Girls, TS Girls and guys wanted

I'm looking for people to shoot with this year.

Girls for fetish themed girlgirl shoots and submissive girls for soft BDSM/kinky sex scenes.

TS Girls for 1 on 1 scenes and threesomethreesomes with me and another girl, guy or TS

Guys that are open to being fucked in the ass or fucking a ts girl in the ass for threesome scenes with me and a TS girl and Bisexual guys for threesomes with me and a second guy

If you fit this list and would like to shoot with me please get in touch and answer he following questions (all shoots will be certed)

Which kind of shoots are you interested in
Where your located
Are you able to accommodate
Are you able to travel
Do you work for content share or paid

SaskiaSquirts's picture

Hi there!
I'd be interested to work with you.. especially with yourself and a TS.
I can shoot from a hotel on tour in London.
I can travel.
Paid an content both fine.
I'm also certed of course :)

I'm on twitter if you would rather contact me there? Saskia_sX