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Paul Taylor - DUSK FILMS

About Me

DUSK FILMS is a Adult video production and content provider based in the North East of England, providing content to adult websites on the internet.
Established in November 2002, we pride ourselves on our creative solutions, our commitment to our active projects and producing our best work possible. We combine fun with a professional and laid back shoot with the good relationships we have built with models on set and colleagues in the Adult Industry.



We are always seeking NEW models 18 years and over for Adult Video & Stills work. If you wish to venture into this level of adult modelling? The main thing we look for really are girls with very broad minds, 2 forms ID and up to date HIV & STD certs.



We also specialise in new and novice models who at the time of shooting are brand new, fresh and have never modelled before.

If you are new and seeking advice, please get in touch too, there are a lot of chancers and fakers who mislead new girls who know no better, we like to make sure you get the right advice right off the bat when starting out. No fee’s or model agent role being offered here, just free advice about an industry you are new to.
We have 11 years experience shooting new first time girls, showing you the ropes, and teaching you how a porn set works and then filming the content instructing you along the way, by the end of the day, you have shot your first ever porn scene in a laid back, professional and patient atmosphere, and know just that little bit more about the Adult Industry and how it works.
We believe in taking things slow and explaining things so you aren't just thrown in at the deep end, like with some companies, we expect results there and then. When you shoot with us, you get to shoot with a professional company who have great people skills, and treat you like….. well a person. We even offer over night stay in our guest room, if you are are travelling long distances. We shoot regular content for big US company Lotzadollars and we can get you great exposure appearing in our reality show content, basically your first shoot with us if your new can be speeded up by appearing on a big US network straight away. We feel above other we can offer this to new girls really wanting to hit the ground running in the business.

PLEASE NOTE : In the world of twitter, where any girl can flash and put herself on the internet, this leads to time wasters and girls who just want attention and not really ever going to do a shoot. If you are serious, prove it. If any new girl wanting to get into porn isn’t prepared have a Skype chat or phone call conversation, then we will only take e-mails and PMs so far. If you are going to be taking your clothes off on camera, then talking to someone in a call to prove your serious is nothing in comparison.



On a shoot you can expect me (producer, Director and performer) and my camera lady Scarlet Grey on set with you and thats it, nice a laid back and no large camera crew.



We shoot for a US website NERDPERVERT.COM, a nerd reality show like no other. We shoot commissioned content for that site for US company Lotza Dollars. It’s a character driven story that mirrors mainstream reality shows on TV mixed with hardcore content, so more scope to have fun at the shoot as a whole with a bit of acting as well as the standard hardcore requirements. Shooting with us for that site will be great exposure state side for any new up and coming models as well as published models who want to be seen in the US. Basically its a fast track to be new and have your first shoot for a top US site.



Of course we do allow chaperones to travel with you to us. We believe a model should feel safe and at ease at all times and they are always welcome to come in and meet us and have a cuppa etc... but once the shoot is about to begin, they must leave us to get on with the shoot. We do not allow free shows and people to hang out on set, not only is this very distracting but in rare cases that is why some one comes along to watch a free porn shoot. Keep your phone on and they can come back and pick you up once the work has been completed. (This is common practice with most companies).



We still work with experienced/published models too, so don't limit ourselves to just new girls. We are interesting in shooting a variety of people if you are right for what we shoot,acting skills are a must though, as I say we don’t just shoot porn, we tell real and convincing stories on our reality show.



We pay from £250-£450 depending on if you are already a known model or an unknown and the type of shoot and levels involved. If you are brand new you will not be paid what a published girl with experience will get paid, our stuff relies on acting and we don’t know what we are getting if you are brand new. If the acting is bad and wooden, the whole scene falls flat on its face even before the sex happens. However you are still paid and you gain priceless experience and a reference from us, that in its self it worth it when you are just starting out.


PLEASE NOTE : We are not after any males, if we are we will advertise as sometimes we do, but more often than not we have no need, considering most shooting ideas and scripts revolve around the character I play in our reality show. If you are a male and contact us Via this site asking for work when we aren't looking we will not reply at all as this says to us you have not read our profile and just seen PORN COMPANY and messaged us without reading.



