abbywinters offering paid work Portsmouth/Barcelona/Amsterdam/America/Australia

Nude work for female models and real life couples.

Seeking 18-25 year old (or look this age), amateur, happy and wholesome women. No experience preferred.

You control what happens on the shoot. Shot by our professional and creative crew who ensure you look fantastic. We have men and women on each shoot team. No sleaze. Safe and supportive work environment.

Levels from nude only solos (naked with legs together) right through to real life couples having sex on camera.

Payment is £170 - £650 per day

We are a natural company so minimal (ideally no) tattoos and no plastic surgery.

If interested in learning more please fill out our online application form and we will get back to you right away -

Thanks Masie xxxx

(Not the kind of model we are seeking but think you can hook us up? We pay 100 Euro thank you the first time we work with any new model you send our way).

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If you ever look for 40 years old model, feel free to contact me. I feel I can match your expectations.