FREE Content Shoots for Performers

I now have access to a nice flat in Gloucester suitable for shooting, local to me.

Lights, mics, camera :-)

Happy to film whatever content you need, performing as needed as well, if you need my look.

I will pay for the flat provided I can get some non porn material.

The rest of the time you can use the flat as you like, including staying overnight either before or after the shoot.

My shoots

It's a YouTube project, so absolutely not porn. Just fun. It's just talking to camera about stuff, laughing, kissing, tickling, and other simple jokey stuff.

Option 1 - Girls, and GG or MF couples

I will offer to pay for the flat if you are an attractive girl aged 18-30, older if in good shape. It's your face and smile that matter most, so plus sized is fine so long as you have good facial skin.

My material will take about 2 hours.

Option 2 - Content Share Days

If you want to have a Content Share Day I'll pay for the flat. All other details to be discussed (who is invited etc).

For my part, I'll get my non porn YouTube clips as and when throughout the day.

If you want to discuss, PM me.