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I`ve come onto this forum because I received a mauling at the hands of trolls and borderline trolls on a certain other forum. AIR seems to be free of trolls. I imagine this is partly because it is moderated more effectively and partly because a person has to go through a much longer process to register for AIR. I am not really promoting my website as such, but I just want those people who might enjoy it to know of its existence and those people who `apparently` think it is a load of rubbish to get on with their lives and do whatever they enjoy. I say `apparently` because at one point, while my photography was being slagged off left right and centre on the other forum, one of my members shared his password, and a remarkable number of people logged on to view such a rubbish website.

So there it is, if you think you might enjoy my off-centre take on the porn industry the cost of membership is very reasonable. I am not trying to make a profit, only for my hobby to more or less pay for itself. When I first posted on the other forum I received a temporary boost to my membership but it tailed off as the trolls became ever more savage. I decided I would inflame the situation as much as I could because I knew it would bring the thread back to the top and my site would receive more traffic, but that proved to be a dangerous game as the posts became more personal and libellous. The bottom line was that I was receiving more traffic but gaining no new members from this traffic.

You can see who I`ve worked with by logging onto my Home page. My dealings with models have mostly been amicable, with the odd personality clash along the way. I may share with you which models I recommend at a later stage. I no longer have any difficulty booking models, which was a problem when I first started without references, but any model who would like to shoot for Lep`s Smutty Website is welcome to contact me. I won`t be able to shoot with you immediately because I have shoots booked and I can only afford a limited number of shoots per year unless my membership rises sharply, but I will fit you in as soon as possible.


I'm somewhat atypical in this industry also inasmuch as I primarily create x-rated music videos. AIR has left me feeling a bit misunderstood and unwelcome at times. I hope you wont encounter any negativity on here, your comment about "longer registration process" leaped out at me because while it separates one form of bullshitter from the next it breeds elitism, clique mentality, superiority complexes and snobbery.(From other producers and models equally), I spend less time here now; but have had more good experiences than bad.

"Illegitimi non carborundum"

But filming that in a church was a bit naughty,..lol...but i see the funny side.

...It is much more friendly than most of those I received on that other forum. As a new member I am not in a position to comment on your experiences on this forum but you`ve obviously seen my Home and Preview pages. I wasn`t going to comment about ML, but as you`ve indirectly brought the subject round to her I did 3 shoots with ML, including 2 sets in different country churches, one of which featured a video of her masturbating in church. Lucky the vicar didn`t walk in! ML is the only model I`ve worked with who would be prepared to that sort of set, on pure modelling ability she is easily the best I`ve worked with, she is quite fearless and I would recommend her to other photographers. The 3 shoots are all available on Lep`s Smutty Website, but we won`t be doing a fourth shoot.

Tori Baynes could almost be described as Lep`s Smutty model in residence as we`ve worked together so often. The most amusing sets I`ve ever done have nearly all been with Tori, and the shoot with 2 friends dressed as Noddy and Bigears was particularly memorable. There are a few images from this shoot on my Preview page. Tori also suffered on the other forum. When I defended her I was made a target, but she understands my sense of humour, we get on pretty well and we work together well to create what must be some of the silliest porn images ever created. I can only judge by my own experience with Tori, which has been mostly good with the occasional hiccough. Tori has a good fan base, particularly among younger men, and I think the attraction is partly because she is such an ordinary woman (apart from exceptional genetics for a 46 year old) that guys feel they can relate to her. Anyway there are a vast number of photographs of Tori on my site, plus a number of videos, for anyone who wants to see them.

A rule I observe is never to comment on a model unless I have paid her out of my own money, but I think some of the borderline trolls on the other forum are guys who have never hired a model in their lives.


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Basically forces people to be real humans and serious. Bots, Spammers and flakes LOVE typical one hit registrations. Even with the current model I'm forever killing spam content and members that you guys never see. On balance I'd rather have a focussed site where most people are sensible most of the time :-). I manage the site as best I can, but you can't please all of the people all of the time.

