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Hyena Photography

About Me

I'm Tony, a photographer based close to the border of Buckinghamshire,Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire. I'm an experienced photographer with many years experience but have only been doing adult photography for the last couple of years.

I've worked recently with a number of the ladies on here as well as other models, and look forward to working with more models in the near future.

I do a lot of the shoots for the gunkedupgirls website - these are wet and messy (sploshing) shoots and are either solo or G/G. These take place at a studio in Derby at regular interials.

I've worked with models including Jodie Cummings, Alisha Rydes, Holly Kiss, Lola Day, Jessica Jay, Tallulah Tease, Model Amy, Faye Rampton, Lu Elissa, Ashley Rider, Lexie Cummings, Jayne Cummings, Jemma Summers, Gina Snake, Pixiee Little, Sade Rose, Pandora and Vellocet

Chaperones - welcome to attend, but will normally be asked to wait outside the room/studio.

The photos below show some of the ladies I've worked with - Holly Kiss, Lola Day, Tallulah Tease, Alisha Rydes, Jodie Cummings and Model Amy.

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amanda degas's picture

I shot with Tony at a lovely London hotel, excellent comms before meeting and a really nice guy. A fun, relaxed shoot with a friendly and considerate photographer who is very easy to work with and he kindly gave me some photos to use, definitely recommended.
I'd be very happy to work with Tony again.

lexiecummings's picture

I met Tony this afternoon, we had a great shoot. Tony made the shoot relaxed, gave good direction and we go some good content.
I would recommend Tony

Lexie xx
for films and clips
twitter- @Lexie_Cummings
facebook -lexie.cummings
If we email direct check your setting to accept the .xxx adult codes

Model_Amy's picture

TERRIFIC shoot with this gentleman. Can't wait to work for him again!

Published adult model - stills and video - always up for paid work. 100% reliable and always fully certed.

See me here:

Nominated - 2017 UKAP awards.

Nominee *Best MILF* 2016 UKAP Awards.

Twitter: @MILF_Amy

Lola Day's picture

Had a great shoot this evening with Tony!

Shot at a lovely studio, got lots of great shots, really good direction and giggles along the way. I look forward to working with him again and would highly recommend him to others.

Lola xx

Lola xx

jodiecummings's picture

I went to Milton Keynes today to work with tony.
I'd never used an actual studio so this was an exciting first for me.
The place was easy to find. Great parking. Tony was waiting for me as I arrived. He gave the the grand tour of the studio that he'd hired for the shoot.
We then progressed to getting the shoot done! Tony was great. He knew what he wanted with each set. I brought plenty of outfits with me too. The time flew by. We had a laugh and a giggle as we worked. Which made the day more relaxed.
I think we managed 5 sets in total!
Tony is a fantastic photographer with lots of experience. He makes you feel at ease throughout and I would highly recommend him to anyone in the adult industry!

Thank you again Hun! And I'll look forward to working with you again :) xxx

Alisha Rydes's picture

Had the greatest pleasure working with Tony today on a shoot, great communication, great fun and very professional. Was a joy to be around. He showed me some of the images and all I can say is Wow!! Highly recommended and look forward to working with you again. Thank you for a fab shoot

Love Alisha xxx

Lola Day's picture

Had yet another fantastic shoot with Tony, and a first with Tallulah today. Gallons of baby oily followed by so many sweet food products we could have fed a village for a week!
Always a pleasure to work with, always a gentleman and ever the professional. Highly recommend working with Tony!

