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Devon breeze


Devon Breeze

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I'm Devon, a full time adult entertainer. I'm based in Edinburgh but travel across Scotland and England on a regular basis (but can travel anywhere within reason).
I'm truly bi sexual so happy to work with females, males and TS in one to ones or group.
I would be happy to participate in anything from solo photos to gangbang/bukkake and everything in between

(including: Anal, Certed Bareback, Double Penetration, Cream Pies, Water Sports, Girl Girl and more)

. There's not much I wont do and there's not much I don't enjoy!
With me you can expect a truly professional model who is not only punctual but incredible hard working and experienced .You will not be disappointed with my wide eyed seductive look and my ability to combine that with a truly slutty performance on both stills and video work.

I have worked for a few sites in the past and I'm now collecting footage for my own site.

I have worked with:
Joanna Jet
Jessica Lo
James Johnson
Calvin Daily
Steven Taylor
Elise Adore
Pascal White
Antonio Black
Andy Ide
Fake Taxi
Fake agent
Ryan Ryder
Turan Hosting
Lacey Starr
Leks Lean
Ricardo C Johnson

You'll find me friendly and professional to work with. I also have a vast wardrobe including fetish wear so if you have specific costume requests please feel to let me know. Should you wish to work with me you can contact me either here on AIR or my Twitter @DevonBreeze.

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admin's picture

I've performed with Devon in a scene. Total professional.

Signature - AIR Admin aka Paul Jones Model, and Producer

Sookieblues's picture

Work /book her if you get the chance she's a great performer, professional and sexy

James Johnson's picture

I have been very lucky to work with Devon on many occasions. Devon is always on time, very professional and well prepared, along side her relaxed, charming and can do attitude she is an absolute dream to work for. I would highly recommend Devon to any production company and like wise to any performers who are looking for a co-star as she will only enhance any production. As I said on the subject line, Devon is certainly a breath of fresh air and is setting a fantastic example to other performers, new and old. Keep up the good work Devon and I will see you soon!

I shot Devon on Wednesday for PascalsSubSluts and she's easily one of the best models we've worked with:

1. Extremely professional -- turned up bang on time, freshly made-up, with a huge choice of wardrobe. Very easy to direct.
2. Very pretty -- obviously her pics tell the story but even after the scene, by which time most of her make-up had come off, she still looked gorgeous. Natural good looks.
3. High sex drive. Which helps a great deal when you're shooting a fuck scene.

And she's really nice as well.

A second shoot is a no-brainer. Big-time recommended.

wow, this was along time coming, sometimes for some reason, we kept missing Devon, either we were busy or she was, and that was the only reason this hadn't happened until now. But on Saturday 10th May 2014 we finally shot with the fabulous Devon Breeze. Part of the fun of shooting any girl for our bulk of our US work is how to bring a model into the story we tell on Once that is worked out and the script is written it then becomes exciting to see how the girl will deliver the lines and her acting, Devon hit the ground running, even though the way we shoot it with our camera angles, we can do it in stages its more natural and no long lines to learn, Devon had an amazing memory. We told her the over all plot and she was bringing that into the acting, remembering it just off a basic over view. She added and improved the script with her great personality and ad lib skills, she is a very good and natural actress for the type of porn we make. She puts her all into the shoot, travels and shows up along with being very well prepared and presented too. She is a really good performer and its totally sexy on camera, as a male performer this makes your job very easy when she can just turn you on for fun, beautiful pretty eyes and she just seems so at home on camera, she gives you a show and I can't wait for our viewers to see this. Would I recommend Devon to work with? Yes I would, would I work with Devon again? Yes I would. She is a lovely person to boot and we need more people coming in like this who are serious and take the work seriously too. Thanks Devon for a great and very productive day. Paul Taylor and Scarlet Grey DUSK FILMS.

Paul Taylor

Devon is every producer's dream. Highly creative, reliable, friendly, open-minded, on-time, looking great, talking-dirty, being very suggestive and very sexy as well as highly photogenic and genuinely highly aroused by being filmed doing all sorts of rude things. Her easy-going yet professional attitude is quite a rare thing to be around. We shot enough for a feature film in one shoot thanks to her.

Leks Lean's picture

It was fantastic working with Devon...such a breeze (couldn't help it) :-) She has such good energy, very easy-going, and is truly 'down for whatever'. We shot some heated scenes, where all was let loose and she took it all with great enjoyment...looking forward to more if you're down in London again Devon; or when I come up to Scotland!

Ricardo_C's picture

I had a great shoot with the lovely Devon, the sexy Lacey Starr and the lean Leks Lean in May! It was a real pleasure to work with Devon and I hope to do so again. Very talented girl :D

John57's picture

I have had the recent pleasure of a half day shoot with Devon. Following very good pre-shoot communications, the shoot was excellent. Devon was a perfect host and lady when clothed, however WHAT a STAR in front of the camera. Can't wait it work with you again.

Expirienced amateur photographer, with a number of Adult shoots both within a Studio and Other enviroments

LaceyStarr's picture

I had the very great pleasure of working with Devon a short while ago when she came to stay at my home studio. We did a gg and a bbgg scene together. She is a lovely lady, very sexy and warm. She is an excellent performer too, totally committed and thoroughly naughty. She is clearly very very good at what she does and her enjoyment is obvious to all present. I would recommend her massively to everyone in the industry, and very much hope we can work together again soon.


Leks Lean's picture

It was great to work with Devon again, I had been looking forward to it for quite a while and I definitely was not disappointed. It was a hot, steamy, dynamic, filthy shoot had along with Pascal White who was great to perform with as he is a top professional stud in this game. The atmosphere was relaxed, full of fun and light-hearted when we were not working, and pure raw filth when the camera came on. A great professional who truly is up for anything...'the more filth the better...' she said in her email before hand and to her word she kept. Great work, great girl, great day had, and looking forward to the next!

Had a fab shoot with Devon recently.
Excellent pre shoot communications and very welcoming.
Well prepared and had all outfits i requested, and more.
A great performer who knows her stuff inside out.
Very professional, easy going, down to earth, chatty and friendly.
A beautiful looking model with the most amazing killer curves!!
Would highly recommend.

I just wanna confirm what my boss Paul has said already. This girl is the business, sexy and horny and she lights up the screen when she's performing. Considering she had not done the level of acting we required when we shot her she knocked it our of the park, she was a natural and I think I was our best scene of 2014 easy. Both in the idea and story, and with hiring the right girl for the part with Devon, it all just worked so perfectly and floor-less. We did write the episode she appeared in as a lets see how it goes as the story was pretty risky on our part as a company but as soon as she left, I looked at Paul and said this has to continue this story after that shoot. He agreed of course, and from where I was standing it was a really hot scene and seeing the finished thing no wonder that the US fans are wanting more, and so are we. Sexy sexy sexy lady xxxxxx

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