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Photographer Producer Content Maker Listing

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Northern England and Central Scotland


GTF Productions

About Me

Experienced content producer working in the fields of solo, girl girl and boy girl stills and video for publication.

Based in Yorkshire but travel frequently for the right shoots. Always working on a number of projects I am able to offer paid work and content share assignments and can provide exemplary references upon request.

So far I have worked with Kaitlyn Andrews, Angel, Jess, Rebecca Ryder, Paige Fox, Renee Richards, Ash, Sasha Daniels, Lil Fox, Alexis May, Jessica Pressley, Karlie Simon, Holly Kiss, Nikita Law, Jordan G, Logan Montoya, Miss Filth, Jessica Jensen, Caramel Jones, Ivana, Tanya Cox, Candi Blows, Scarlet Lovatt, Lola Lily, Cindy Baxter, Carly Rae, Tessa Thrills/Emma Leigh, Caprice Jane as well as a number of less well known models.

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GTF Productions's picture

.Great Communicator

Submitted by SP Productions on Thu, 2011-07-07 19:40.
Was Great in arranging a shoot for me with Kaitlin Andrews.
Very Professional


Submitted by Reg C on Thu, 2011-01-27 16:37.
I found Stuart does what he says on the tin 8)

Top Guy
Submitted by Carmen on Tue, 2011-01-18 00:14.
He recently shot with a friend of mine and got her loads of work so she reccomended I work with him. Great guy dead friendly and professional and does what he says. you should work with him ladies

Submitted by hornmonkey on Sat, 2011-01-15 20:16.
Found Stuart from GTF Productions to be very helpful and great communicator.

fantastic, fantastic, fantastic!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted by Kaitlyn Andrews on Thu, 2010-12-16 19:57.
I did my first ever shoot with stuart from GTF and it was so good, he was so comforting and talked me through everything in the days before the shoot and was really great at the shoot. Since then he has stuck to his word and helped me so so much, really cant thank him enough for helping me do so well and get what i want! Cant praise him enough hes awesome! thanks :))) love Kaitlyn XX

Had a great shoot last week! Great comms before, during and after the shoot and we had a great time. Hope to shoot with you again soon! Thank you :)

Jessica Jensen's picture

I had a brilliant shoot for Stuart earlier in the year- we had such a laugh and he is a true professional! He made me feel relaxed and comfortable and we got some great images and videos from what I saw! Highly recommend new and old models to work with Stuart!

Jessica Jensen

tanyacox's picture

I had a great shoot with stuart, he's a lovely guy, very professional and so much fun to work with.
Highly reccommended.

Signature - Funsize Adult model/performer working to solo, g/g, b/g & femdom levels My Model Listing

Holly's picture

had the pleasure of shooting with Stuart a while back, found him a great person to work with and had lots of fun, highly recommend him to other models.
Do not miss an oppurtunity with him.
Holly kiss xx

Signature - I'm Holly and love working in this business. My Model Page

kjoSERVICES's picture

Good morning my name is Kevin O'Toole, I am one of the Chauffeur's for the Edinburgh Int Film Festival, myself and two others are in the process of setting our own Chauffeur company, and we were wondering if you would consider using such a service for any of your projects that may be in or around the Edinburgh location.
As I say we are actually in the process of setting this up, so we are not running at this present moment, I am simply trying to research a potential client market.
If this is the kind of services that may be of interest to you please feel free to get in touch for more details.
Many thanks
Kevin O'Toole

Other than being a photographer, I am in the throws of setting up my own chauffeur company so will be more than willing if needed to work on any projects that may require a driver.

axajay's picture

Had a great shoot with Stuart while I was visiting Glasgow. Lovely friendly guy,easy to get on with and had a great shoot. Would def recommend to any one and hopefully see you again when I next visit xx

Hi Hun just wondered what sort of work you do as I'm interested in shooting

I was wondering if you would be interested in arranging a shoot with me, I've been modelling over 10 years and an reliable with excellent references. I work to solo toys level and am happy to travel to you

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