Signature - AIR Admin aka Paul Jones Model, and Producer

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Nice site mate

If you want to do a banner swap with me let me know

James Wildfowler


Thanks for the offer, which I have considered carefully. Your site is much more hardcore than mine, which was a concern because it might have meant more of my traffic going to you rather than the other way round. My site is much more surreal and Pythonesque, which some viewers seem to have difficulty getting their head round, and my rule is that if males appear on my site they have to be clothed. Sex toys and the like are fine, but I am only interested in female nudity. I was going to set aside my reservations and say yes until I saw your banners page. Unfortunately you are displaying a banner for THAT forum so I regret that I have to say no at this time. If you decide to remove their banner in the future feel free to contact me again and I will reconsider. Good luck shagging the 77 year old. You are a trouper!

Before I will agree to a banner swop with anyone who runs a paysite we must exchange free membership for 24 hours, in order that we can view each other`s content. This is a very important step that everybody should take to ensure that they are not accidentally advertising anything unlawful.


A quick post to tell anyone who may be interested that there is a new gallery on my site featuring Summer Angel Lee. I believe she may have been known by other names over the years, not sure what names, but anyway she is a model I am happy to recommend very highly. She is a really nice girl, punctual, very easy to work with and she did whatever I asked of her. We have another shoot booked in September and I am looking forward to it.


Another quick post to tell anyone who is interested there is now a new gallery on my website featuring a nude Tori Baynes playing cricket with Bart Simpson. There is no remotely sensible reason for it but it was great fun to do and the video looks particularly ridiculous. There is nobody I would prefer to do a comedy set with than Tori, and the guys who slagged her off on that other forum were at best out of date. In the three years I have worked with her I have seen her become more reliable. At first shoots often had to be rearranged but this is rarely a problem now because her life has become more stable and she no longer needs to worry about childcare.


A few days ago I did my second shoot with the lovely Summer Angel Lee and I haven`t changed my opinion of her. One of the best models I`ve worked with and one of the nicest and most generous. If you are looking for a model I should book her without hesitation. The first gallery from this shoot is up on my website.

Summer told me that somebody, presumably from that other forum (Bored Geeks Against Fair Discussion- I`ve kept it clean but this particular acronym invites cruder terms), contacted her to advise her against working with me. This is very annoying. Fortunately Summer had already worked with me so she knew the `advice` was nonsense and she has also received trolling posts on that forum, so she told him to get lost. I am sure this is a friend or fan of the model I criticised on that forum recently. I won`t name her here but anyone who is familiar with my website will know who she is. I only criticised her attitude, not her modelling ability, and it was all fair comment from my experience of working with her. It created a frenzy of vitriol against me and it appears that at least this one person is prepared to carry it on. I don`t believe it is anything to do with the model herself. I would not advise amateur photographers to work with this model because she will show you no respect, but it appears that professionals have no problems with her and rate her highly.

And thanks again to Summer for putting this person in his place.


Just completed shoot number 16 with Tori Baynes, who was on good form today and went along with all the absurdities of my shoot with good humour. This was the first time Tori has visited my home, and while my wife made her a cup of coffee and a sandwich I installed her as a `bidet` in my bathroom. This was a follow up from a joke in a previous girl / girl shoot where there was a certain amount of bum licking, involving Tori`s former friend Angelina.

[text deleted as referring to another model]


Oh dear! I seem to have fallen foul of the administrator in my previous post. This post is to the side of the normal subject matter, but it has some relevance. Does anybody know how to get rid of Ask.com off my computer permanently? I can delete it temporarily but it keeps coming back. Porn is not my only interest, and I`ve tried using Ask.com as a search engine for other subjects, but it is poor compared to Google. I cannot think of anything it does better than Google. When it comes to porn Ask.com doesn`t seem to know it exists. I cannot log on to my own website from Ask.com. Ask.com doesn`t ask, it just invades. I don`t want it, and it appears to make a moral judgement that all porn is bad and must be kept away from its users. Can anyone explain, step by step, in language that a person of averageish computer literacy can follow, what to do to get this invader off my computer.

Thank you to anyone who can assist.

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In your browser settings see if you have an Ask plug in, Ask set as your home page or an Ask toolbar. Remove or edit as needed.

Worst case - uninstall your browser, or start using a different one and DO NOT import anything over.

