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Jodie Cummings

About Me

I'm 30, A size 12, pale skin ,blue eyed "girl next door".

I started working in the Adult Industry in May 2014.
Since then I have gotten a few shoots under my belt. I've worked with AFUK, White Tower Studios, Dusk films, Beefy Banger, Gina Jameson, Lacey Starr and Hyena Photography to name a few.
I am now working full time in the adult industry so I am almost always ready to shoot!

I am more than happy to travel to a location. I drive so there's no need to worry about train stations etc. I'm very flexible with my working hours, I will work around you. I am hard working and very dedicated to my work.
I'm always up for trying something new, so just ask!

I do content share as well as paid shoots.
I'm looking forward to broadening my experience whilst having a great time!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Please feel free to check me out on Twitter @jodiecummings84

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LeighWTS's picture

Just finished a day of shooting with Jodie. What a lovely young lady. She arrived on time, and had bought exactly what I had required wardrobe wise. Jodie was a great worker, and gave 100% to every scene and every set of pictures. She has a gorgeous smile, and a lovely personality.

Highly recommended!!

We shot Jodie on 16.5.15. She travelled a long way to get us by car, that just shows you the dedication she has for a model that hasn't been doing this very long. One of the worries of shooting new girls, and we are experienced in shooting first time girls and new girls like Jodie who hasn't done loads and loads of published work yet, its can they manage the acting parts? We find models find this the hardest,as we do tend to shoot long winded plots as well as porn, and the porn side they are usually more used too. Jodie nailed it, she wasn't camera shy, and she spoke nice and clearly for the camera and had a lovely personality so it made her part on the show even better. You could tell she was having fun, when we were filming, and it was nice she was familiar with our work before actually shooting it and she seemed to find it entertaining and fun, so she was more than happy to be part of it. She came very well prepared, with plenty of outfits to choose from which was great and its always a great help when models do this. She takes direction really well and really listens and give it her all. Its true what people say she has a very radiant smile and its a nice thing to capture both on video and in stills. Jodie has already hit the ground running with her career so far, and all the things I'd say you need to have she was already doing. Its always nice to work with professional people and Jodie is certainly one of them and model to keep an eye on as she can only get better from here. She has the drive and ambition to do well and she really is a lovely person to have in your company, the shoot really does fly by. Thanks Jodie for helping us shoot another great episode of Nerd Pervert. You know where we are if you need us :0)

Paul Taylor

awww this was so much fun, Jodie is really cute to photograph and film. She looks great on camera and she is a really keen up and coming model. One of the things I love about this job is meeting so many new people, to Paul's dismay I'm able to have loads of girly chats and always seem to get on with people. Jodie was one of those people, she is just so easy to chat too, and she works really hard on set. We blazed through the content and that was down to Jodie, doing so well with the acting that , we didn't have to re shoot stuff, she practically did everything in one take, something we don't see that often. That gives her an advantage as model as she seems to be a very quick learner in need. We shot some great video scenes and I got some lovely stills of that lovely smile. Great time was had by all, it was fun, laid back and professional just the way I like it, thanks hunni for an awesome some xxxxx love Scarlet

BeefyBanger's picture

I had the pleasure of working with the lovely Jodie Cummings today great model arrived on time and was very professional and we shot lots of sexy and naughty stuff..
Looking forward to working with Jodie again very soon and a very highly recommended model.
Thanks again Jodie for a great shoot lots of love Ian aka Beefy xxx

Ian aka Beefy

Website -
Twitter - @BeefyBanger

John57's picture

I had a delightful shoot with Jodie last week, with brilliant video results. Jodie loves her job and this comes through on the footage.

Expirienced amateur photographer, with a number of Adult shoots both within a Studio and Other enviroments

smoothproductions's picture

Worked with Jodie. Jodie is a fantastic and very professional model. Enthusiastic, great attitude and delivers the goods on camera. I would highly recommend her to everybody. Tom x

Tom (Smooth Productions)
Mobile: 07543 062296

ZnlNorbi26's picture

I had the pleasure to work with Jodie today in Bristol. And what can i say. Wow. Really nice girl and also cute and funny. It was a pleasure and a lot of fun working together. Hope to do it soon again

admin's picture

Spent today working with Jodie. Great girl, down to earth, brilliant. Book her :-)

Signature - AIR Admin aka Paul Jones Model, and Producer

LaceyStarr's picture

I had my first chance to work with delicious Jodie today when she joined us at my 3rd content share weekender. I'd heard so many great things about this lovely lady so she's sat high on my wishlist for a while and I can confirm that all the positive things you hear are very true. Jodie is a delightful person. Warm, friendly and sociable, and then when the cameras roll she's an extremely naughty girly indeed!
She takes direction very well and has good sense of what to wear for each scene. She looks gorgeous, with near perfect milky-white complexion. A beautiful model to shoot and a terrific person to spend time with.
I can't wait to work with her again and can recommend her unreservedly to all and any industry contacts.


Hyena Photography's picture

Had a great shoot with Jodie today. She arrived early, was fun and lovely to work with and we got a lot done. I look forward to working with her again in the future

LaceyStarr's picture

I shot with Jodie again at the weekend. We did a 12 guy gangbang and the next day a long, multi location scene including car-in-traffic shots. This lovely lady is so charming and unassuming and yet never found wanting when it comes to the action. She took everything that was thrown at her (or over her) during Friday night's gang shoot. There was an awful lot of 'tributes' flying and the evening's 'no-wipe' policy meant that early eye-fulls could have spelt an early exit for a lesser performer, but not Jodie, who's an absolute trooper and a fantastic performer. Despite both of us feeling a tad worse for wear on the Saturday we filmed another long scene and once again she was brilliant. A delight to work with and a delight to have around the house/studio, I'm hoping there's plenty more shoots to follow.
A highly recommended performer, in every way.


Hyena Photography's picture

I've done two shoots with Jodie in the last week or so. The first was a solo adult shoot at The Scarlet House in Derby. Jodie arrived on time and had enough shoes and outfits with her for several days of shooting (let alone the few hours we actually had) so we had plenty to choose from. She's lovely and friendly and a pleasure to work with.

The second shoot was also at The Scarlet House but was a G/G wet and messy shoot with her and Lola Day. It was Jodie's first sploshing type shoot and her first time working with Lola but clearly had a lot of fun as she got completely covered in custard etc. It was a fantastic fun day where we got plenty of great content and everyone involved enjoyed the day.

Jodie is a real pleasure to work with and is certainly someone I have no hesitation in recommending.

Hi Jodie,
I would love to work with you.
Are you available.
Look forward to hearing from you,
Tony Rogers

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