What does CFNM mean? CFNM means "Clothed Female Naked Male" and the best production company in England that produces this kind of genre I think is cfnm.
So there I was on Wednesday in their nice studio down on the south coast. It is always a great pleasure seeing Charlie and Simon the producers of CFNM. I have shot so many times for them, they are like my family... great guys and the scripts are always so funny and today's was no exception.
You see I was at work in my suit and tie on my computer when I had five minutes to myself and I thought I better wrap up the perfume I got for my girlfriend. I have been seeing her a year now and tonight was a very important night as this might be the night we have our first kiss.
"What did you say nerd boy" said Ava Austin. "You have a girlfriend" said the dutch actress Chelsey Lanette in her broken English.
"OMG " It was the office bullies and "all I was trying to do was wrap up this present for my girlfriend". Ava and Chelsey were dressed in tight pencil skirts, white blouse and black high heels. They did not look impressed. They grabbed me by the throat and looked deep into my eyes. "Present" they said. "This present is broken". Chelsey brushed it off the desk and it fell, smashed to the floor. "Oopps" she said.
Then the two office bullies with their hands still wrapped around my throat called me a virgin. I tried to tell them I wasn't a virgin but they knew I was. This made them so mad they pinned me even harder to the wall and lifted me up. My little legs were dangling, my feet kicking around in mid air. "You haven't even kissed your girlfriend and you have been seeing her a year? You are a pathetic little man. A joke. You have never even been with a women. You wouldn't even know what to do". To this they started stripping off my shirt and tie At that point Chelsey hitched up her skirt showing her black stockings and lay on the desk. Eva took charge of me and they both proceeded to give me a few intimate lessons in love making shall we say.My girlfriend is not going to be happy!
What a great day at the office. I love CFNM.