London July 25th

I have changed my look and now look like this...

I will be in London again for a shoot and would like to get something else booked in to make the trip worthwhile. I will be free to shoot either location or studio or your home from 3pm- 8pm.

*I do ask for deposits for shoots to ensure you turn up as arranged. This is non refundable and to deture timewasters*

I have plenty of feedback to show I am genuine.


Fetish/BDSM: I do work to this level. I ask two things: No marks to be left on me and that safe words are used at all times. I have bondage/BDSM gear and outfits we can use for the shoot as well as latex and pvc.

Adult: All adult levels must be safe or certed only.
£50 on top for creampie scenes with cert only


***HALF DAY***
up to Art Nude 4 hours £135
£20ph fashion
£30ph topless
£40ph art nude

Adult Levels:
£70ph open leg or 2hrs for 100
£120 up to 2 hours SOLO/Inserts
150 up to 2 hours Soft BG SAFE OR CERTED ONLY
£200 up to 2 hours HARD BG SAFE OR CERTED ONLY