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Mountain Ash


Bethany Rose

About Me

Hi everyone, so want to know a bit bout me do you? I'm a petite 4ft8 of total naughtiness. I currently work as a Webcam Model on a variety of sites although my main online workplace is Adultwork, where i co-run Independent Models with my husband.

Stuff i get asked all the time!

Why did you choose to become a webcam model?

After doing 50 hour weeks at KFC for rubbish money and being treated like crap, I decided for a change. I found i can make over 4 times what i got at KFC for a fraction of the time.

Do you enjoy working in the adult industry?

Hell Yes, best job ever with many tea breaks! and no fuss.

What do you like doing on cam?

The answer is simply cumming!

Photographers: Please Read...

I have been receiving a mass of emails from you eager photographers inquiring if i am available to do shoots. The simplest answer is "Yes", however due to my work there are rules that apply!
For more information, enquiries, availability and prices please visit my main modeling site By clicking the purple "P" below.
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Thanks for visiting me and hope to chat soon xxx
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adamnic123's picture

Hi Bethany,

I hope you are well.

I am looking for models to help me build my portfolio of Model solo shots and a few POV oral shots to.

Let me know if you are interested and how much you charge.

Hope to speak soon.

Adam x


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