Model seeking short term flat share London or near London?


I am wanting to tour for maybe a month or 2 in London and am looking to flat share with another model or models?

Month wise maybe June - Sep or July - Sep - Ideally wanting to pay £350 all in per month but can stretch to £400 if needs be but trying to keep costs down as I have to earn that each month and pay for my flat up here in Leeds also. Don't despair though!!! Rent and bills WILL be paid guaranteed every month :)

Im a fun girl, pretty random, spontaneous and love to do girly things as I don't really get time to spend with my GF's up here as im generally travelling or touring all the time.

I'm tidy, easy to get on with, like a laugh, pay rent/bills on time and also respect others privacy and others in the house/flat in general.

I scrum in to make sure everything is kept tidy eg washing up tidying cleaning everything to do with housework.

I like meeting new people and doing girly things like pyjama nights, pamper nights, cinema, meals and I love cooking also.

We could do some GG work eg camming or some content work for our AW profiles if you have one..It will make paying the rent easier and will make more money hence to play with each month or save or even go on holiday :) xx

Im looking for a good time and to live life like a proper model does every day I want to buy expensive clothes, eat at expensive restaurants, party like Kate Moss (minus the drugs) and as much booze im not that much of a drinker anymore but still love sex on the beach now and again)

I'm reliable as far as rent and paying bills etc goes as I have my own flat up here in Leeds I just feel I would benefit from a couple of months working down south as that's where a lot of the work is at the minute.

If anybody has what im asking for please feel free to get in touch and maybe arrange a meeting if you want to get to know me more discuss options etc.

Ill look forward to hearing from some of you...OR IF YOUR A MODEL THAT IS LOOKING FOR THE SAME AS ME and is from up North get in touch we could have a look at the same thing and team up and rent somewhere.

Hopefully this appeals to some of you it would be a great experience for me and an absolute good time all the way!!

Kind Regards

Jessie Goddard xxx

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£350 - £400 p/month in London? You wont even get a reasonable sized room for that...Do your homework! London is now a rich mans playground. Your figures are waaaaayyyy off! No offense though!

Yea what he said,
if you can get a single room for that near central London keep it a secret cause thousands of people will be looking for it !!

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your options increase.

A big factor is whether or not you are within walking distance of a tube station.

I used to live in HA8, 5 mins from the tube, nice flat, quiet area, and rooms there are being advertised, all inc bills for 500pm

What a lot of the girls do is book a hotel for 2-3 days and work out of that.

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I might have one for you in that time stay in contact.