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Photographer/videographer for
Shoots are generally in studios/locations from the West Midlands up to the North West.
Would consider undertaking commission/private work for others and/or portfolio shoots for models.

Sorry but chaperones NOT permitted.

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myson's picture

2nd great shoot
Submitted by scarlett march on Wed, 2011-11-30 16:34.

Shot with Peter again the other day , I'm beginning to take a shine to Peter, his shoots are so fun and relaxed, guarenteed a brill day with him x


Brilliant shoot with my son :)
Submitted by scarlett march on Tue, 2011-11-08 21:30.

Had a fab shoot with myson today, this guy is soooo lovely and his shoot was really relaxed and fun, he is very respectful and just let you get on with it, images were great and the bg. Shoot went great swell, it would be my honour tore omens him to anyone, hope we work together again Peter xxx thanks so much xxx


great shoot!
Submitted by dani3115 on Mon, 2011-05-23 22:04.

had a great shoot with Pete {Myson} at Rachel Travers' house! Pre shoot communications were fabulous. Really enjoyed our relaced shoot..

I would jump at the chance to work with Pete again, He was exceptionally considerate and I would highly recommend him



Myson is a lovely guy
tanyacox's picture
Submitted by tanyacox on Sun, 2011-03-27 12:50.

Ive shot for myson a few times and he's such a nice guy and really good fun to work for, not to mention very professional and a total gent,
highly recommended and i hope to work with him again soon.


Old Comments

Professional, fun Photographer
Submitted by RachelTravers105 on Sat, 09/25/2010 - 20:36.

I have worked with Myson, (alias Pete) on a number of shoots, Become very good pals and love shooting with him : )
He is not only a great photographer but lots of fun to shoot with. I would highly recommend him to most model's. Also if your lucky enough he may even let you have a few of the ace pic's he will no doubt take of you : ) Lots of love Rachel Travers x x

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Great fun to work for!
Submitted by isabeldean@live... on Mon, 06/14/2010 - 11:05.

Had a great time shooting with Myson, he made it a 21st to never forget, even got me cake :)
Had a great day, professional, friendly and fun.
Would always work for again, thanks xxx

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Myson is great to work for
Submitted by tanyacox on Thu, 01/21/2010 - 22:58.

Ive done a couple of shoots for myson,
And they are always good fun.......
he's a lovely guy, a fantastic tog/videographer and very professional,
i recommend any girls who haven't worked for myson yet - let him know your available

Jessica Jensen's picture

I went to Bolton to do a shoot with Pete (Myson) for his site this week and I have to say it was one of the best shoots I have had in ages! He is very professional and easy to get along with- we got a great scene and some great photos too which I am looking froward to seeing :)

We are already planning our next shoot for the summer and I wouldn't hesitate to work with Pete again!

Jessica x

Jessica Jensen

tanyacox's picture

I had a fantastic shoot with Myson last week,
he's a great guy, looks after the models well and is so much fun to work with.
Highly reccommended.

Signature - Funsize Adult model/performer working to solo, g/g, b/g & femdom levels My Model Listing

Bustycookie's picture

Had a great time shooting with Myson we had lots of fun doing some glamour style pictures it was a very hot! thanks for a great day highly recommended would love to work with again lots of fun made me feel welcome !

Thankyou Cookie xox
Twitter @bustycookie

Rachel Travers's picture

Well what can i say, i guess if you get both Chloe and i o r Sarah Kelly and I, then again Axa and I ha ha myson, its always going to be a naughty g/g shoot. I loved every minute of the shoot last week with Chloe, you are 100% professional in everyway and also love the way you help to carry my bags out of the car ha ha :-) not every tog does that, though i must say they should!! Always produce some fantastic images, and rude videos and i cant wait to shoot with you next time. Ultra Professional, reliable and cant credit you enough. Love Rachel Travers xxxx

satinespark's picture

First shoot with Myson (about bloody time right? :D) and it was great!
Lovely to work with, fab crew and very fun.
Felt very comfy, lots of tea, all in all, lovely to work for and looking forward to our next shoot.

Thanks Pete! x

Cute, Naughty, Girl Next Door, British Adult Porn Star - In industry for 9 years.
Also trained in Marketing & PR - contact for info.

SaskiaSquirts's picture

I contacted Pete enquiring about a shoot about a month ago and soon got a quick response. We set a date and Pete was extremely accomodating and helpful, he really went out of his way to help me which was really nice.

After having 2 shoots cancel on me up in Liverpool Pete and Rachel arranged another shoot of me to help me out and make it more worth my travel up.

I had a great shoot with Pete and Rachel who are really fair, professional and totally down to earth. I would definitely work with either or both again and I hope Pete decides to have me back one day I would definitely like to come back.
Already discussed coming back up to work with Rachel for a few days :)

myson's picture

Thank you Saskia. Check your profile :-).

For those wondering who Rachel is, it's and the shoot was at Rachels studio in Bolton
I hope you don't mind the blatent plug Saskia? :-).


ashley rider 88's picture

had a fab day with this brilliant photographer and look forward
to seeing and working together again true gentleman and great fun xx

Adultwork ashleyryder1988

First shoot with Myson yesterday - no idea why we waited so long!
Was an absolute blast, and Rachel was doing the camera work - it was really fun and well organised. Lovely, professional and very sweet!
Definitely hope a second shoot happens! x

ashley rider 88's picture

Had a great second shoot with this talented photographer great fun and easy going
can't wait for our next encounter xx

Adultwork ashleyryder1988

ashley rider 88's picture

I love working with Peter he's such a gentle man always brings food
and water for the model's doesn't over work you but just enough
to get great results I consider pete to be a very reliable and fun
man to shoot for and always puts the model's first :) see you again x

Adultwork ashleyryder1988

ashley rider 88's picture

Had another wonderful shoot with Pete recently always relaxed and comfortable to shoot with time just fly's by and got some great pictures highly recommend :)

Adultwork ashleyryder1988

SaskiaSquirts's picture

Fantastic shoot!

Had great fun shooting with Myson and Rachel, really enjoyed myself.

Mysons professional but also flexible and laid back.

I'd recommend to any girl to shoot with him, especially a new model.

Looking forward to planning more!

Jakki Louise's picture

Had A Great Shoot Yesterday with Myson and Rachel Travers,Glamour Model in Bolton
Both Very Friendly and got along easily
Knew what I had to do , with the Shoot
Our Communication for months before the Shoot was Professional and Reliable
Hope to Work with you again soon


ashley rider 88's picture

I've shot with Pete on several occasions always a gentle man and great fun he's a professional and friendly lovely photographer:)

Adultwork ashleyryder1988

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