RedLight Entertainment

Anyone heard of these guys? Are they legit?

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It does strike me as odd that they present as an agency but have no pics of their performers.

They also say that for a producer to work with them the producer needs to provide a business licence. There is no such thing as a business licence in the UK (except obviously in certain sectors, but porn isn't one of them).

But the usual rules apply - see where it goes, and if they ask you for money, run away.

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This looks very much like a particular company that contacted me some time back.

Was very odd I rang them where I spoke to a woman 'receptionist' and was put on 'hold' as if the phone was placed next to something playing a tune...
Before speaking to some guy asking for a £100.

The site looks almost identical but using a different name.

However the guy I spoke to could provide the company house information :/

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Ha! How does it not suprise me that these "agents" ran a mile when they found out one of their targets had experience?! I get this shit all the time on Facebook/Gmail telling me I need to attend adult "auditions" or pay a "representation fee". Well I have agents over here, in Budapest & Prague and also in LA and they would never dream of asking me for a fee. Any real agent will know that in order to profit from their performers, they need to find them proper work then take a percentage!! DO NOT TURN OVER YOUR MONEY TO THESE COMPLLETE FUCKING SCAMMERS!!!

Jessica Jensen