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Juicy Jenkins

About Me

Dear all,

Thanks for viewing my profile :) I've been modelling for 3 years now and in this time I have gained lots of experience doing quite a number of shoots, I find myself quite versatile still, and therefore I am open to any shoot suggestions! I am very friendly and approachable, so if you have an idea you'd like to fulfil please run it by me and I'm sure I too will be keen to try it!

A little about me ; well I'm 23 years old and recently completed university in Liverpool, I love the city and life that comes with it! I'm a happy go lucky girl to be honest, and enjoy reading in my spare time as well as stepping behind the camera and exploring the countryside at home :) Sexually I are extremely adventurous and have vowed to try everything at least once!

What to expect ; Excellent communication and professionalism, I am always complimented on this as I take my modelling very serious as well as seeing it as a fun adventure! I do my own hair and make up to a very high standard, I arrive early for shoots with more than enough ideas and clothes/costumes for us to browse through and pick.

I really want to try camming more, either with another girl or solo, as I have plenty of my own toys to play with!! Also trying to build content for my adultwork page so if you'd like to shoot, any level can be suggested, jut drop me a line!

*CAN OCCASIONALLY SHOOT FROM : a very modern style apartment in Liverpool city centre :)

Worked with ;
Recently published in Escort Magazine
Yuffie Yulan
Naughty UK Girls
Salome Sin
Mike D
Dyo Loveless
...And many more...

Thanks xox

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Mike D's picture

A relative newcomer,she is a lovely sexy girl who gives 100% to produce super images.Friendly and fun,but with a professional attitude,she is a delight to work with.Should go far and highly recommended to all togs and producers.Thanks JJ!

alexeijack's picture

shot with JJ for the first time yesterday. we shot from her place and it was a very relaxed and chilled atmosphere. both her and her tog are genuine decent people, which made it a pleasure to work with them. she was open to new idea, good communicator and lots of bubbly energy on screen.
looking forward to seeing the finished material!! would recommend her to anyone in the industry looking for an innocent looking (but naughty) model ;-)
thanks, Alexei x

Alexei Jackson

YuffieYulan's picture

Lovely shoot with miss jenkins.... was a very good model and worked well with the camera and direction.... shes a beautifull person and model :)

^_^ geek porn queen Yuffie Yulan ... where fantasy meets XXX reality ^_^

Morph's picture

I had a great shoot with Juicy Jenkins today. She's a lovely girl to work with and has beautiful eyes. Great communications before the shoot, bought a variety of outfits and even turned up early. Definitely hope I get to work with her again.


hornmonkey's picture

It was a pleasure working with JJ. JJ has Excellent communications, and a naughty imagination !
Was helpful and patient during the shoot , highly recommend.

Have worked Kaitlyn Andrews and Jodie Karnell so far and look forward to working with other members of AIR.
Based in Scotland at present and planning more shoots in the near future.

Rajk's picture

Took some photos with J today, lovely, lovely girl both in attitude and looks. Look forward to future work at some point

Naughty UK Girls's picture

I had a great shoot with Juicy Jenkins.
She is a great girl to work with. Great pre-shoot communications, very friendly, she was open to all ideas and gave 100%.
Definitely hope I get to work with her again.

Are you still working, signed in regularly but no references from 2014 or this year xxxxx

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