Fake Porfile... Any help?

Hi there,

Does any one know the admin of this website: http://premiereliteescorts.co.uk ?

There is a fake profile of me with the wrongs stats...http://premiereliteescorts.co.uk/Cumslutstella-pornstar,631

Does anyone know who may of set it up?

I've have tried emailing the admin but I think he is a few fries short of a happy meal. If anyone can do some naming and shaming here it would be appreciated

There's going to be pissed off people that if they try to book me through that site obviously I won't be able to do anything, which is why it needs removing


How about getting rid of the profile.
premiereli​teescorts .co.uk (premiereliteescorts@hotmail.com)


Can you send correct details.
Picture of premiereliteescorts .co.uk

Yes I do but why are my details wrong? Like eye colour and height

premiereli​teescorts .co.uk (premiereliteescorts@hotmail.com)

Hi stella I thought you want sign up as pornstar.

Cumslut Stella
Hi, I found on your website a fake profile on my name. I don't know who opened it but here is the link: http://premiereliteescorts.co.uk/Cumslutstella-pornstar,631 Is it possible for you to delete it?

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Call their bluff... Try booking her... see who turns up!

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I don't know how you did it, Stella but tthe site is totally dead now :)
P.S. following you on Twitter now ;)