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My name is Maya aka Masked_model, thank you for visiting my profile.
I am 21 years young and love trying anything once.
please note all shoots i have a chaperone present!
Im willing to work to

*all nudity levels,
*solo toys ,
*Certified  GG,
*Certified BJ/BG with internal cum shots,
*protected BJ/BG with safe (boobs, stomach or ass) cum shots,
*Soft/Arty BDSM as sub or Domme


SUB SHOOT LEVELS - I only do soft BDSM so wont do anything that will cause pain or leave permanent marking. i am happy with the following

*Pussy pumping
*fucking machines
*forced orgasm/fingering and attempted fisting

For anything else ive not mentioned, if it won't mark or hurt me and doesn't involve smoking, then please just ask.

For more pictures, rates & references ect please see my
purpleport - masked_maya
fetlife account - masked_maya
twitter- masked_maya
instagram - masked_maya

Im young, fun and very reliable.

I'm based in the west midlands.
I am happy to travel anywhere in the UK dependant on shoot duration etc. i would expect fuel to be covered.

My stats are...
*height - 5ft 3
*dress size - 8
*bra size - 32A
*shoe size - 4
*hair - long and black
*eye colour - brown
*skin tone - light brown
*piercings - one nipple and ears

Also please note that I will not take bookings off anyone that is not willing to provide a contact number.
Finally i only work with my chaperone present if this is an issue then dont ask as i will not work alone.

If you would like to arrange a shoot then please PM me the details on here or email me direct

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because this is her "shtick" and her twitter handle etc. So am allowing an exception to my normal must show face rule.

Signature - AIR Admin aka Paul Jones Model, and Producer

Every now and then this business throws up a surprise and this woman is exactly one of those surprises. With new models, its always a gamble and I'm always shitting myself whether they turn up or not. Maya had great comms pre-shoot, turned up ahead of time and was an absolute delight.
She bought along her chaperone who was perfectly respectful and was gentlemanly and professional, despite me trying my utmost to persuade him to join in the shinanegans!
Maya threw herself right into the scene we were doing with lusty abandon and total professionalism. For someone with limited professional experience in the circuit, you wouldn't have known it from our experience with her.
She's an absolute diamond and anyone wanting a damn good model to work with, fab little bod, good USP (the mask!) and wonderful technique.
Highly recommended and we'll certainly be booking her again.
'nuff said!

Johnny Hardcore's picture

Maya shot with me for the Dirty Bastards
Turned up with a selection of outfits and posed well for photography
Lovely stunning model who was keen and really great to work with.
A great fun shoot!

Trickee Dickee's picture

What a fantastic new model to work with. Communication from the start to meeting on the day was so easy & excellent with Maya.No hesitations in providing her telephone number which some models could learn from. Maya & her chaperone arrived exactly on time & Tom previous messages knew exactly what was required from the shoot & she explicitly wanted us Dirty Bastards (me & Johnny Hardcorex) to double creampie her.
A very quick couple of underware changes resulted in some lovely glamour pics. Maya wears a mask for her shoots to protect her identity which is understandable, but it also provides the mystery of which lady is behind the mask & to keep a secret Maya is one of the sweetest prettiest ladies which an extremely fit hot body you could ever meet.
The shoot was so easy with this gorgeous young Asian lady who definitely enjoys a sticky creampie finish haha.
Is summary this has been one of my favourite shoots with a top beautiful mysteriously sexy lady & is highly recommended by us DB Productions.

Trickee Dickee

Sorry to be the party downer but I can not recommend Maya. Last minute cancellation with weak excuse.

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