We are also available to shoot content for other websites should you need any content, so please get in touch if you are interested. Take a look at our production site DUSKFILMS.COM to see the services we provide. Lots of people offering content share, well why not do one with a professional company, with script and editing services too, it will look professional when finished and you get your scenes all done for you and out to you 2 weeks at the latest after it was shot.
If you are starting your own site or have a profile somewhere where you sell content and are short on it we maybe able to help. We are happy to spend a day shooting with you, and shooting some material for our site and some for yours too. You are in charge of your end, so you tell us what to do and what you need. We are quite creative so if you want input or help from us, we are happy to help on ideas.

WHAT YOU GET : you will get a camera lady, an editor and a stud with me being a performer if you want some boy-girl content for your site. After 2 weeks at the most (usually a week) you will have the video how you want it, either edited or unedited if you wish to have this done by someone else? We can give you it in any format DVD, AVI, MPEG2 WMV ( for the web), the choice is yours. We supply it in clip format and full scene format for the various clip sites you may want to sell it on. We even provide it in full HD as standard should you want to release a DVD or VOD release.

All this for just some of your free time - so get in touch if you are interested or for more details.

PLEASE NOTE I am only interested in content share if we shoot a scene for for us and then a scene for you, so we both come away with a video exclusive to our own outlets and not the same videos. I am not interested in having the same video appear on two separate sites as I like all of our content to be exclusive to us, thats why we shoot one each, or more depending on how much free time you can spare.



I now run my own podcast site, where I interview models, producers, togs anyone in the industry. Always looking for other people to do a show with us so, if you fancy talking about yourself and the work you do then please get in touch. The interviews are done using Skype and recorded at my end. It's also a good free way to advertise yourself and the work you do whether you are a producer or a model. Good to listen to if you are new to the industry and are seeking advice too, a few episodes on that. Visit the site or subscribe to us on Itunes.
Contact me on if you wish to take part. You can also contact me on this e-mail if there is a question you want me to read out to someone I am interviewing, check the main page to see who is coming up.
NOW RENTING OUT AD SPACE : We now get over 65,000 people visiting the site so get your site seen by a large audience, for £15 a month we will display your Ad for a whole month. Also available to models who want to advertise for work.


If you want to be considered to appear on the site then please contact us on by e-mail directly. We have added our email publicly on here, as if you e-mail us direct, instead of private message on here, we are more than likely to get back to you faster, as we have access to our e-mails in a variety of different ways, such as traditional email, right through to iPhone and iPad mail, its just faster, than having to log into a third party site.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Paul Taylor

32 year old Cameraman/video editor/certified male performer



msn messager :
Skype : Mr.rascal29

Twitter : @DuskFilms @ImANerdPervert @UKPodcast_Team

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My first boy/girl shoot

Submitted by Sindy Strutt on Fri, 2011-08-12 19:40.
Paul and Scarlett couldn't have made me feel more comfortable, we had such a laugh and got some really good footage.
So glad to be working with him in the future and i couldn't recommend him enough! Lovely bloke and total professional :)


Could not have gone better

Submitted by Masie on Mon, 2011-07-25 17:32.
It may have taken Mr Taylor four years to remember to book me but it was definatly worth the wait. Paul and Scarlet are two of the nicest and most chilled out people I have ever worked with, it was more like a strange naked afternoon with friends than a shoot. New girls you could not pick a better first experience into porn as shoots are rarley this much fun. Im not to good with words so shall shamlessly plug my blog where you can see a video recoridng of how this lovely pair opperate on set. -

Thanks again guys, me and the certificate promise to keep in touch from Amsterdam xx

Ps - can I get in line after Kerry Louise


Great guy...1 of the best!!!

Submitted by nicoletta on Tue, 2011-06-14 13:51.
i did a video shoot for paul and he is 1 of the most professional,funny,caring guy i worked with...he come and pick me up at the station make sure i got a lift without problems and a great shoot!!! 100% professional....cant wait to meet up again paul xx nicoletta



Submitted by kerrylouise on Mon, 2011-06-06 15:21.
I worked for Paul on Saturday 4th June 2011

I had an amazing fun day and it felt nothing like work at all. I rarely shoot outside the US but was so glad I shot with Paul. He was both an utter professional and a fun Geek at the same time hahah....

The shoot was planned ahead and everything set out exactly as stated in the booking email. Paul and his crew also kindly collected me from the station. Id like to think all new girls would work with Paul and see how much of a pleasure a shoot can be..