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The first option looks the best. I`ve removed Ask as my Home page several times and it keeps coming back, but I will search for the plug in and toolbar when I have a quiet moment. Uninstalling the browser sounds complicated, so I reckon that should be a last resort. I can easily override it on Windows Explorer, but it is like a shower of sperm on Google Chrome. I don`t know who would want Ask as a browser, maybe vicars and old ladies, but it is useless for adult material and not much good for anything else.


It has been some time since I posted on this forum because I have been inactive for the last two months. I don`t tend to do a lot of shoots in winter because I prefer to work outside, but yesterday I did a shoot at Fine and Dandee Studio in Wokingham, mainly with Summer Angel Lee, but Dee the studio owner joined in the final hour of the shoot. I am very happy to recommend Dee`s studio, the facilities are excellent and Dee (who looks ferocious on her wrestling website as Dynamo) is one of the nicest people you could wish to meet. Summer was her usual self, up for anything. After seeing her do a striptease act for an `audience` of 2 toy Leprechauns I can see that she must be a sensational act in front of a live audience.

With a fully equipped dungeon in the studio inevitably at least part of the shoot was done as a fetish set, but the two girls got a bit carried away and a lot of what they did was entirely on their own initiative.

After the shoot Summer and I had a meeting where we agreed that she would now be the feature model on Lep`s Smutty Website. Members can email suggestions for shoots, and if it is practical to do it we will and send the member a DVD of the shoot.

As to the content of the shoot we have done it raises a question, is all of it legal? I will make a separate post about this.


Following on from the last post I am not totally clear about the legality of fetish shoots in the light of the recent change in the law. My site is not specifically a fetish site, but it strays in that direction at times, usually with an element of comedy. Dee has gone through the legal implications in fine detail and she assures me that nothing on my site is illegal, so I hope she is correct.

Even if I am in the clear this new law is barmy. Who are they trying to protect? Successive governments have got into more of a muddle about pornography. They use the protection of children as an argument to restrict it, but it falls flat when you consider that the previous government made it legal to perform homosexual acts on consenting 16 year olds. The age of sexual consent should be the same as the age for legal access to pornography, otherwise such absurdities will inevitably arise. Children need protection from sexual exploitation by adults, but to extend this idea further to include protecting them from their own curiosity is ridiculous. Children below the age of sexual awareness would not normally search for pornography. If they do there is something wrong in their home life and that is the direction the authorities should look in. Adolescents are likely to search for pornography, but why blame porn sites? My site states that you must be 18 years old to view it, and I would not encourage younger people to view it, but if they do there is nothing I can do to stop it. As for the argument that porn sites give young people a misleading impression of what sex is about I can only speak for my own site. Nobody could confuse anything that happens on Lep`s Smutty Website with normality!

There is an e-petition online seeking the repeal of the new law. I can`t give a link to it but you will find it easily if you Google it. I urge everybody to go online and sign it.


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Basically the new rules state all should be R18, which isn't as bad as some people have suggested.

However the silliness is that making harder porn is legal so long as not Extreme or Obscene. Such material can't be sold via a channel that has editorial control in the UK, but can be otherwise. And if I lived outside UK I'd see an opportunity there :-)

Signature - AIR Admin aka Paul Jones Model, and Producer

Following on from my previous observations Dee of Fine and Dandee Studio told me that she can no longer film her wrestling bouts because of face-sitting and other issues. On a previous visit to her studio she showed me an image on her mobile phone showing four naked men trussed up like Christmas turkeys in her dungeon. It looked a bit like that prison in Iraq where prisoners were abused by American troops, but in this instance the men had entered the dungeon voluntarily. Not my thing but each to their own, but Dee tells me she can no longer film these activities. There are a few images on my website taken at her studio that I am slightly worried about because the model was gagged, but in fact the gag was loose and she could speak so I think I am on the right side of the law.

To clarify my previous remarks about lowering the age limit of gay consent I would support this if 16 year olds were seeking it, but whenever demonstrations on this subject were shown on the news it was always middle aged men leading the campaign. It certainly makes no sense to allow heterosexual and homosexual activity at 16 but to restrict the viewing of erotic images to persons aged 18 and over. Nobody in the present or previous British governments seems to have realised the absurdity of the law as it stands.

