Outdoor woodland content share 3 Males needed


I have access to a secluded woodland and would like to film a content share in the location.
Max 3 guys must be certed.

The location is a fair hike to get to so i dont recommend looking like you have hugo boss suits on etc its a real hike and will form part of the opening. 1 girl and 3 guys go out for the day.
The location is in wales and you will have to be able to get to Cardiff to be picked up and taken as close to the location as possible. Cardiff is on a main intercity route.

I am being serious when i say its a few miles over open countryside to get to, so suitable walking gear is a must plus that would fit the theme of the shoot.

All content will be split with the performers raw footage I have a private cloud for delivery the same night.

If you interested in some open air hardcore please get in touch.

p.s did i mention this is not for guys looking like models in suits its a rustic shoot in real countryside and real woodland.