... and I would defo come out of retirement for Scarlet ;)

Thanks Guys xxx


Hi paul, thank you for the

Submitted by melmelxx on Mon, 2011-04-04 17:06.
hi paul, thank you for the possitive feedback! just thought id let you know i really enjoyed our shoot on saturday. it was a lot of fun and im glad i did it. i felt very relaxed and comfortable with you and scarlet. as it was my first shoot of this kind i didnt really know what to expect or think i would enjoy myself as much as i did!

im defo looking forward to doing more shoots like this one. thanks for having me, i had a realy good time! cheers, melxx

I am so glad I met Paul Taylor

Submitted by lara_00 on Fri, 09/17/2010 - 21:10.

Wow paul, what can i say.
You have been my inspiration through my transition into this career. I couldn't be more grateful for all the advice and tips you have passed onto me on everything, from personal safety to producers and models. And an in-depth introduction to the industry of which i have plunged myself head first, but enjoying it immensely.

Paul Taylor is a great guy to work with. On my first pro shoot with him, i was understandably a little nervous but that went as soon as i met him. He is a lovely guy and really professional yet laid back in his methods. It makes shooting so much more relaxed and pleasant for both parties. He has such respect for the models as people not just workers and it really does show through in everything he does.

It was a great day and i am thrilled to say i can look back at my first shoot without any bad memories as there were none. It couldn't have gone any better. I will, without a doubt be working with him again and looking forward to it. The concepts and quality of his videos are unreal and i feel really proud to say it was Paul that produced my first professional video.

Thank you again Paul, you really are a shining star!

Paul Taylor

Jessica Jensen's picture

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to Durham to do a shoot for Paul's site which took me over 5 hours to get there and 5 hours to get back which amounts to 10 hours altogether, which is the longest I have ever travelled for a shoot! It was definitely worth it though as Paul & Scarlett came to meet me at the station and took me to the hotel we were shooting in as I have never been to Durham before, and we had an amazing shoot which was really laid back and professional :)

I am really glad I did my first boy/girl shoot for Paul's site as there are so many dodgy so called "producers" out there that try to rip models off, but my first video will be on a professional website with a good reputation so I am so pleased. The shoot itself was really enjoyable as I knew it would be as we had been planning it for 6 months and I felt really comfortable throughout as I was able to choose what outfits I wanted to wear in each scene etc. Paul & Scarlett are the most friendly, laid back people I have ever shot with and kept the shoot fun while also totally professional at the same time! We had a really good laugh at the shoot and will continue to stay in touch as friends :)

Scarlett also took some really great photos of me during the shoot, I have to say from what I have seen of them so far they are better than some of the more "professional" shots I have had taken, so looking forward to seeing the rest, I will probably post a couple on my profile here. I thouroughly enjoyed my first boy/girl shoot and would definitely do another one for the site if I get the chance.... Thank you Paul and Scarlett for an amazing shoot and very enjoyable day!!

Jessica Jensen x

Jessica Jensen

tanyacox's picture

I had a fantactic shoot with Paul & Scarlette,
They are very professional, with a great laid back attitute,
good fun to work with and are really nice people too.
They make a great team and have fantastic banter on set .
highly recccommended.

Signature - Funsize Adult model/performer working to solo, g/g, b/g & femdom levels My Model Listing

Had a great shoot with Paul and Scarlet last week. Had a great time and one of the best shoots I've had in a long time. Great comms prior to the shoot and very organised on the day.

Couldn't fault! And really hope to work with again soon!

Thanks guys!

Had the pleasure of travelling up to durham, to shoot with paul, and it was a blast,
I arrived in Durham first stop costa coffee, i was amazed the cashier sounded just like cheryl cole, that put me in a good mood straight away, (God i love that accent)'
Paul met me at the station and we made our way to the apartment , i met scarlett the camera girl, and she's lovely, the shoot was relaxed, and alot fun,
Weeks before the shoot paul had kept me informed of every last detail of the shoot that was going to take place so i new everything , and was able to prepare myself, all in allit was a great day,
Kiki minaj xxx

Another great shoot for last month. And back again next week so I'm sure more good things to say.

Very laid back to shoot for. A pleasure.

Looking forward to shooting with you again!



Another great shoot with Paul and Scarlet a couple of weeks back. Really enjoyed getting into the acting side of things a lot more. Good fun. Relaxed shoot as always.



