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North West & Greater London


Rachel Travers

About Me

Thank you for reading my profile.

I am a well estabished glamour/adult model, but I am heavily into both performing and filming content for both my enjoyment mainly and my websites listed below.
I am available for photographic and video work within my stated levels. Based in the North West UK but will travel for the right jobs.
My stats are: 34F-24-35. Age 31 but look younger.
I enjoy shooting most types of Solo and Girl/Girl (genuinely enjoyed Girl/Girl filming work). I also enjoy most types of fetish work. Pretty much all :D

As I am also a producer as well as a model (Mayhem Productions) If you are looking to shoot content beyond my levels, I can still help out with my 2000sq ft studio location, fully equipt with both a large array of lighting for both stills or video, but please note!! Just because I can film for you, i do love modelling lol

Look forward to hearing from you.
If you wish to discuss a booking please send me either a "Private Message" through AIR or email directly on

Rachel Travers (aka Mayhem Productions)

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SarahKellyxxx's picture

I have had the great fortune of working with the very lovely and ultra professional Rachel since first coming into the Business as a very nervous newbie...
She was and is absolutely brilliant to work with,being really well organised,patient,fun and FILTHY with it...We have had some fantastic shoots together,she is always really easy going and gives a great GG scene everytime..

Ultra professional she is also pretty handy behind the lense as a Tog or Videoress,so you can pass over your kit if getting in front of the camera,getting more bang for your buck! ;)

Sarah Kellyxxx

Always fully certed, I'm RELIABLE and turn up on time,fully prepared to shoot what you want,or happy to shoot you a Private CommissionMy Model Listing

myson's picture

Little ol' me was very fortunate to have had a right cracking shoot today with Rachel and Sarah Kelly ( We shot some great photos (even if I do say so myself but that was due to the girls, not my skills) in between all the falling over laughing.

Thank you Rachel and Sarah


SarahKellyxxx's picture

Cant be - I like cock too much ,as you know , ;) to ever " turn " but I do love my girl girl .... Give me a sexy bitch to shoot with(ideally with cock for afters) and its always Red Hot..
Thanks for Another terrific day Myson :) ....

We always have a great laugh and get some proper filth shot too ... xxx

PS..Let me know how the magic wand works out ;)

Sarah Kellyxxx

Always fully certed, I'm RELIABLE and turn up on time,fully prepared to shoot what you want,or happy to shoot you a Private CommissionMy Model Listing

myson's picture

You're like me then Sarah, love a little bit of pussy :-)
Yes indeed, it was a terrific day and we'll have to "come out to play" again soon.

I will definitely let you know how the magic wand works and, if you promise to be a good girlie, might even let you have a go on it ;-).

Thinks to self "Right, now where can I get a sybian?" :-D


andy250's picture

I've had the pleasure of working with Rachel T, on several fetish projects. One of the nicest ladies I've met in the business. It's always a pleasure to work with Rachel. Has always been able to give 100% on project I have approached her with.

myson's picture

One just cannot go wrong if you are fortunate enough to have the lovely Miss Travers cavorting herself in front of your camera. This time I was lucky enough to have Rachel teamed up with the equally lovely Miss Chloe Lovette (
Some great photosets and a couple of spiffing videos later and I am a happy bunny :-).

Thank you Rachel and Chloe.


BritishHotties's picture

Had a great shoot with Rachel. Great communication from the outset and was ready on time. Rachel is friendly, laid back and is a great laugh, making for a relaxed atmosphere at the shoot.

Spent a wonderful 3 hours creating pictures and videos. I was amazed at how good she was on camera, especially when it came to making videos!

Will definitely be working with Rachel again!

myson's picture

I was most fortunate to have had a totally ACE shoot yesterday with Rachel and Chloe Lovette (
These 2 ladies work really well together. They actually enjoy working with each other so it shows in the photos.
This was my 4th shoot with Rachel and Chloe and I'm sure it won't be my last.

Thank you girls :-).


john69mack's picture

LIPPS - Ladies in Plastic and PVC

Had a great Shoot with Rachel Travers today. Very Reliable, very Beautful, very sexy, and a great personality

john69mack's picture

Great time with Rachel, great fun, very sexy, very attractive. Would recommend her to all xx

Jimbob's picture

worked with Rachel at Manor Home Studio a couple of weeks ago,
Rachel is a fantastic model who works hard to get you the shots that you want,
will be working with her again soon
comes recommended
Jimmy W

Rachel Travers's picture

Amazing and fun personality, though a 100% professionally natured photographer. I have worked with Jimmy numerous times and always had a lot of fun and laughs, relaxed atmosphere but at the same time produced some great content always!! Look forward to our next shoot. And a lot of laughs hee Rachel Travers xxx

Had a great shoot with Rachel. Fab girl and so easy to work with. The time flew by and will certainly book her again. Highly recommended.

ashley rider 88's picture

I was shooting with a photographer yesterday and
we used mayhem studios in Bolton as our backdrop
what a great place big ideal for shoots Fab!!!!!! Rachel was there too :)
mad sexy very down to earth Positive woman I look forward to
seeing her soon to do some private shoots and our G/G shoot xxxx

Adultwork ashleyryder1988

myson's picture

Little ol' me had a right spiffing G/G shoot with Rachel and Frankie Babe today.
By heck, what 2 luscious, sexy, ladies.
Really forward to our next shoot in July :-).

Guys, if you haven't worked with either of these girls get it sorted.


Just came across Rachel's profile on here. Rachel helped film the shoot I did with Myson last summer at Mayhem Studios (mighty fine place) and was a total star. Picked me up for the station and was on hand to help with everything during the shoot itself. Multitalented lady ;) and true professional
Very much hope our paths cross again soon.

Jakki Louise's picture

Had a Lovely Shoot with Myson and Rachel at her Trendy place in Bolton
I enjoyed my day there
Rachel was warm friendly made me food , I just loved her cool animals!
Thanks for inviting me


steve1975's picture

Rachel is a very pleasant person and easy to get along with on shoot. She brings good ideas and can co-operate well.

But these photos are out of date. My strong suggestion is that you ask for recent candid pics before you book..

Jimbob's picture

Shot with Rachel again yesterday, of course I got some great images from the shoot but that is always the case when I work with her.. will be working with Rachel again soon, thanks again Rachel.

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