London flat

I have a London flat that is available for either shoots or accomodation.

Fullday daytime shoots = 100 pounds
Halfday = 60 pounds

For a short stay its 150 per night and is made like a serviced apartment.

Its zone 3 but close to a tube station and discreet. Message me direct if you want to book.

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Accommodation Offered



Which part of Zone 3, north, south, east or west and photographs ?

Obviously not that interested in reading the posts on here.

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click their username and then PM them.

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It's near canning town

Ah at least someone replied, thanks. Although the person who posted is not arsed and pity Admin's reply was so useless.


Admin said private message me directly. I haven't got a message from you regarding the flat so please send it again.

how much is it for 2 days 1 night