Paid Job in Essex to join Jodie Lee

Two more girls needed to join Jodie for a very easy laid back stripping job at a private party (held by my ex) in Essex.

The stripping itself required will only be about half an hour but you will be paid for roughly 4 hours to make it worth your time.

I will be there for your reassurance and to make sure you have everything you need

This is very safe there will be security plus myself the guys know their boundaries an parties with these guys do not get out of hand. A highly respectful generous bunch of people.

Drinks from the bar will be supplied and food if you fancy it.

You are welcome to stay after the intial strip and enjoy the party! It's a harmless bit of fun not to be taken seriously, the only must is that you are comfortable to do this.

If you Escort you're more than welcome to earn yourself some extra cash by taking some bookings! :)

We are looking at the end of the month but can work this around the girls.

The guys have a preference for girls aged between 22-35, between a size 6-12 but not compulsory.

Travel could possibly be arranged if an issue to get you home.

If this is something that interests you please message me privately,

Saskia x

CarlyRae's picture

Hey. I'll Consider dependant on the price offered. Thanks

SaskiaSquirts's picture

Hi Carly,

Will put you forward as interested.