Content Share Day, Bodyline studio Nottingham, 18th Nov

Event Date: 
Saturday, November 18, 2017


Hi guys and girls. I would like to know if you are all keen to have a get together at Bodyline, on the 18th November, a fun day, with fun people, models, studs and photographers. So far I have @TSRachelFox @AlishaRydes @BellaScarlettaX @Lexie_Cummings and @claire69Knight. MORE GIRLS WANTED

Studs - two nice black studs (condom only) plus Paul Jones (hopes to be certed, otherwise condoms). MORE STUDS WANTED

Togs are @sam_barford and @sbglamourphotos. Paul Jones will also be able to shoot video and, (if you fancy experimenting) 360 VR. MORE TOGS WANTED


Porn performers - girls and experienced guys, esp CERTED guys. Performers get shared rights in everything they are in. ID's and releases as usual, bring your own releases for people to sign.

NEW MALES wanting to prove your ability this is an opportunity to do so with me (Joolz) PROVIDED you get CERTED. There will be a fee of £120 ( instead of the usual own porn shoot costs of 600-700). Joolz will also be able to use the footage, but this is a good thing - helps your profile :-)

Togs - ideally another 2 good togs. Togs are expected to share everything they shoot, but do get to use it all as well.


£20 deposit payable to Joolz, balance will be due on the day, probably around 30-40 quid depending on numbers. This will simply be equal shares of studio cost for the day.

Staying over

Some people are booking local hotels etc, liaise with Joolz and maybe end up in the same place, should be fun :-)


kim's picture

Great seeing you today Joolz xx, yes I would love to attend your content share shoot on the 18th as it looks like it will be fun. John would be happy to shoot film as you have enough togs already.