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Cindy Sun

About Me


Im a Finnish lady with a great professional attitude. I have been in the industry since 2011 and going to stay in the industry for a long time. I have been working all around the world US, UK, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic etc.

I have had a pleasure to work in UK for a few times and I have met wonderful people in the industry and that is one of the reasons that keeps me coming back to UK for a business and pleasure.

I do paid work for producers and photographers etc.

I also have my own production and Im always looking for professional models (males and females, TS) to do content share etc.

Im available for a different kind of shoots starting from lingerie all the way to anal, bukkake, DP etc.

I work only with certed models. Im ok for protection too, but I still want everyone to have a certs with 21 days window even though shoot would be protected.

References can be provided under request.


Cindy Sun

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I worked with Cindy in October. She is the nicest person I have ever met as well as being gorgeous. Cindy is also very easy to work with and takes direction very well. I would 100% recommend her to any producers and other performers and I hope I am lucky enough to work with her again one day!

shinyvideos's picture

We had the pleasure of shooting Cindy while she was on tour in the UK.
The shoot was arrange quickly and easily. Arrived earlier and was quickly ready to work.
Simply beautiful is the best way to describe Cindys body and look. Just a total beauty who is so professional, you cant help but enjoy the shoot.
Cant wait for the next shoot :)
Highly recommended to all professionals.

Switch's picture

I did a shoot with Cindy last week. She's a great model to work with and she has a gorgeous body. I highly recommend working with her.

I worked with Cindy towards the end of last year on her tour of the UK. She was very professional, ready to work on time, relaxed and knows her stuff. She even came out of her way to do the shoot which is always greatly appreciated especially on a tour. Her communication prior and after the shoot was also brilliant. She is a model who clearly enjoys her job. Highly recommended

Johnny Hardcore's picture

Wow! An honour to work with Cindy and spend a few hours in her Company.
We had great communication before we met and had a few ideas of what we wanted to shoot together.
We learnt a lot about each other and look forward to working with her again in the future!
Totally Recommended!

dirty dan's picture

Lovely to meet cindy,and done a great shoot together with great company, very experienced and knew what she wanted and very easy to get on with would definitely recommend cindy and would love to work with her again in the future
Dirty dan

OMontmorency's picture

Did a shoot with Cindy last month and she is great to work with. Gorgeous looking and a fantastic attitude. Highly recommended.

James Sinn's picture

I had the pleasure of shooting first time with Cindy on Monday and I would like to say that she's a truly AMAZING lady!
She is a very friendly, professional fun model with incredibly sexy body. Great pre-communications prior to the shoot and great fun during the shoot. It was so easy to work with Cindy.
I would highly recommend Cindy to any producers and performers and I hope to work with her soon!

Thank you Cindy!! xx


Johnny Hardcore's picture

Great to work with the Fabulous Cindy again!
So professional and a natural in front of the camera!
One of my favourite Models now to work with!

admin's picture

I highly commend her. She's a perfect package of smile, body and professionalism. Book her :-)

Signature - AIR Admin aka Paul Jones Model, and Producer

James Sinn's picture

I had the pleasure of shooting with Cindy second time at Herts House last week while she was on her tour in the UK. Again, great pre-communications prior to the shoot, lots of fun and great scenes! Cindy is so professional and easy to work with, I would definitely recommend her to any producers and other performers. I hope to work with her again soon! Thank you Cindy!


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