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Newcastle Upon Tyne


Kitty Misfit

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I am a freelance model I run my own website at

I'm looking at breaking into the porn industry! So far i do my own content for my website and would love to find people who would be willing to do shoots for it for content share.

I have recently done my first boy/girl shoot with Nerd Pervert and I have a reoccurring role which I will appear in the future.

I would love to work with more companies!

Im a curvy sized 12 so please bare this in mind when booking me to shoot.


Standard rate fashion - erotic nude - £25 Per Hour

US Mag/Open leg/Pink/ - £30 Per Hour

Continental - £40 Per Hour

G/G - £50 Per hour

Video work on assignment

Since I cannot shoot at home I typically can rent my friends home bedroom set + studio (including lights) on particular days for a small fee.

Kitty xxx

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Superb outdoor and studio shoot with Kitty in Newcastle. Kitty knows how to pose for maximum effect, with a blazing hot look that suits a cute, innocent style as much is it does secretarial or girl next door. Very punctual, great pre-shoot comms and immaculately presented, Kitty is a top class model and I would happily shoot with her again and again. Well worth the effort!

I shot Kitty on 16/9/17 after as she said in her feedback of us, after talking for a while about it. But you know what with having 15 years experience working with first time girls, we are used to it, and welcome it. We know after all the questions and the what if's which can put girls off. We have been called mad in the past by some of our peers for appearing to put girls off working in porn by telling them, the good and the bad of working in porn, but when some one like Kitty comes back to us after really thinking about it, when she has all the facts and now has made the right decision. We help girls out, give them information and sometimes they don't end up working with us first but at least we know we have given them the right advice to make an informed decision and thats what we are all about. Kitty took everything in her stride on the day, she was so easy to get on with, and liked a laugh as we do. We were honoured to have such a lovely looking girl choose us as her first company to work for, even after all this time and her not being the first it never gets old, that it is our job to make her first experience a good one. She was on time, came with a nice selection of outfits, and she has a very unique look that stands out, we are all about different to keep that variety in our work. For her first boy-girl with the performing, she did really well, the fact that she was relaxed before we started was a big plus. She was ready and so we began shooting. She was a very fast learner, both in performing and camera angles, she was a natural and you never know if a girl has it until you get her on film. Working with this girl was effortless and fun at the same time, she enjoyed being on camera and she knows how to make eye contact with the viewer, she may of been new to boy-girl but running her own site and shooting her own content really helped on our shoot with her, she was already half way there. I would love to work with Kitty again and thats why we have left her part open ended, and we have already discussed ways she could return. She even attended the UKAP Awards 2017 with me and Orson Swelles and we had a blast. My porn group of friends is growing and Kitty is its newest and cutest addition. Highly recommended.

Paul Taylor

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