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Mona Summers

About Me

Temporary unavailable!
I`m Mona Summers a reliable, punctual and professional adult model who takes pride in her appearance and in what I do. I have worked for different producer's and photographer's in the UK and Europe and always give a 100% in every job. I'm available for both soft and hard-core levels and enjoy working with guys and girls. Since I'm completely natural I can do lots of different look a from The girl next door to the Dominant slut and everything in between. I'm also able to provide a cameraman or stud if needed.

I`m available for paid and content work both photo and video including the following levels
All nudity levels
G/G certed or safe/no fluid
B/G certed or protected
Threesome certed or protected
Gangbang/Bukkake certed or protected
Hard BDSM dominant
Soft BDSM dominant
Most types of fetish
Also available for shoots that involve acting
Also available with own partner
Content share only with experienced performers and no POV! (if you want to shoot pov you have to pay)

For content share i`m mainly looking for girl/girl, femdom, threesomes involving bisexual guys and shoots with ts girls

A small selection of the people and companies i worked with
Paul Taylor (Nerdpervert)
Leigh (White Tower Studio)
Phillipe Soine
Phillip Romeyn (Phillostar)
Sascha Hanning (Magmafilm)
Myson on AIR (nude2rude)
Rick Ambrose (Ambrose Media productions)
Playboy TV UK (Casting couch)
Handyman (Net69)
Naughty UK Girls
Auntie Trishia
Private Club (Birmingham)
Johnny Hardcore
Trickee Dickee
Paul Jones (Admin)
Woody Johnson
Sophie Garcia
Jessica Jensen
Luke Hardy
Big Johnny
Pandora (UKAP winner GILF 2016)
Lisa Heart
Lacey Starr (UKAP winner GILF 2017)
Nikki Vidic
Freddie Bangs

You can book me all over the UK and outside of the UK!
If you want to book me you can contact me with what kind of shoot, location, date and payment and i will get back to you as soon as possible.
I`m also available to shoot with my husband!

For bookings please get in touch

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myson's picture

Had a cracking shoot with Mona today.
Mona wasn't late or on time, she was early. We got on set ready to start early too and got some superb photos and video.
Mona is very friendly with very good English so you will have no problem with communications.

If you've booked Mona on her UK trip this week you'll be in for a great shoot.

Thank you Mona, hope to see you again another time you are here.


Steve_Tyrrell's picture

Do you still have any time free while your in the uk

Mona_Summers's picture

Maybe later today or Sunday morning, I will know for sure after 2pm.
I have limited internet access so it's better if you text me, you have my number right?

Official Site:
Twitter: @sexy_mona91

Naughty UK Girls's picture

I had a great shoot with Mona yesterday.

Mona arrived early for the shoot looking stunning and brought with her a great selection of outfits.
The shoot went very well and Mona made the shoot a very enjoyable one and I got some great results.

If you did not get to book Mona on her visit this time be sure to book her when she is back next as I highly recommend her.

Lovely girl to chat too and work with. She was early which hardly ever happens these days, she was well prepared and had a nice assortment of outfits emailed in the specs that Paul sent out. There's something about none UK girls work ethics that really do stand out and makes me wish more were like Mona over here. We got some great content from what we shot and I can't wait to see how it turns out. We would defiantly like to shoot Mona again when she is in the UK. We reshoot reliable models and Mona is definitely up there on that list.

Thanks hunni for a fun day xxxx

We shot Mona o Friday 20th March 2015. Mona was great to work, very nice young lady, very keen to try new things, as our stuff is little different from the norm. She arrived on time, her communication prior to the shoot was spot on. She came well prepared and takes pride in her appearance, her wardrobe and her work. She's happy to discuss and come up with ideas together, and needs little direction at all. She is a very good model and delivers exactly what you want. I would recommend that next time Mona visits the UK, I'd book a date in with her as you won't be disappointed.

Thank you Mona for a very enjoyable experience working with you.

Paul Taylor

Trickee Dickee's picture

Had a great fun shoot today together with Johnny Hardcorex with the lovely Dutch lady Mona Summers while she was touring in the UK. Communication throughout was excellent & the shoot went so easy & relaxed as Mona is a very professional & easy to work with performer.
I would recommend Mona to all togs & fellow performers to book her when she comes to the UK on future tours.

with this lovely Dutch lady Mona w

Trickee Dickee

Johnny Hardcore's picture

Yes as posted by Trickee, great model, communication excellent via email and easy to work worth.
Definitely worth booking when she maybe back in the UK.

We enjoyed the company of lovely ms. Summers a couple of nights back. We really do love working with Dutch models now- 1) They get all the pre-shoot stuff sorted in advance 2) They turn up.... EARLY (YAY!!!) 3) They work hard and make the shoot a success with no fuss. Mona was a treat to work with. Lovely woman, infectious giggle and clearly enjoys what she does. Can't wait until she comes back over because we'll rebook her in a heartbeat. Can't give any better recommendation than that. 8)

admin's picture

Brilliant performer, good fun and lovely person. Book her guys, book her :-)

Signature - AIR Admin aka Paul Jones Model, and Producer

myson's picture

I must agree with you Paul, Mona is lovely.
I worked with Mona in March 2015 and it was a fantastic day (see my comments higher up this page).

As Paul says "Book her guys, book her".


Only After Dark's picture

Had a fantastic shoot with Mona on the 4th July on behalf of 'The Private Club'. She was a pleasure to work with and an absolute professional. Mona was only in the UK for a short time so we count ourselves fortunate to have shared some of her time.

We would definitely recommend booking her if you get the chance.

Welsh Rebel's picture

I had the privilege of getting to work with Mona Summers
Professional and a joy to work with, she had plenty of ideas for content, fantastic outfits, looking forward to see the finished content, would recommend anyone who has the opportunity to work with Mona to jump for the chance.,

Met Mona for the 1st time, shot at HertsHouse (They drove to me) arrived on time, well organised easy to shoot for all went smoothly

Highly recommend!

Great to meet you both!

Trickee Dickee's picture

Second time that I've worked with Mona & this shoot in Bristol on her content tour was a great well organised day. Communication was excellent throughout with Mona & the shoot in Bristol was a fun & enjoyable day with good content done. Pity that Mona's been let down with cancellations & no shows as she's put a lot of hard work & organisation to make this content tour happen. Mona did 3 scenes on the day: 1 threesome bbg together with Paul Jones & me and then we both did separate bg scenes with Mona. Thanks again Mona for a great day & hope to work with you again in the future. Mona is a lovely professional model who knows exactly what is required from a shoot - highly recommended.

Trickee Dickee

admin's picture

Brilliant girl, very well organised and, rightly, expects the same.

Signature - AIR Admin aka Paul Jones Model, and Producer

TSNikkiVidic's picture

Shot with Mona and she performs well. Also brought heaps of different outfits with her, which is always great.

Great attitude, professional, would shoot with again!

LaceyStarr's picture

I had the real pleasure of working with Mona during her recent visit to the UK. We had a wild time getting some fantastic content. She's such a sweetheart, who turns up on time, works hard, mixes well with everybody and nails a great scene. She stayed over and it was a pleasure to welcome her to my home. Would highly recommened this brilliant model and hope we can work together again in the future


Millzy's picture

I had the pleasure of working with Mona on a content share shoot just over a week ago. Communications went very smoothly and we were all very happy with the content that was captured.

Mona was a lot of fund to work with and I look forward to next time.

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