CarlyRae's picture

I worked with Dusk flms for the first time last week. It was a very laidback easy going shoot and it was a pleasure to work with them.

tanyacox's picture

I had another awesome shoot with Paul & scarlette on thurs,
They are so much fun to work with, really nice people and very professional.

I Loved working with them and hanging out (as i got to stay over, with it been a late finish).

They have some great ideas and i hope to work with them again soon.

I highly reccommend them and with their professional but laid back attitudes i think they are a great company for new girls to do their very 1st shoots with.

keep up the good work guys.


Signature - Funsize Adult model/performer working to solo, g/g, b/g & femdom levels My Model Listing

ZaraDuRose's picture

I shot with Paul Taylor/Dusk Films on 18/12/13. It was a shoot we had spoken about for a long time, but due to the distance between us, it was quite hard to organise! So when I did my first 'tour' of Manchester, we managed to fit it in!
It was such fun being part of a huge back story on this, Paul had put a lot of effort into thinking about it all and how to mix all the scenes together. I really can't wait to see how it all turns out!
The day itself was so relaxed and fun too, both Scarlett and Paul are great company! :-)
Pre communication was absolutely fab, they are super organised and send all the information needed, this makes SUCH a nice change! I only wish more people could be that organised! ;-)
So, I'm really looking forward to going back in the new year and finishing (what will be) a great and exciting episode from Nerd Pervert!
Thanks again!

Zara DuRose -x-

I did my first shoot with Paul - Dusk Films on 22/02/2014 and I can guarantee we had an amazing time!
Communication prior the shoot was excellent, he sent me all the info I needed in order to get ready and know what to expect. He is such a nice guy, couldn’t have asked anymore of him.
The atmosphere was very relaxed and spontaneous throughout the shoot and Paul is a really patient person, so I really recommend working with him especially if you are fairly new to this industry. I believe he is a very well organised & talented editor as well and I love his website storyline.
Of course I also want to thank Scarlett for filming and taking the stills. She’s such a lovely lady.
We discussed the possibility of working together again in the future so looking forward to seeing you again.

devon breeze's picture

After chatting with Paul for a while we finally managed to set a date that suited us both. It was a real pleasure having someone so professional. I knew exactly what was wanted/ needed from the start. He explained everything expertly, which ment I arrived feeling confident and relaxed about the shoot.
Paul and Scarlet are simply lovely, friendly people and made me feel welcome and at ease from the moment I met them and left me feeling very well looked after.
I wouldn't hesitate to work with them again and highly recommend them to anyone else, especially if your new to the industry. There honest, professional people that are a delight to work with.
Devon Breeze

Jezebel Jones's picture

Hi, I am a new member of air. I am also up and coming in the adult industry. I am available for shoots though, so if you are ever looking for girls, let me know.

titz_tattz's picture

Had a shoot with Paul,yesterday,,,and all i can say is "WOW",,what a great time we all had.Very professional,in ALL aspects of work,comunication and advise,very laid back couple and deffinatly made to feel very welcome and at ease.You can clearly see that Paul and scarlet love there work,and theres nothing better than seeing that and working with professional people.Looking forward to seeing the the work that we produced and i would highly recommend working with these if you ever get the chance,,,Lots of hus,,Tattiana x

SaskiaSquirts's picture

I've had some great shoots but nothing could top this one for Nerd Pervert. I can honestly say this is the best shoot for the best people! I really couldn't ask for more.

They're both incredibly laid back instantly puts you at ease, they don't take the piss on time either! Both very helpful very welcoming into their home giving you a guest room and providing dinner :)
The added bonus of taking you out on your final night.

They took some pictures for my pages which was offered :)

Nothing I could fault and only praise here! Cannot rate enough! Was definitely more like a leasure meet up than work. If only everyone worked like they do :)

Can't wait to go back!!!

Had a great shoot with Paul and Scarlett - Great fun, professional, made me feel totally comfortable throughout. Would happily work with both again. The whole day was fun and thoroughly enjoyable!

Donna x

LaceyStarr's picture

I had been in touch with this twisted and evil genius for some time now, with a view to making some mucky movies and generally misbehaving. Well, I finally got myself ensnared in his depraved masterplan and ended up schlepping just under a million miles to Durham, where I bared my thesping soul and my ample boobies in the name of art, for the world famous Nerd Pervert site.
He is strangely sexy, in a kind of 'can't believe I just said that' kinda way! and he clearly disguises his maniacal intentions well as he seems to have worked with so many top ladies.

