Site FAQs, T&C etc

What is this?

This is where the help notes, T&C etc are kept.

AIR was founded by me, Paul Jones as a place for Adult Models, Photographers, and Producers to connect.

  • I started it because I was working as a male porn performer and producer (several TV series for Red Hot), and it was impossible to use the mainstream sites.
  • It has now become the UK's leading adult model industry resource, so if you like going either side of the camera, you should join. It's free.
  • It is also slowly spreading into Europe and the US, which is nice.
  • If you are interested in joining the industry as a performer or producer, I'm happy to provide good straightforward advice. Use the Contact AIR, and if you include your phone number, I'll call you back.

And yes - I still love performing and producing, so always happy to work with girls wanting their own material as well any more substantial commissions - My Model Page, My Producer Page. My fees range from Nothing (girls own material), to Reasonable, (commercial commissions, and there you get me as performer and producer for the same inclusive rate).

1- How the Site Works

AIR is designed to reward those who are active members, who visit regularly and build a good reputation.

It works because it has decent functions, but, most importantly, is managed hands on and personal by your friendly Admin, me. And I have experience as a performer (professional porn) AND a producer (porn for TV) AND am used to the financial and organisational risks on both sides of the camera.

2 - T&C

Pretty informal but here goes :-

Emails - you agree to accept AIR emails. If you don't like them, ignore them, or cancel your account, or ask us to cancel it for you.
Performance etc Nothing guaranteed but we do our best.
Data Retention We do not retain data if you cancel your account, though the process of deletion is peicemeal according to DB purging by cron. (Exception, we have had your account flagged as one that has, or might be, triggering legal issues).
Data Privacy We do not pass your details to anyone (except the police or in response to court order or legal advice) but see next items.

  • NO ANONYMITY/PRIVACY IN MESSAGES If you send a message to a member, they'll have your email address. If you use Private Message, the content is stored in our DB until purged. Note that once you send a PM there are TWO copies - yours, and the recipients. Deleting your message, or even your account, does not delete the recipients copy.
  • PM Privacy and Admin I read people's PM's when someone complains that the person is sending unprofessional messages, or the issue is brought to my attention for some other reason. For me, reading PM's is a chore and I'd love to never read another one in my life.

NO PHONE NUMBERS from performers. This is for legal reasons and your own safety. Phone numbers in listings will be deleted when we notice them, if in sigs, the sig edited, and if in comments, the comment deleted.
Escort Policy UK law limits what can be said. Escorts can state that they escort, but not make as thing of it. Parties and Gang bangs etc can be advertised if FREE to participate AND it will be filmed. If you simply want girls for your party/gang bang, you can post in Work Offered.
Chaperone Policy - ALL Togs must indicate their position re Chaperones, and if a model complains that you have objected to a chaperone but your listing doesn't state so, it is commentable by the model, or me, if she complains. For new girls - chaperones, where allowed, are not normally allowed in the shooting room itself.
Male Performers I am being very tough on guys as too many are wannabe timewasters. Before you post anything (apart from your Model Listing), make sure that your Model Listing complies with the rules re "proof of ability". If it doesn't and you start posting comments or please to work with people, expect your account to vanish without warning. See
Cookies We do not use these except for enhancing the site and site admin and management. We are not doing anything big brotherish.
Promotion We may use posts to promote the site in social media.
It's a free site - you get what you pay for 'nuf said
Your posts/account can be deleted by admin for any reason or none FWIW accounts are usually deleted because:-

  • You fail to actually create a Listing, or to edit one in accordance with the rules.
  • You fail to verify your listing when asked. (We normally only ask if we suspect that you are not serious, or possibly - models - using pictures that are not you).
  • We notice that you have no listing. (We tend to find that people quitting the business often delete their listing but not their account).
  • Mail starts bouncing. No point in being a member if you can't be reached.
  • The user seems more interested in wasting my time than being a useful member of the site.
  • Complaints and/or negative comments are received that lead me to believe that AIR would be a happier place without you. If you are an idiot bloke who contacts girls asking for content share, or work above levels, or who has a reputation for cancelling shoots without paying, or generally showing that you haven't read their listing, you are likely to be nuked without warning.
  • Lowball offers. Girls, please report anyone wanting interaction or POV and offering a silly rate. If it was discussed in PM, I can access that. If by email, copy me in. If in doubt, tell me let me decide.
  • Photographers - passing off other people's work as your own. If you didn't take the pics, don't use them. I view this as a model safety issue, not just a copyright one. Account termination is likely result.
  • Selling Content - this isn't really the place but if you do, you must confirm that you have model releases.

