoria, London Waterloo, Clapham Junction, Hammersmith.

Studio used:

Hive Studios, Hampshire, SO53

Type of content:

Mostly video work - ideally you can talk to camera like its a real person.

Shoot requirements?

For downblouse style videos the larger / baggier the top the better.

Usually we wing it on the day in terms of coming up with scene ideas. These can range from reading a magazine, talking to camera about booking a holiday to adult style encouragement videos.

1-2 forms of government ID, model release signed.

Is it a private shoot?

No, I only shoot for publication (my own websites).

Can i bring a chaperone?

Yes, but they must stay outside during the shoot.

Which websites?

Don't think I can put the web sites on here. The main genres for each are:



Web Presenting

I dont want my ___ seeing it, is it behind a paywall?

Yes - apart from thumbnail images which can show something else other than your face, everything is behind a members paywall. However, I can't stop a member re-uploading a video to another website such as YouTube, this is beyond my control.

Also, I sometimes post short trailers / gifs / still images to twitter to promote my websites. If you are uncomfortable with this, let me know and I wont publish and promo material.

What happens if i forget my Photo ID?

You will have to provide proof of age before being paid. We could still shoot, however, you would need to invoice me direct for deferred payment. You will also sign the model release form on the day - providing your DOB on the model release matches your government ID, you wont need to re-sign the model release by posting it to me.

Do you cover travel expenses?


How long are your shoots?

Typically 4 hours.

Why should I work with you?

I'm easy to work with, I enjoy coming up with sometimes funny scenarios. I've done improv comedy in the past so i'm more focused on having a laugh versus draconian targets.

All about "Worked With"

"Worked With" helps you identify members who are serious and reliable.

To be able to add people you have worked with to your profile you must become a Friend of AIR, (see FAQs).

STOP! THINK! - is it a public comment or a private message?

Comments are for relating personal experiences with the member, (good or bad - only if unreliable or unprofessional people are flagged can they be got rid of, and of course everyone loves praise where due). DO NOT post offers of work, enquiries as to rates, comments about how great the photos are. All those should be sent by Private Message - click Author name at top of page. Off topic comments will be deleted.


Amy Latina's picture

My first shoot with Simon, woowww he is very professional, well prepared and exactly knows what he is doing! it was a lot of fun shooting with him! i highly recommend him to other models/photos/directors/producers..

he is superbbb and love the 4K cam as well..

Thanks Si,

hope to work with you next time...

Kindest regards
amy latina xxx Mika So/ AMYKA LEE

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