After another 2 months of inactivity I did my fourth shoot with my new best buddy Summer Angel Lee at the weekend. She is really great as a model and also a thoroughly nice person. She is now my feature model and I recommend her to anyone, professional or amateur.

I arranged to meet her at a mate`s house, and the shoot nearly went awry because my mate was panicking about the risk of his neighbours seeing Summer naked. Apparently he is the chairman of the residents` association, but I needed an indoor location for part of the shoot so Summer wouldn`t be out in the cold for too long. I didn`t realise he would be such a dick about it, and we ended up with our accidental version of The Play That Goes Wrong, told in stills and video. Just about everything that could go wrong did, apart from Summer`s performances which salvaged something usable from the chaos. I`d like to say it is so bad it`s good, but the truth is it is so bad it`s atrocious, especially my acting when I had to make a reluctant on camera appearance. Summer kept her composure while arguments went on around her, and she saved the day with some great poses and improvised acting. Luckily the shoot was with Summer, who was very mellow about it all, because I reckon a lot of models would have walked off the shoot with two blokes arguing about what could or could not be done.

We did the second part of the shoot outdoors near Harlow. It was much more successful, but Summer was freezing by the end of it, although she didn`t complain. I took a video of her walking along the road, almost naked from the waist down with traffic passing by. Then she approached a guy on some private land and asked if she cold clean mud off her shoes, while she was still half naked. She is so daring but she gets away with it because she is so sweet and charming at the same time. The guy took us to a location where we took some more photos, and he got in on the act, so I hope his wife or partner doesn`t check his mobile phone.

When I got home and downloaded the shoot I was surprised that the results were a lot better than they ought to have been. That is entirely due to Summer. I must prepare for shoots better in future. I can think of models I`ve worked with in the past who would have kicked off within five minutes.

I have been taken off the road for 6 months and I need to earn money somehow, so I have come to an arrangement with my feature model Summer Angel Lee that we are willing to create custom DVDs to order. I will have to step outside my comfort zone to do this. Summer is happy to do more or less anything, but so far I have avoided photographing or filming anything involving a real penis because being around naked men freaks me out. It looks like I may have to get over this, but any male models will have to be paid by Summer out of the fee. I don`t see why I should pay men to fuck Summer when most guys would volunteer for nothing, including me but don`t tell my wife! (I have not given in to the temptation, I add hastily!) We already have one unsolicited order which we will create next time we do a shoot, and it seems to be a sensible way to go. When I make videos for my website I usually play it for laughs but I guess I need to become more serious for custom DVDs. Summer`s limits are very wide, and my only stipulation is that I won`t get involved in anything that is likely to hurt or harm her physically or mentally.

If you would like a custom video featuring Summer you can contact us via the links on my website.

Does anyone know a reliable way of blocking these sites from accessing my website? I know they are crawlers trying to harvest personal data, and they always show up on Google Analytics with a time of 0.00 seconds. Semalt nearly always accesses my site from various cities in Brazil. I don`t see the point in what they are doing because they will already have harvested the small amount of personal data that appears on my site, but they keep at it every day. It is only mildly irritating, but if there is a simple way to block them I would like to hear about it.

With great regret I have to announce that Summer is no longer the feature model on Lep`s Smutty Website. I do not intend to make any public comment about the reason for this.

On the other hand the first gallery from my 17th shoot with Tori Baynes is now up on the website. A second gallery will be uploaded shortly.

The upside of recent unexpected developments is that I have a beautiful young lady in her 20s, a close personal friend, who is available for custom foot fetish videos. She is not involved in the industry and does not wish to do serious porn, but she has perfect tiny feet and you will have the advantage that your subject is not to be found anywhere on the internet.

As I will no longer be working with Summer assume I can do custom DVDs with Tori Baynes, up to g/g. If anyone is interested contact my fictional sidekick Lep on email@lepssmuttywebsite.com .

The gentlemanly thing to do is to thank Summer for the four very good shoots we did together and leave it at that. She was one of the best models I have worked with and recent unfortunate events have not changed my opinion.