Job and Opportunity Posts You must only post when it relates to you or your organisation. I do not like posts on behalf of third parties. Just tell them to join AIR and post on their own account. If you wish to post on their behalf you must state that "I know and trust these people and take responsibility for it". And if complaints come in, your account might be toast.
Certs or Condoms It is best practice to shoot with certs or condoms. You cannot post for uncerted bareback.

3 - Main Membership Types

  • Awaiting Approval - Can't do much apart from add their own Listings, so that we can deem them serious and upgrade them. This is to protect existing members from the idiots who seem attracted to the site.
  • Full Member - They have completed a Listing and stayed on topic re posts.
  • Friend of AIR - For serious people - helps Models MAKE MONEY Amateur Photographers show that they are serious, and Professional Photographers avoid time and money wasting No Shows and flakes. Full Details

Roles - apply to some members :-

  • New Male - has a listing, but PROOF OF ABILITY is lacking. New Male accounts need to provide PROOF of ability within a month or they will be terminated. See
  • Content Share Model - This is for models working with models. Photographers don't get access to this area. Can see which other MODELS want to make content, and so contact them. If you are female or TV/TS and have indicated that you wish to make your own content (in your model listing) you will be given this facility. Couples at Admin discretion (I need to know you are active in the biz). Males only if you are a Friend of AIR. (But note, the guys don't contact girls rule still applies).

4 - Twitter and AIR

My handle is @pauljonesAIR

1) You can add your Twitter account name to any of your listings. This will allow people to follow you on Twitter, but does nothing else.
2) You can AUTHENTICATE your Twitter account with AIR. If you do so then :-

  • Your posts, updates and comments you make will be published in YOUR Twitter stream automagically.
  • You can log in to AIR using your Twitter. (So long as you are already logged into Twitter).
  • BUT - other members can't see your Twitter account details. (Unless you decide to put it on your listing as well)

Note - once you have Authenticated your posts and updates won't start showing up until I have confirmed the change in my Admin area. That a bit of daily housekeeping by me, so don't panic for a day a or so.

Twitter Best Practice :-

1) Authenticate your Twitter - go to My Account , Edit and then the Twitter button.
2) Edit your listings to include your Twitter details.

That way you have all the bases covered - you can fully interact with AIR, and potential followers can see your Twitter name.

Twitter FAQS

Q. Why don't my posts and updated appear in my Twitter stream?
A. Either you haven't yet Authenticated your Twitter, or you have, but I haven't yet confirmed it in the Admin area. If it's more than 3 days since you Authenticated, drop me a line.

Q. Why don't my comments notices appear in my Twitter stream?
A. Either you haven't yet Authenticated your Twitter, or you have, but I haven't yet confirmed it in the Admin area. If it's more than 3 days since you Authenticated, drop me a line.

Q. How can I get my AIR pics to post as IMAGES into my Twitter stream?
A. Install the free in your browser, phone etc, and register your Twitter account with them. You will then be able to post pretty much anything you like, including images on web pages, such as AIR.

COMPLAINTS about inappropriate, unprofessional and idiot members

  • Please comment their listing. If they have messed others around, it will soon be clear, and if it was a one off ditto.
  • Adverse comments that seem to have been one offs get deleted after a couple of weeks.
  • You can complain to me privately, and I will note their profile in the admin area but I will not take any action unless I get compliants from other people indicating a pattern of behavior.
  • Anyone running campaigns (e.g. by emailing all and sundry) against other people is likely to be deleted from this site.

IMPORTANT - POLICE INVOLVEMENT likely? If something has happened and you intend to involve the police, contact us as we will seek to make a record of such data as we hold on the member. If you don't do so, and they cancel their membership before we know about it, the ONLY evidence you will have is anything you kept by way of emails etc. See also
Togs complaining about fake models Fake girls simply ignore you. Get over it. If you want to avoid the time spent writing your DM, only contact girls who have a track record. If you want to chase the new girls, then accepting that some are fake is part of life. Time waster girls are normally pretty obvious after a while.

PRIVACY option

Some people asked if they could restrict the visibility of their information to logged in members. Well now you can - simply choose Members Only on the listing and it becomes invisible to non members. HOWEVER the page views for such restricted listings are much lower than public ones.

The Account page however IS visible to non members (because it has to be visible to members who happen to be currently logged out, but want to respond to an email and click to see who sent it). I have installed a Robots txt file with Disallow user and users paths and while Google and other proper search engines should respect that, it's out of my control.

