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Blush Media

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About Me
Professional photography of over 30 years,with a degree in Photography from The university of Manchester. I am always looking for "that" shot. I Have been working in main stream media shooting Promo work for Large companies and local firms. I have been running a successful wedding and event photography business based in The Lake District. I have several large commercial clients who I undertake work for like magazine covers, product photos, marketing images, architecture and events. I am now looking for a new challenge.
In my personal time I have dabbled in certain types of erotic photography.
I now am looking to take my experience and work in the adult industry, we have just opened Blush Media which is a marketing company.
On the adult side of my work, I have no set type of person I like to shoot but having the right attitude is essential. I do like a person to be full of fun and professionalism this is more important than looks.

Future plans include a Female Solo shoot somewhere in the north west. more details to follow.
If you feel you could benefit from us working together please get in touch. I am at present working on my own website
If you have any questions please hesitate to get InTouch..

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