I did a great first shoot with Zanderlee today after posting a message in the AIR Work wanted and offered forum. It shows that it works. Zanderlee came with her husband Paul , so I involved him in one of the videos, catching her in the act with a giant
Teddy Bear and giving the bear a good punch on the nose. The whole thing was ludicrous, but they both fully entered into the spirit of the shoot. Zanderlee then braved a howling wind to pose by the Roman Fort at Reculver near Herne Bay. She must have been frozen but she kept smiling. Sometimes having the model`s partner present on a shoot can be a disadvantage, but in this case having Paul available as a bag carrier and lookout, etc, was a bonus. Thanks to you both for a great shoot.

This is my first post on this forum for some time. I`ve been using Madcow Models but they are very tough on their `no porn` rule when posting photographs. I keep getting Photo Removal Notices!

Since I last posted on this forum I have done a shoot with a young model who calls herself j_lee. She was really excellent to work with, and I got some of the best photos I have ever done. Next was my 18th shoot with my old mate Tori Baynes, who was attacked by a human sized fly. Madcow Models took these photos down as fast as I could put them up!

Most recently I have done the shoot I never expected to happen. Summer Angel Lee and I are back on good terms and she has agreed to become my feature model again. The reasons we fell out were extremely trivial, but I was banned from driving at the time so it was difficult to sort things out. I am very pleased because she is a really nice girl as well as a great model. Shame about the guy who followed us while playing with himself, but I guess it takes all sorts. Summer thought it was hilarious but it would have freaked me out if I had been in her position.

The results from all these shoots can be found on my website. Lep`s Smutty DVD3 will be available shortly.


Firstly, have to say, its good to see a website that doesn't take itself to seriously. Love the mad type content, not your normal run of the mill porn. Lovely mix of girls, headed by the mischievous Summer Angel Lee, an up for fun lovely blonde bombshell. Lep himself goes with the flow, and this gives the girls freedom to go a little mad at times. Do hope this site stays the distance, its certainly not middle of the road, with its zany content. I have bought the vids, good price great girls, out to entertain.


Thanks mate. I know you are a fan of the lovely Summer and I hope to work with her again soon, when the weather is warm enough for an outdoor shoot. I`m glad you appreciate the humour on the site. Certain people on another forum take themselves too seriously.

I didn`t know this thread was still active, but for anyone who missed my separate post I am recovering from cancer, or more precisely from the brutal radiotherapy treatment which made me more ill than the cancer ever did, but I have kept the site updated throughout my illness. I did a shoot with Tori Baynes little more than a week ago, as my life gradually returns to normal. I have to hope the treatment did the trick, but I now face an anxious 5 years of follow ups before they will declare me officially cured.


This is to let everyone know that I am opening up the members` area of Lep`s Smutty Website free of charge over the Easter weekend, from midnight tonight (24 March) until midnight on Easter Monday. If you log onto www.lepssmuttywebsite.com during this period go to the About Me page and you will find a User name and Password which will grant you access. You may be asked to enter the password twice. I will extend existing membership by 4 days.

This is an experiment to see how much increased traffic the website generates during the free period, in order to help me decide which direction to take the site. When a member gave his details to a password sharing site the increased traffic was phenomenal, and I will be interested to find out if this is still the case. That increased traffic was unwelcome, but on this occasion I am encouraging it, so please spread the word.

Smutty Lep

My life is getting back to normal now after my cancer treatment. In April I did my second shoot with the brilliant j_lee. Sadly this will almost certainly be my last shoot with J as she is retiring for personal reasons. You can take a last look at her on www.lepssmuttywebsite.com. Then in May I did my seventh shoot with my feature model Summer Angel Lee. I am gradually uploading the results of both these shoots onto my website.

If things go to plan I will be going to a public event with Summer in July, where we will try to promote the website and you will have the opportunity to meet her. We need to keep this under the radar as the organisers of the event may object, but I will announce which event we will be attending a couple of days before it takes place. That is to say assuming things go to plan.

Tori Baynes has told me she is retiring from modelling. She could have gone on a bit longer if she wanted to, but I think she has timed it about right. It is a shame because we had some great laughs during our 19 shoots, but age catches up with every model in the end.

Smutty Lep

Assuming there are no last minute hitches I will be attending the British Superbike meeting at Thruxton on Sunday with Summer Angel Lee. You will be able to meet her, pose with her, and even buy DVDs from us, but we intend to keep things discrete because the organisers might not appreciate what we are doing. I will have to hope they do not read this between now and Sunday.

