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West midlands and Manchester




Carly Rae

About Me

"Teen" squirter and deep throat specialist.

As seen on BBC3: Jade - Why I choose porn.

Written articles:

My name is Carly Rae a British porn star. I have featured in well over 100 + scenes, working with around 70+ professional companies across the UK and Europe. With hopes to one day tackle the American Market.

Stats -
5"7, 32E chest enhanced, 24" waist, 33" Hips, UK shoe size 7.
Blonde hair
Lots of ear piercings, tongue, nipple and belly button.
Two Tattoos - leg and arm.

Future and Recent productions -
Nylon Extreme - Nylon Tease
Porndoe premium
Digital Playground

I have been featured on sickchirpse, the tab and have been part of many documentaries, working with students at Birmingham, Salford, Manchester Met, Manchester university and Nottingham universities.

As well as being featured in closer magazine (13-19 December 2014) - I used to be addicted to watching porn, now I'm addicted to making it. And the Weekend Sport (12th December 2014).

I love my job and am very easy going. If you think that I might be suitable for a shoot of any sort, don't hesitate to ask. I'm sure i'd love to do it. I give a hundred percent in every shoot and always make it interesting.
And twitter account, for lots more images from my personal life and shoots:

If you would like to see examples of my work or pictures just ask away and ill be happy to send you the required information.

I have four of my own videos on xhamster at current, and there are more available if you search Carly Rae/Carly Rae Summers. - Episode 25

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ZaneNails's picture

Worked with carly on three different shoots.. Great performer and loves being infront of the camera.. She works hard and looks great on and off camera.. Highly reccommended..xx

Morph's picture

I had the pleasure of shooting with Carly today and she is a great model to work with. Nice & natural and a great performer. I can definitely recommend her.


alexeijack's picture

i recently shot with Carly on a b/g scene. she was good company, very professional, energetic, interesting and sexy. i'd recommend her to togs and producters a like. it was a pleasure to shoot with her and look forward to working together again soon as the whole shoot went smoothly and was easy peasy work :-)
thanks. Alexei

Alexei Jackson

Worked with Carly on Saturday 21st September. First of all when shooting someone new, you never know how it is going to turn out, especially the way the industry is at the moment. It seems even when you pay good money models still let you down. I was down on my luck, I took a chance with a new girl and she let me down. I found a replacement and she let me down too. Carly had recently contacted me about shooting for us and our main project for US site NERDPERVERT.COM and because of that I decided to ask her if she was free on that date. She said she was, yet she was busy with something important on that day, and asked if we could make it a evening shoot. Her communication arranging the shoot was top notch and to top it off she travelled from Manchester to Durham for an evening 3 hour shoot and went hope later than normal. She is a very nice girl to chat too which always makes it easier when you are working together. She is very good at playing the shy innocent girl. She takes direction very well and remembers what you ask of her when directing her and also adds her own spin on the acting. This is especially important with our NERDPERVERT shoots as they require more acting than the average porn shoot. We also shoot something we call TALKING HEADS which is where in a reality show the characters talk at the camera, if they are describing something or if they are being interviewed. We have decided to add this in for the models we shoot as well as the character I and my camera lady Scarlet play, and she was the first model we have shot to do this in this format. This is no easy feet when you give someone an outline of what to say and they have to talk at the camera, and Carly did this amazingly well. She is a very attractive young lady and is a great performer, she gets into the scene and gives it her all and pulls off a very sexual performance. I have only looked back at the rough footage at the moment so it hasn't even reached the editing phase yet and I am already impressed. We have been reshooting a lot of girls we work well with over the last few months, who as a company we really get on well with, and Carly has just been added to that list with pleasure. I would recommend her as one of the very few who not only turns up and you can rely on but who also goes the extra mile. I would work with Carly again in a heart beat and we have already left it open for her to return on the show....and we here at Dusk Films, very much look forward to it. Thanks Carly for a great shoot.

Paul Taylor

Lovely young lady and well spoken and very polite . Works well and is chatty and just a dream to work with .

