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We are a swinger couple who like to make porn. We’ve done a lot of our own and private sales and commissions; and now want to make more, and more public in preparation to launch our website. We're in the process of building up content at the moment.
We do gonzo films with two to three cameras. The general idea is to make good quality but still amateur feeling content that leaves people feeling positive about their sexuality. We're trying to build up some content to launch our site at realeroticpeople.com

We like to work with both amateurs and professionals and though James is in every video the girl sometimes joins in as well if she is comfortable.

Our “shtick” is that as genuine swingers, we always wear masks, but the other people in the videos, they might or might not :-)


You will be expected to show your face. We pay full industry rates to girls, plus travel. You get your travel money and a deposit in advance once we fix the booking.

We offer £250/300 for two hours boy girl with James and more for couples.

Guys we normally pay a £100 flat rate.

Amateur girls

You don’t have to show your face – you can be masked. We pay, but not as much as for fully professional performers. (Unless you show your face, then you get the full professional rate). You get your travel money and a deposit in advance once we fix the booking.

Amateur guys

TBH if you are a single guy, you need to be HOT and we need to meet up for a coffee first. Missus picks and she's picky. We don’t pay for guys who wear masks, you’re here for the fun of it :-)

Amateur couples

Two options. If it's a bgg then it's fairly easy to arrange. If you want to join us as a couple then we'd need to meet up for a coffee or a drink first. If just the girl, then we do the deal as for an amateur girl but the guy is welcome to attend and watch the show :-)

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A fun and professional shoot from start to finish. Well direct and made for easy posing. Thank you again xx

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He paid a deposit as requested. Was a bit late due to traffic but he kept me informed. Produced a current cert and shoot ran smoothly....

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