Advice 4 New Studs

You're a guy, you want to try being a porn stud, I understand that, I can confirm that it's great fun :-)

That said, unless you can jump when called, forget it. Most studs are self employed people who have their own other business which diary they control. You're low on the list - the shoot date is fixed before they call and all you can say is Yes, or No. But when you're new, saying No sends you to the bottom of the pile.

Most guys DO NOT make a living as a stud. It is, at best, fun part time money. Maybe half a dozen blokes a year make a living at it.

Two issues to deal with – Biology and Business


Most guys dicks are camera shy. If the idea of being filmed while fucking on camera so that total strangers can get off watching you fuck is a fantasy of yours, (an actual one, that you wank to), then you might be able to perform on camera.

However if your interest is simply in having sex with the girls and you sort of think you'll be able to ignore the camera, you'll fail, no matter how great you are with girls in private.

Previous successful experience making home videos with girlfriends or doing webcam shows DOES NOT predict your ability under shoot conditions. (Though if you tried home movie and webcam and failed, stop now, cameras are not for you.)

The Biology is why new guys find it very hard to get invited to do a scene. No producer wants to take the risk – they still have to pay the girl(s), crew and location etc.


Porn is a business. You want to do it, you need to be serious, and prove it.

THE BEST WAY to get into the business as a stud is to have a porn girl as a friend IRL. This being a girl you meet through normal real life, who you get to know personally, or a friend who then gets into porn, not by begging porn girls on social media to help you get into porn. (They won't, they are busy with their own life and career).

OR you know a girl, probably a friend of yours who is NOT in the business but decides she wants to do porn, and, for some reason, trusts you enough to let you help her. The industry wants her, but by being a “couple” you'll get a chance to stud and once you prove yourself, you're in. Everyone says it's hard to find such a girl. It is, it always has been, indeed it used to be a lot harder – these days porn is semi respectable.

A distant third place – arrange a certed shoot with a professional porn girl, to be shot under porn conditions, and where you get to own all the footage and her model release. At least this will allow you to prove that you can perform, and to at least start marketing yourself. If you are serious, I can sort this. Be aware that I will charge as a cameraman 150 plus travel, and the girl will want around 350 (400-450 for a "name" girl), plus you need to hire a location, so you do really have to want it.

But reality check – producers always use their regular guys, so you only get a break if you contact them when they have been let down, OR the porn girl you worked with gets asked to suggest a good new guy. 99% chance you'll get no work, but will have had fun.

Second reality check - the older/fatter guys in this game usually got involved as younger/thinner ones. If you are an older/fatter guy trying to get into it, your chances are about as good as mine are of beating a thirsty Usain Bolt to the bar.

Social Media notes Keep your adult stuff off facebook. Twitter - follow lots of porn peeps but don't contact them until you have all your ducks in a row - EITHER a good portfolio of pics and some experience OR the budget to pay for that first shoot. On Twitter ( the most adult friendly), your twitter header and bio pics MUST SHOW YOUR FACE. No face suggests SHY, and SHY doesn't work if you want to be a stud.


If you join AIR you will be listed as a New Male until you provide photographic proof of ability – you cock, erect, in a porn girls mouth or pussy, your face and hers visible, clearly NOT a selfie. Exceptions will be where you a specifically fetish type model, and your pics show this OR you can't provide proof content but DO get an established producer/model to email / Twitter me confirming that you can perform. DO NOT ASK ME to contact them, it's up to you to get them to contact me.

I clean out New Males from time to time.


Paul, AIR Admin