Crank The Handle's picture

We had the great pleasure of Carly-Rae appearing at our party/shoot on Friday night.

She was highly professional, conscientious and worked very hard all night. She is a true star in the making, so I would recommend you book her now so you can say you worked with her when she is huge. We certainly will be booking her again in the very near future.




Phone: 020 7183 2224

alexeijack's picture

i worked with Carly for the second time last week and it was more of the same... she delivers a top performance and is a pleasure to be round. on screen she is stylish and natural and off screen she is lovely company. a top model. highly recommended. thanks, Alexei x

Alexei Jackson

I worked with CR just recently. She was very very hot, actually better than her pictures, sucked and shagged the equivalent of an entire rugby team or so it seemed and just kept on going into the night. This is the difference between somebody who just appears in movies and a real porn star. Will be working with her again this week I'm pleased to say.

Shot Carly last week in Manchester for PascalsSubSluts and she was brilliant. Really pretty, organised, easy to work, and she loves her sex. Highly recommended. Thanks, Carly.

I shot Carly last year in one of her first few photoshoots. We got some GREAT content and was very easy to get along with and the whole day she was a joy to work with.

We shot a load of different high quality professional studio sets, and she definitely lives upto expectations of her being a deepthroat specialist.

highly recommended!!

Naughty UK Girls's picture

Had a fantastic shoot with Carly yesterday, she is a great performer. Carly is easy to get along with and makes the shoot very enjoyable.
I highly recommend her and would love to work with her again x

Shot the lovely Carly again for the second time on 12/4/14. We originally shot Carly when she was quiet new and we were impressed with her the first time round, considering our stuff is quiet different to most with the story lines being very important. She played the shy girl for the part we wrote her as her introduction really well indeed. When she returned, time and more experience has only improved this young lady as a model. She is as cute and as pretty as ever, I love her alternative look, I always have. It was so easy to write her back into the show and to be honest if we are impressed the first time we shoot a girl, the plan is to bring them back anyway, and Carly was one of them. She was more prepared for our different way of working this time and we jumped straight into it. She came as prepared as ever, turned up on time, had the selected outfits we asked her to bring and was ready to give it her all which she most certainly did. This time we managed to shoot a boy-girl scene with her and wow, she really goes for it and gives it her all, she has a very unique way of performing, natural, sexy and engaging to watch, and I have only briefly looked over the footage, I haven't even began to edit it yet. We were also asked to get her back by the owners of NERDPERVERT.COM too as she had had an impressive about of downloads, this always means we get asked for a girl who their members love to watch return in another story. We were just pleased it worked out that way as we wanted to shoot her again and because she was liked and watched so much, we were over the moon to have her back. For a young model she takes her work very seriously and this shows heavily in the work she does as well as her very high work ethics. We here at Dusk Films shall be seeing Carly again. We would highly recommend her for anyone after a model who takes pride in her work. Thank you Carly your a darling.

Paul Taylor

smoothproductions's picture

Carly is tremendously fantastic model. Great prior communications and perfect whilst working on scene. Highly recommend.

Tom (Smooth Productions)
Mobile: 07543 062296

I had a great shoot with Carly.

Before the shoot, her comms, organisation and flexibility were brilliant, really helpful and very professional.

During the shoot, Carly had great ideas, poised brilliant and delivered a superb performance..

I would highly recommend others to work with her.

I loved working with Carly Rae this week, beyond expectation, everything you want from a quality pornstar. Plus it was a bundle of laughs from the moment I picked her up, hope to have her back soon!

Jimmblack2's picture

Had a great content share shoot with Carly. She was reliable and proffessional. Not only did she look good on camera but was a nice, outgoing and laid back person which made the shoot a joy. She seemed to genuinely enjoy her work which really showed on the content we produced together. Would love to work with her again in the future.

Ricky Stone's picture

Professional, easy-going, amazing, friendly, sexy beast :)
Very easy to work with.
As good as it gets.

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