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Hey all I'm coming to London in the new year, i already have 2 shoots planned and so I'm looking for accommodation for 1 week ,

If anyone can offer accommodation please mail me , let me know how much it will cost or if you are interested in doing some shoots, (GG/BG) for content share
Looking to get some paid shoots done as well

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Accommodation Wanted



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Sent you a message...please let me know if you received it...


yes received replied

Updated to be only Feb now, still looking for options for accommodation

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Hey Kristine,
Yeh would be interested in shooting with you for bg or bbg as mentioned before....

Trickee Dickee

Ok great...just need to find a HQ to work out from :)

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I hope to be available for shoots also when your here. X

I will be in London between 20th and 24th Feb 17