I love Paul!! he's a prime example of what happens when a smart cookie has a bright idea, then, with his shit totally together, runs with it and makes a real success of it.
Brilliant idea, well executed, you have to take your hat off to the man, he's a proper good 'un

He has a very professional approach, some great technical knowledge and a love for what he's created. Most importantly too, he has the lovely Scarlet alongside.

He made me really feel at ease and amongst friends and a friend is how I'm now very honoured to regard him

Would travel to the ends of the earth, or even as far as Durham, to work with him again anytime

but for fucks sake spell my name right in future


Mona_Summers's picture

I had a very nice shoot with Paul and Scarlett, they are very professional but relaxed and easy going people. I really liked it that they do something different and unique, that made it even more fun to shoot with them. We discussed a 4 hour shoot and the time flew by so quickly.

I can really recommend Paul and hope to work with him again one day

Official Site:
Twitter: @sexy_mona91

titz_tattz's picture

Had the pleasure once again to do a shoot with Paul,aka "Nerdpervert" and his lovely assistant "Scarlett" Easter saturday,,,What can i say but,AWESOME,,Great comunication before shoot and even after when i safely arrived back home after my 2hr journey,,Very thoughtful in everything they do,,so relaxed atmosphere also.Id highly recomend any girls to work with these guys if you ever get the chance to..Looking forward to seeing the outcome and listening to the "Podcast" also,,Thanksonce again to Paul & scarlett for a great sat shoot,,be seeing you soon xx Tattianax

devon breeze's picture

This was my second time working with Paul and on this occasion it was a joint effort between Duskfilms for and DB productions for Having worked with Paul and Scarlet before I knew it was going to be a professional but relaxed and friendly shoot. is a intricate reality style of porn and Paul puts a lot of effort into he's background stories, he's success within the industry is testimonial to he's professionalism and the time he puts into he's storylines. Saying this he never at any point took over the scene and always took my ideas on board which allowed me to get the scene and footage I needed for my site. Due to this we both ended with fantastic footage suitable for both sites.
I have become good friends with Paul over the last 12months attending UKAP meetings, Paul Raymond Magazine awards ect together. He's knowledge of the industry with advice and guidance has helped me so much in the start of my production company and website. I cant thank him enough for the wealth of impartial knowledge he's past on from UK laws to technical advise.
My advise to any model from starting in the industry to wanting to produce yourself is to work with Duskfilms as your sure to have a fun shoot, great advice and confidence given to move forward with your career.
There're also lovely grounded people that you cant help but to befriend.

jodiecummings's picture

I worked with Paul on Saturday. What can I say? Absolutely fantastic! He made me feel at ease the whole time we worked together. The scenes were fun and unrushed. Paul was very professional throughout. If you had any questions he was more than happy to answer them. The script was very easy to follow. This was not rigid and Paul would allow it to flow so it had a more natural feel.
Also, due to the fact that I had to travel a fair distance, Paul allowed me to stay in the guest bedroom. He was very hospitable and welcoming. The location is quiet. Beautiful house. I couldn't of wished for a better shoot.
Thank you x

ZaraDuRose's picture

I had my second shoot with Paul last week. We had been planning this for some time, so it was nice to actually get it done and get the story completed :-)
He's great at organising & communicating to get things done right. The ideas for the shoot are original & it was nice to sneak some latex in there as well! ;-) we've kept in touch since our first shoot last year - it's nice to come across someone with similar views in the industry & who also takes it seriously!
Him & Scarlett are a great team & a pleasure to work with! :-)

Zara -x-

James Johnson's picture

I could not agree more with what Paul has written on my page (click here to see: as the sentiments are very much returned. For those of you who have not worked with Paul; I would highly recommend that you do! Upon meeting Paul and his camera lady (Scarlet) you will be met with big smiles, a kind attitude and all in a relaxed yet professional environment. You can be sure you will be presented on film in a fantastic manner as Paul's editing skills are some of the best in the UK and of course not forgetting Scarlets skill behind the lens, together they are a great team!