Problems, Issues, Solutions

I'm not getting emails/they are in spam

This is a growing problem. Not just for AIR but for a huge number of sites. System emails get filtered as spam, esp if the recipient is using the various free email services.

TEST by logging in and sending yourself a Private Message.

AIR policy if you bounce/reject emails

Bounces from new members result in deletion.

I log bounces to Newsletters and MailBlasts. If you bounce twice over a few weeks, your account is likely to be deleted as assumed abandoned.

Be aware that Hotmail and Yahoo will both claim that email accounts do not exist when in fact they do. These are crap services.

I'm trying to CANCEL my membership

But not getting the email.

It's being treated as spam by your ISP.

Contact me direct requesting the cancel.

I can't contact members /errors when I try

Are you new? You can't send messages until you have added a Listing, which has been approved by Admin and you have then been upgraded (for free) to Full Membership.

The errors - for new members - are because you haven't been upgraded yet.

Account Gone?

Normally for one of the following reasons :-

  • You failed to create a Listing within a few days of joining.
  • You used a "temporay email service". This isn't allowed as I know that all that will happen is that later they will bounce.
  • Emails have bounced as "box full" or "unavailable" - if 2-3 AIR newsletters bounce, I assume the email is dead.
  • Domain not resolving - if this happens at all, I usually delete the account.
  • User not known - usually an instant deletion
  • Rejected as Spam - usually an instant deletion.
  • You failed to respond to an "are you still around" email from Admin. (usually models not seen for a long time).
  • Your listing featured a girl who didn't look as though she was 18. If you are a girl who is over 18 but just looks young, rejoin but include a photo of you holding a sign saying "AIR, I am 18+".
  • Your listing didn't ring true. For some reason I get people making fake listings using nicked pics and odd tag collections. Sometimes I delete real but carelessly completed ones.

Solution - rejoin, create a Listing, carefully, and ensure your email works. Ideally WHITELIST all email from BOTH and

Requested new password, didn't get it

It seems that these are eaten by spam filters even when other messages get through. Solution is a manual reset - my individual messages seem to get through even if the system ones don't.

  • Use the Contact page and I'll do a manual reset, usually within 24 hours.
  • If you don't hear from me, (because the email I send with your new password gets eaten as spam), contact me again and inc your number and I'll txt you.

Photos - can't upload to my Model or other Listing

  • Usually file size too large and/or you have illegal characters like !"£$%^&*()_+=[]{} etc in the filename. Basically filenames should be letters and numbers only, no matter what your digital camera defaults to.
  • Ideally resize your image to make the largest side 600px OR simply adjust the file size to under 900K. (Large images under 900K will be resized for display automatically, but images over 900K will break the save process).

Photos - how do I add one to my account so it shows on comments etc

  • Go to My Account, Edit and scroll down to the picture part :-)

I have written to a member but without response

The new Private Mesasage system notifies users when they have been sent a message.
But the notifications often get treated as Spam, so the user doesn't see them, not until they visit the site as a logged in user.

A lack of response may indicate rudeness or non seriousness, but too often it is just that they haven't seen your message, so no conclusions can be drawn.

How do I create an Event?

Full Members can create Events by going to Add Content, Event.

Events can be created for any event that needs publicity, such as :-

  • Models on Tour.
  • Studios/Models seeking photographers for group shoots.
  • Models offering Content Share days and needing participants.
  • Industry Events

DO NOT create Events that aren't really events. "Today Special Offer" isn't an event.

Comments, The Rules

  • Comments on Listings help members decide whether or not they should consider working with the member who has been commented on. Comments should ONLY relate to personal experiences with the person.
  • I will view as Comment Spam any comments re "how great you look", "oh my, we have the same dress" etc. If you are lucky I will just delete them. If you annoy me, you'll end up in the Dog House, unable to post comments at all.
  • Comments must have a substantive subject - writing "." won't do. This is because I moderate the site and spotting , and then checking, "." is a pain in the arse. Such comments will be liable for deletion from here on.
  • No hijacking - if, for example, a model is seeking work and you think her fee requirements are too high, tell her privately. Don't hijack the thread. Hijacking comments will be deleted on request of the topic starter.

My Forum Topic has vanished

I clean out the old topics from time to time.

Friend of Air but not in top section of displays?

Contact me. (Hint for me, they need to be "sticky" in publishing options, I need to do this, you can't).