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About Me

Female Models Wanted for Mobile Phone, Ipad, Tablet and/or Webcam Modelling
This Provides An Interesting Addition and Income Stream to your Modelling and Day job.
Female Model gets full or 80%-90% of earnings - straight to your account

You will learn to use some of the latest and safest methods of making money as a model at any-time that you want!
Do interesting things and shows via your mobile device and have direct access and control of your audience. Collaborating together I will show you how to set-up and get started in making your own money the easy way. You already have all that you need, which are your mobile phone, tablet or ipad (with some data OR a good wifi/internet connection to your device) and a little time to go live whenever you want to and make some easy money as a model.
Resource such as brand-new toys can be supplied for the first few interested models unless you have your own.

Looking for all types of female models to try this out, and based on 'first come first served' basis.
So do get in touch as soon as interested.

For interests and availability simply send me an email to:
or for a quicker response please send me a whatsapp or viber message on : 07392 687 681

***Please Note: I can also be available as a performer for any collaborations via the above or available as an experienced dom for shows and content-share projects etc. Please read some of my previous feedback below, many of which were lost previously due to loosing my previous account.



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Submitted by Masie:
Now I will be honest and say when I first saw this unusal toy and some money deal I was instantly on my guard and expected to either meet an idiot who wante loads and loads for the price of nothing or a difficult scam. Oh how wrong I was. Can I say that this deal was amazing and the shoot equally pleasurable. Hope he doesnt mind me saying but D looks like a childrens tv presenter with a soft similing face and a gentle fun personality all of which led to a fun gossip based shoot where he was always checking I was happy at every level. This is not a normal solo with toys shoot, he has custom built some amazing toys and used along side powerful toys like the magic wand pleasure is always minutes away I ended up leaving late as I just didnt want to stop. The two toys are got are really good (and I got batteries) and if you allow for the fact that each one is worth say £30 I got paid £120 for a two hour solo shoot which is good rates! So in short if you happen to be passing through London way and have two hours to spare id reccomend trying to fit in a shoot with D. x

Great Shoot
Submitted by dani3115
I did a great shoot today with D of clubservices. I would highly recommend him as he is friendly and accomodating. pre shoot comms were fantastic

Hey, Would be Very Interested in Working with You!

Submitted by Loulou
Have sent you an email ... your fuck machine looks amazing.
Loulou x
"Welcome to Paradise"
Love Loulou x

What a great well mannered guy to work with, nothing was too much trouble for him. we had a great shoot together. Can't wait to work with him again.

Think we may have the location for you to use your toys

Alishaa Mae's picture

Hi, I hope that everything is going really well with you. Anyway I'm interested on ur casting but I'm happy to work upto solo adult continental level. N I live in London. So u have a lovely day n look forward to hearing from you .


Please check my port foilio with many references on Purple Port under the name Alishaa Mae.

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