Advice on studio sets...


Im setting up my own studio in the east midlands.
Hopefully with in a month or 2 max.
I should be looking at 3000square ft unit, So i want to set up as many sets as possible.
Id like to share with you some of my ideas and to get your views on it, As a photographer who would hire out a studio what would you be looking for?

I want to make the majority of my sets 8x9ft or larger in a full box or corner piece.

Some of the ideas i had were...
Bar, sci-fi chrome set, Japanese matsu house, bedroom, thrones, barbie room, comic book room, a wall covered in glamour style images (i.e playboy magazines)

I was also thinking of purchasing a xstage for pole dancing
as these are expensive im curious to know if having a pole area would be something producers and photographers would be more inclined to use.
(not yourself obviously haha)

Im looking at having 10 sets and there is an outdoor industrial section whats private on the weekends.

Would like to know your oppinions on what studios can do to improve or be awesome!!!


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I've seen a lot of studios come and go.

I'm not convinced that there is a viable business in running a studio.

Studios are viable when you need it for your own content (which you shoot in volume), and thus any rental is defraying a cost. They are viable when they have additional uses - e.g. parties (sex, swinger or fetish), makeover sessions, theatre/cabaret/art space, but you'll need to check out the fire regs and council if you want to play that game. Good news, if it doesn't have any residential neighbours and you don't want a bar licence then it can be very easy to run adhoc events up to several times a month in any space that the fire officer deems safe.

But the "client togs hire it" model, doesn't seem to be viable.

Good luck.

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Studios work if they are kept flexible and adaptable. If they;ve got fixed sets, every photographer will soon be having the same backgrounds in the shots, soon this becomes stale.
commercial studios are normally bare, so a photographer or art director can build, strip down, create what they like.
I remember a studio( not goona metion them by name, as mayembarass them) had fixed sets. A photographer tried to shoot there for 10 days, and only did 1 day, as the place was too restrictive. no where to clamp lights or rig kinoflo's, couldn't paint the floor, could build a set at the back, couldn't stand in acertain place incase the blinds got damaged etc.
Keep it simple, nice scoop or cove, other areas simple so can be built upon, changed.
Every shoot has a differernt look a diffrent feel.
though, if you can attract enough hobbyist or amateur photographers, then fixed sets may work.
if you need a hand with anything let me know.

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I'm sure the base of this studio is for shooting content for her own site, less risky than a fresh new studio

As to whats required well go with sets that can be changed after a month or two, walls that can be painted make life so easy. With bedroom / barbie set look at having a couple of different bed covers and posters. A large shower area or wet room would be something i'd require, it serves a multi purpose. The outdoor area is a bonus, as if the weather is nice, people would shoot outside but have the back up of the studio.

Medical/Dentist room, jail cell, college room, locker room, gunge tank, all ideas which you see shot. Some studios allow their dungeon areas to be used by Female Doms.

Poles are excellent but you need height and a lot of background ( a model half way up a pole posing horizontal will need the background)

Once you get the comic set up, let us know as would love to shoot the black milk with you in there :)

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Ahhhh i did forget to mention.... if i have to shoot 1 more scene from my own house again ill rip my pubes out! I shoot 6 solos and 4 harcore scenes MINIMUM a week ... every week... you have no idea how fast a large house can become so easily messy especially when you have OCD issues.
Sooo the studio is for my main benifit, But i also want to hire it out as well a bit more of a hobby. Id like photographers to appreciate the studio iv hand built, also i get bored easy so its a fun challenge for me! (I can make all the wood work and framing myself! tom boy skills!)
Im lucky enough to have auction friends so keeping cost down is easy with fancy furniture as i get pick of the crop before the general auction! mwahaha

I think its a very risky thing as i know a northern studio what charges £200+ for the day and a london studio what charge £400 for the day and they are both fab!!!! but always fully booked!

I just want a good set of fixed set ideas.... I will also change 3 sets every 4-6 months i think .... here are my ideas ....
Japanese tea house room (mainly my benifit as i love the traditional japanese house)
White glam bed room set
pink barbie girl room with pink throne
comic wall / glamour wall / glitter wall /
chrome sci fi set (something star trekkie!)
Contemporary lounge
steampunk vintage office
red staircase
modern bar
black room
Anime room (just a geek paradise)
theres 2 others but im still deciding on them

So there the ideas....
Mainly they benifit my website but i wanted to know what your opinions are!

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