Smutty Lep

I have finally bowed to the inevitable and given up trying to run my website behind a paywall. Membership is so sparse I may as well make it free and try to sell advertising, but before I try to sell advertising I need to get traffic levels back up to something like it once used to be. Please use the universal log in details as shown on the About Me page on my website, and please spread the word that this is now a free website. There is a vast amount of material in the members area, admittedly of variable quality, but it includes some very good images.

If you have a proposal to advertise on my website please email me on email@lepssmuttywebsite.com , but if there are no takers I will close the site when the domain expires next July. After that I will revert to being an occasional photographer, as a hobby, but I have a mate who reckons he will be able to sell advertising. I have my doubts about whether it will be as easy as he thinks, but I will give him a chance to see what he can achieve.


Unfortunately since making Lep`s Smutty Website free to use there has been no great increase in traffic. When someone gave away their password on a password sharing site there was a phenomenal surge in traffic, but when I make the site free people seem to think there is a catch. There isn`t. My mate is ready with a plan to try to sell advertising, but it isn`t going to work at the present level of traffic. So come on guys, please take a look, there is a huge amount of material on the site and there is bound to be something that appeals to you.

Unfortunately since making Lep`s Smutty Website free to use there has been no great increase in traffic. When someone gave away their password on a password sharing site there was a phenomenal surge in traffic, but when I make the site free people seem to think there is a catch. There isn`t. My mate is ready with a plan to try to sell advertising, but it isn`t going to work at the present level of traffic. So come on guys, please take a look, there is a huge amount of material on the site and there is bound to be something that appeals to you.

Hi Lep,
I do hope your mate's plan to sell advertising works. Dont understand it when guys dont want to see Summer and Co showing pussy etc for Free, that dont make any sense!!! Like you say, if it's free people think there is a catch !!! so wrong in this case. Good luck with the advertising, and more Summer pussy shots please !!!!


Thanks for the comment mate and I am happy to oblige with the Summer pussy shots. I have just uploaded a gallery taken at the Ockham Common dogging site including a video of Summer pleasuring herself while a dogger looked on. Unfortunately the dogger then started playing with himself and Summer freaked out inside, but she kept it professional for the shoot. I didn`t know whether to laugh or cringe!

It appears that my mate has identified a potential source of advertising that could be quite lucrative, but he is claiming to have lost his voice so he can`t currently hold a telephone conversation with me, which is making me suspicious. From what he has told me so far the prospective advertiser wants me do something which sounds potentially illegal, and I don`t want my mate to cream off all the profits for himself while I am the schmuck who gets arrested. I need to look into this further before deciding what to do, but time is running short before the domain name expires. If I can`t attract legal advertising I will have to close the site then.

Smutty Lep

Just to let everyone know that I have just posted a girl / girl gallery featuring Summer and Dee, including a very intimate video, shot at Dee`s studio in December. I just kept the camcorder rolling and the girls did the rest. I think they forgot I was there and it was all spontaneous between them, but check it out while it lasts. All the signs are that there will be no advertising sales and the website will have to close when the domain expires, unless something miraculous happens between now and July.

Smutty Lep

Following my recent casting on AIR I recently did a shoot with Ashleigh McKenzie, 3 1/2 years after I worked with her previously. I have to say she looks even better now than she did then and the first gallery is now up on my website. Thank you to everyone else who responded and I have kept your details but I am still in the process of trying to save my website. I am working on something which may or may not come off. Time will tell.
At least this proves that posting a casting on AIR works. I also tried to post the casting on another site (MM) and it kept bouncing back without explanation.


I have cancelled my profile on this site after they sent me 4 photo removal notices. When I looked they had actually deleted 89 of my photos, although they had all been on there for some time. This is not the way to treat a paying member. You can still view all my photos free of charge on www.lepssmuttywebsite.com but possibly for not much longer. When I have time I may put up some more images on this site, which has a much more realistic attitude towards adult material. As for MM I can`t see the point of a modelling site that doesn`t cater for adult content, but it is fair to say that they seem to get a lot of views, so maybe I`ve missed the point.

Smutty Lep