Lola xx

Worked with Tony today for the first time, We did the shoot at my home using my bedroom. Tony arrived on time to shoot and he was very quick to set up. We had a very fun shoot chatting and laughing as well as producing some good images. Very Good communication before shoot, he also paid me a deposit to secure booking. He was also fine with me having chaperon he didn't meet him though as he was in a different room. In all Tony is a professional photographer and respects models levels. Hope to work with him again soon X Recommended X

ashley rider 88's picture

I recently had a shoot in Derby with Tony such a fun shoot got loads of great pictures and content in a very relaxed environment lot's of refreshments and really looked after such a gental man thank you :) Ashley rider

Adultwork ashleyryder1988

jodiecummings's picture

So, I had the pleasure of working with Tony again yesterday.
Tony really is fantastic. He was waiting for me outside in the freezing cold so I knew where I was going when I arrived.
He carried my bag for me from my car (which was really heavy) to the studio.
This time we shot some content at scarlet house in Derby. I was blown away at the awesomeness of this studio! Each room is fantastic! Tony showed me around and then introduced me to the owners. Who were also lovely and very welcoming. I was put at ease and felt relaxed from the moment I walked in.

Then, over a coffee we picked out an outfit to start with. Nothing is rushed with Tony. He gives you the time you need to get ready.
Then, when it comes down to the work it's just fun! There's lots of giggles throughout! And is willing to help you with props etc...
The time literally flew by!
We managed 4 photo sets I think.
Tony is great because he knows what he wants to shoot but is willing to try things suggested by the model. There was a lot of "can you do this?" "Shall we try this?"
In the end we'd managed to get some great photos!

I cannot recommend this photographer enough. He's friendly, fun, relaxed and professional!
He always picks amazing places to shoot too. Which is a lovely experience for the model also.

Thank you Tony! Keep an eye out on my tumblr, you will be blogged about again :)

jodiecummings's picture

So, I got the chance to work with Tony again yesterday at scarlet house in Derby.
This shoot was different to the previous ones we'd shot together. Very different! It involved baby oil and copious amounts of custard!
I'd never done this type of shoot before. Tony is able to make you feel at ease immediately. The atmosphere is always relaxes and he just lets the shoots flow. He manages to capture some amazing content this way.

I teamed up with Lola day for this shoot. All 3 of us had a fantastic time! I could hear tony trying to stifle his laughter at me and Lola throughout the sploshing shoots. We all had an amazing day!

Tony is a fantastic photographer and a wonderful person. I would recommend him to any model!

Thank you again Tony xxx

I had a great first shoot with Tony.

The pre-comms where excellent, I knew exactly what He wanted from the day & was able to bring the right outfits.

As soon as we arrived at the Studio Tony was ready to go, he gave great direction & also let me go with the flow. The whole day was relaxed and not rushed, we were able to get lots of photosets and videos done with the hours we had, the time seemed to fly by.

I would love to work with Tony again soon and I'd highly recommend him to any model.

ashley rider 88's picture

I had a great day shooting sploshing scenes great location scarlet house Jess was a great hostess with everything you need and Tony was wonderful really fun pictures look great and had a blast thanks again

Adultwork ashleyryder1988


had my first sploshing shoot with tony and he helped make it a very enjoyable experience, good communication before the shoot and i felt at ease during. happy too recommend shooting with him and happy too shoot again any time .
pixiee little

Pixiee Little

ashley rider 88's picture

Had a great sploshing shoot on Sunday with Tony at scarlet Studio had a few shoots with Tony and always fun relaxed :)

Adultwork ashleyryder1988


had a second sploshing shoot with tony at Scarlett house this time with my good friend Sade rose. just as fun as my first and happy to shoot again anytime

Pixiee Little

Chloe Davis's picture

This is the second time I have worked with Tony, he's always really well
Organised, professional, friendly and considerate. I was unwell on the day of the shoot, all this was taken into consideration and this allowed me to continue at a slower pace to get some fantastic scenes. I would recommend Tony and work with him again.

Chloe Davis xXx

I worked with Tony for the first time on Saturday (13th January 2018). He had booked a very nice suite in central Birmingham, that was very close to the railway station. Having a kitchen/lounge and bedroom meant there was plenty of room. Tony is very professional and respectful, but he is also relaxed and chatty. I have not seen many of the photos yet, but those I have seen look very good. Highly recommended.

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