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Luna Toxxxic (was Luna Daze)

About Me

LUNA TOXXXIC (was Luna Daze)
I am a petite, alternative (pierced, tattooed) adult model/actress, session wrestler, pro-domme and sexual artist!
I am always looking for new challenges and opportunities to express myself!
I am a dancer/raver, I have lots of experience on stage (as singer, actress) and I love transforming into roles.
I am very body-confident, athletic and toned and super strong, and I am also lots of fun to work with!
I grew up in Germany, but always been drawn to traveling. I lived in Australia, Ireland, UK.That means I speak fluent german and english (with a tiny southern irish accent!) - you will be surprised I promise!
I am a conceptual designer/artist myself and I like implementing this into my work.
I have a good eye for detail and very high standards in the work I create.
BUT nonetheless, I am a lot of fun!

I have a few smaller scars, mainly in my face.
I have very unique tattoos and a few piercings. The piercings can all be removed. The tattoos can be covered with a good foundation if needed. I consider this should it be beneficial for a shoot.
My hair is styled and cut by myself, I have had the same hair cut for a while but I might change the colour slightly every now and then. Currently its white/silver but I consider pastel colours to spice it up a bit.
I am very experienced in theatre MUA and general make up.

I am available for work in both video and stills assignments and you can shoot me either at my house, a fantastic shoot location in Central Brighton or I can travel across the continent if its beneficial and the travel expenses are paid for.
I can assure you that I work very professional, I am very organised and punctual (typical german).
As a model/performer my aim is to deliver, so I am keen to take direction as well as bringing in my own creativity in to create the images you need..
I have a very big collection of lingerie, bodysuits, stockings and heels as well as many other items and accessories. My wardrobe is huge and full with very unique items!
I am open to all sorts of adventures, "edginess", fetishes and always up for new challenges! So feel free to contact me about something that may be weird.
If you are interested, drop me a message with a rough idea what you would like to shoot and we go from there!

I am fairly selective when it comes to the content I am working in, and I have a few things i won't do, so please message me with a little concept/script so I can decide this. Here is a little example: I don't do content like Bukkake/Gangbang-Parties, I don't do degrading shoots of any kind (verbal, physical humiliation). I only do light BDSM submission because I am not a natural sub.
Note to Models:
Furthermore I have personal limits when it comes to working with other models: I don't do sexually interactive work with older (45-50+) or overweight models either gender.
And *Important* : I only work with male models that are AT LEAST average, preferably well endowed. It is my personal preference and also something I fitted around my performer persona - please, no offence.

Being in this industry I EXPECT the highest RESPECT of my limits, the levels and rates mentioned and agreed and mostly MY PERSONAL PHYSICAL health.
**Don't touch me without consent. I am not a doll and no escort.
**Don't push beyond agreement.
****Have FULL STI certs (non-blood&blood) within maximum of 28 days, and confirm this pre-shoot!****
If all this is respected we can work fine together.

I am on a few different other modeling/adult sites and have a lot to do sometimes so please excuse if a response takes a bit of time.
Should you need references, please just ask and I can link you to some :)

If you're still reading this, thanks!
Looking forward to hearing from you :D

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Had a really fun time with luna, great Lady to work with. Look forward to doing more work with her x

Rico hung

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