In the future I very much hope to see Paul and Scarlet at my villa. Not only would it be fantastic to catch up in person but I'm sure as professionals they would take full advantage of the tropical setting (and pool and bar…) all providing that Paul and I don't put any models to sleep talking about camera specs, encode speeds and editing techniques.

So, in short, if you want to be a performer and want to be treated professionally, Dusk Films is the place to be, it will get you noticed! Keep up the great work you guys! And get your asses out here soon!!!

James - JLP

Alisha Rydes's picture

Well what can I say ... Was dying to meet the famous "Nerdpervert" and the famous Scarlet, a fantastic time. Great amazing people who are fun to be around and very professional. From the beginning of discussing shoot Paul was efficient, and detailed... I bought loads lol as usual. The shoot was very detailed but great fun and would recommend highly.

Definitely accept if asked to do a shoot , great people and great laughs

Thank you for a fantastic day

Love Alisha xxxx

Alisha Rydes's picture

just wanted to thank Paul for receiving my content from our shoot on time and in a very easy manner with instructions on how it downloads, I received in total 6 discs sorted between clips, rental movie and full HD scenes, plus a detailed to do list. Received all of this in the time scale given and have watched the scenes and am extremely happy , I have no hesitation in recommending Paul and Scarlet to work with on content share basis and because they are just adorable. Thank you so much

Love Alisha xxx


I had the great privilege of shooting for Dusk films on 28th February. I am always nervous before shooting with new people but the communications before the shoot were informative but friendly. I knew exactly what the shoot was going to entail, what to take with me and all the other details and confirmation in plenty of time before the date of the shoot. As my manager and I were travelling up the day before (due to the distance) we were kindly offered the chance to meet up socially the night before. This helped a lot easing nerves and also being able to discuss the shoot further. On the day of the shoot, as soon as we arrived we were instantly made welcome and sat chatting for a while. Once we were ready we then went through the scenes and discussed in depth the clothing, area and the plot for that particular scene. When shooting it was so natural and just flowed which was helped by the fact there was just the producer/performer, camera lady and myself there (my manager left then returned after the shoot). We filmed the scenes in a serious but fun and relaxed manor whilst still getting the footage that was required. Although i have worked for a number of producers in the industry I am still relatively new and have found innovative and professional approach of Dusk films extremely enjoyable and refreshing. Look forward to spending time with them both again, both professionally and socially.

Pixiee Little

Chloe Davis's picture

Had the great pleasure of working with Nerd Pervert/Dusk Films on their first ever Femdom scene. It was frankly brilliant! I loved every second of the planning, meeting, filming and the finished article is genius! So slick and professional, this guy really knows his stuff. We chatted for ages about technical bobbins (I am a recent convert to iMac, like a bumbling child in a sweetie shop - he is like the grand master, an oracle, a wiz, a maestro etc etc) and he is more than happy to impart his knowledge and expertise. He is not at all stand offish, he's the opposite, very personable and inclusive. Filming was so easy and so much fun.

We filmed on a content share basis, Dusk Films shoot & edit the content to keep in with their 'brand' and I'm glad that they do, they have a unique and wonderful product. The content arrived safely via post in under two weeks, and was of superb quality with all bases covered, he even helpfully added my personal website watermark. The final scene is possibly one of their funniest to date, you should go and check it out, Paul is a natural comedy genius!

I would definitely work with them again.

There was only one negative to the whole thing, and thats the location! I left Durham for a reason you know, not to be dragged back up there for filming! *jokes*
The filming venue is residential, discreet and lovely, and yes, in bloody Durham, but you can't have everything and the end product is well worth the journey!

Hoping to work with them again in the future to film 'Chloe's Revenge' or other such nonsense, maybe a Marvel Parody.......?

Chloe Davis xXx


We shot a scene as part of content share a while back , so was supplied in a variety of formats and great quality, Turnaround was quicker than expected. and my pen drive arrived safely in the post.

