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East ham


Alishaa Mae

About Me

Thank you for visiting my portfolio. I genuinely love being infront of the camera and im so happy to being able to do this. This is something I have always wanted to do. I am completely dedicated to my work and I work extremely hard and I will always push myself to be the very best I can .I do like to have a laugh though and I'm honestly very down to earth and easy going person . Please read my references and they should all tell you how much I love this. I am a very confident and a real genuine person. Im always on time. And I hate being late. I very much enjoy every moment of this job. I dont drive, I use public transport to go everywhere as I find it easier, so I do ask for some contribution to my travelling expenses.

I have no tattos or piercing except the usual ear piercing. I have a very clear tan skin. No marks except have some birth marks on my bottom and which is very light (hardly noticeable).

I cant accommodate and cant work from home but happy to travel to u or more than happy to do location shoot.

Make-Up and Styling: I can do my own make-up and hair to a high standard but always happy to work with Muas when required. I use high quality products and I will always arrive to the shoot with my make up and hair ready to shoot . I also have a very large variety of beautiful outfits which I'm willing to bring to our shoot.

Levels : I don't do BG, GG, POV or any kind of oral. I only do solo adult upto Continental. So please would really appreciate if u dont approach me anything beyond my level.

Travel costs: Please note that Ill always ask for contribution towards my travel expenses unless if u live 5 miles within E6 area.

PS: u can also find me on, madcowmodels, model mayhem as well.

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I filmed Alishaa on Friday 17th of June, and a delight to film, although a little nervous at first she got into it very quickly.


Keyholevideo.TV website

cheverny00's picture

Did a shoot a few months ago with Alishaa
On time and a very petite model, perfectly formed
Great to work with

LeighWTS's picture

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Alishaa last week. Pre shoot comms were excellent and she arrived promptly with an abundance of fantastic outfits.

Alishaa is one of the most professional, courteous, polite and hard working models I have ever worked with. She looked amazing even towards the end of a long, full 8 hour shoot day. No messing around with phone etc when off set - simply straight in to next outfit and back in front of the camera. Alishaa has an AMAZING body, all natural and of course there's that beautiful hair Smile

I was so impressed, I am adding Alishaa to my studio model register. I have no hesitation in putting her forward her to represent my studio.

An incredible lady, great worker, very highly recommended.

hands_e's picture

Had a great shoot with Alishaa a few weeks ago - absolutely stunning model with an incredible body - will work with her again!

kflixxx's picture

Had a great shoot with Alishaa few months ago. She was very professional and hard working, happy to try different things and confident.

Hope to work with her again soon. Recommended

What a great shoot with Alisha. She is really great.
Highly recommended

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