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Photographer Producer Content Maker Listing

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Oral UK

About Me

I'm a new inexperienced content maker looking to build a website of the things I will shoot, I'm only new at this but I plan to work at it and build a good and professional portfolio. I'm also a fun guy who is looking to enjoy this and build a good reputation.

My Content
The content I plan to shoot will mainly be oral pov content with me filming and and being the stud so to speak. It won't be to extreme in nature but I would like to more than just a average oral scene but also important is the limits of the model. Maybe I will move into full boy girl in the future but for now I'm interested in pov oral shoots.

Where Am I?
Well I'm based in the north of England in the west Yorkshire region but I would be willing to travel down/up to you or if you come to me I'm very happy to pay any travelling costs within reason of course, I don't shoot from home, so ideally the shooting would take place in hotels or studios paid for by me, I work through the week so most shoots would be during the weekend but I can try be flexible about this.

Who I'm Looking For?
I am willing to give anyone a chance as I'm new so need to build up my reputation, that being said though if you have a bad reputation I will think about other models, Ideally though I'm looking for models (female only) who are comfortable and confident with oral shoots.

I look forward to working with you!!!!

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