Paul & Scarlett are are the loveliest people so easy to get along with , & very professional, communications before the shoot were great so I had a very good knowledge of the part I would be playing, (mentioned in many episodes but never shot before) the style of their brand make them so unique , and funny too.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend other girls to work with them, whether just starting out or already established you have no worries in their company . :-)

Lovely to meet you and wish you all the best


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I worked with nerd pervert recently and have to say its some of the best work I have done. firstly Scarlet makes a mean cup of tea!! So thank you for that, from the start of my contact with Paul I was reassured that all would go smoothly and according to plan on the day, I was so impressed by the level of dedication effort and thought for detail Paul and Scarlet put into their work, this reflects in how easy it is to work alongside them. Everything from the get go was discussed and I knew exactly what was expected of me and them on the day. The shoot went even better than expected and I was pleased the material we would obtain would be epic and I was not wrong, Paul I feel puts a lot into his work and the edits I received were not only on time but they were so professionally done I was blown away. I did not doubt for one second that the results of our shoot would be anything less and I was not disappointed. Without a shadow of doubt I would recommend working with Nerdpervert and would love to take up a shoot again some time in the near future as I know that the level of professionalism shown from both is clearly consistent, but most of all it has been fun working with these two and fun getting to know them and be able to call them friends and I particularly value the above and beyond approach as being new to the industry I have received a lot of input from Paul and Scarlet who have always been there to help me out and offer me sound advice. so thank you very much guys its nice to meet genuine folk in the industry you know you can rely on who don't have a hidden agenda like some


Sienna x

I have already worked with Paul on a couple of shoots for his site and each time he has been fantastic. He has met me at the station to take me to the shoot location, offered me refreshments, and also been happy to wait for me to get ready. The entire day is a no-rush, relaxed environment yet without making you feel like you're wasting time.

What I like about Paul is that he always gives me an idea of the storyline he has thought of for me, checks if i'm happy with it and listens to input or suggestion from me as to how I can make the role my own. Through doing this I can bring myself better to the role, as I know my own strengths and weaknesses. Paul is one of those people who makes you feel at easy immediately, which means I can get into character and know we won't have to do many (if any!) retakes.

The content I have received from my shoots with Paul have come in a timely manner, and are of an exceptional quality. The time and effort him and Scarlet go to to film the 'extra' parts of the scene (which are also my favourite bit to watch!) is outstanding, and the final result is a clean cut, high definition professional scene rivalling any reality television series you've ever seen!

Having taken a short break from the industry I was delighted to hear Paul would have me back on the show, having shared his ideas with me on how my character has progressed during my absence. Naturally I won't give anything away but we have booked in for a few weeks time and no doubt i'll have more good things to say about Paul after the next one!!

I would highly recommend anyone looking to get into the industry, as well as recommend anyone already established who hasn't to work with Paul. He is genuine, reputable and great fun to work with!

Where to start.. Ok I was very lucky indeed to have had my very first shoot in the industry with Paul and Scarlet!
If you are reading this then you may well be considering working with them yourself.
My advice would be that it would be the best move you will ever make!!!
The clear indication came with the phone call, Paul could not have been more tentative to ANY questions I had.
By the end of the call I had no doubts but even still was told I could call if I had any.
On the day it was so relaxed, again Paul wanted to make absolutely sure I was ok with everything and THAT, was just one of a million reasons why I can not recommend these guy's enough!! 100 percent model consideration!!!
If you have any doubts at all feel free to ask me or any of the other girls these guy's have worked with and I assure you it will be unanimous! Professional to a fault and you will not regret it!
We are already talking about working together again soon and have become good friends as well as work and that should tell you all you need to know about these two.
The Real Deal!!!

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After speaking to Paul for a long long time about the entire side of boy/girl. I moved my levels from solo and girl/girl to finally doing boy/girl. Paul coped with my countless questions such as "What if i get leg cramp" and took the time and patience to answer all of my worries. The day before the shoot i was feeling 100% confident about working with Paul (& Scarlet) and that it was the right choice. Now it was the doing! I'd done acting growing up loosely and already directed my own content to sell on my website which requires storyline so I was comfortable with the acting he wanted... the sex on camera was the new part!
However the day the shoot we chatted, we ate, we laughed and we done a scene and had a break and done another scene. Before i knew it, i'd just done my first boy/girl performance on camera and I was skipping around their house in joy! Paul is so easy to work with and Scarlet filming made me feel a lot better. I will definately work with them again if they will have me! I am thankful of their patience and i could not recommend this company more. And its no secret to others that they are amazing to work with! Paul has emailed me over this morning a little treat to sell on my website, a behind the scenes video of the entire shoot and the fact he has edited it already despite being so busy and given me this out of generosity says it all. I can't wait to put it up. Love, Kitty. AKA. Caitlyn. AKA porncrewfriend.

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