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Hi..My name is Sarah Kellyxxx and I have been modelling about 3years now and consider myself to be easy to get along with,hard working,and RELIABLE..

I have worked for;ATK Natural,Jim Slip, Marino,Ben Dover,Lara Latex,Nigel Knight,Walpole,Playboy TV (UK) Top Shelp Productions,Sport TV,Chimera Bondage and BallBusting Universe amongst others,and I`d like to think they would all say I have a very Professional yet fun attitude and wont let you down.... I love my Amatuer shoots and do lots of Private Video Commissions to order.

I work up to Hard GG,Hard BG and Hard/Extreme Fetish am always certed.

IM A GUSHER,So watch out ! ;)

Im Very easy to get along and have a laugh with most people I meet. I can follow a script,however improvised and take direction well and can Ad lib easily,now I have done that much of it !

Though based in Manchester,I`m often in Birmingham and London and travel all over the UK with work,often staying over if Im in an area next day.
No distance is too far assuming I get sufficient notice to plan my diary.


RATES - Im happy with a fair days shoot for a fair days pay.Let me know your EXACT shoot requirements including;
content required;shoot duration;date+location;proposed fee (If you have one); ideally with a mobile number. I will then call,text or email you back as promptly as i am able.

I shoot alot of Private commissions for collectors and also my own content so I know how infuriating poor timekeeping,delayed shoots and, even worse,no shows, can be...
I appreciate you have a shoot to do and I never no show and I wont ever let you down.Ever!

Thank you for yor consideration...

Sarah Kellyxxx

* Depending on your requirements, have a great VENUE AVAILABLE to hire,in Manchester .If you ever need a luxury 2bedroom,open plan,split level Penthouse apartment in Manchester City Center,with ample parking,let me know....
At the moment all the pictures I have from there are of WHAT I shot,NOT so much the interior-I will rectify this and put pics up here as soon as I am able.

I can be on hand to do you brews and a bacon sarnie as needed,or I can make myself scarce as required.

** I am always looking for Slaves+Submissive guys and girls to shoot kinky fetishes with for Leave,Name,Area+Mobile No with intro message if wishing an invite.
RELIABLE webmaster/partner,also needed......and a NWest based model pal to do shoots and cam work with ;)

*** If you want a model who Squirts+Gushes for England email ; SarahKellyModel@Gmail.Com ;)

Thank you xxx

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tanyacox's picture

Ive known sarah a few years now and finally got to work with her last week,
you can all see for yourselfs how hot & pretty Sarah is from her pictures;
but as well as been georgous she is also a fantastic model/performer,
very professional & great fun to work with.

Signature - Funsize Adult model/performer working to solo, g/g, b/g & femdom levels My Model Listing

myson's picture

I think that could have been my shoot? Tanya and Sarah worked really well together. Two top notch babes, what more could a guy ask for?


SarahKellyxxx's picture

A Big "Thank You" to the lovely Myson for this one.... I have been a "Fan" of Tanya`s for ages now so to finally get to work with her was just briliant..
Any Togs booking Tanya will get a great shoot.. She is a great model,really knows her stuff,and also lots of fun to shoot with...

Anyone booking me AND Tanya together will get a discount (off my usual rate!) ...

Sarah Kellyxxx

Always fully certed, I'm RELIABLE and turn up on time,fully prepared to shoot what you want,or happy to shoot you a Private CommissionMy Model Listing

Tony James's picture

Sarah is one of the top girls to shoot with. Very sexy and one hell of a scene. Great fun to work with.

If you want one great scene with a girl who is reliable, turns up on time, totally prepared for all the action then Sarah Kelly is your girl.

Tony James.

myson's picture

Worked with the lovely Sarah today. It was a really superb shoot and Sarah was absolutely superb.
The only problem was the battery on my new high def video camera went dead on me but that was my fault not Sarah's.

Really, really want to work with Sarah again (and I suggest you do too).


SarahKellyxxx's picture

Your brill to shoot with Myson..I really enjoyed it,always do.... and your sandwiches are THE best ;)

Till next time xxxx

Sarah Kellyxxx

Always fully certed, I'm RELIABLE and turn up on time,fully prepared to shoot what you want,or happy to shoot you a Private CommissionMy Model Listing

admin's picture

I've worked with Sarah twice - once as the hired stud, once as the stud/producer and she's great. Highly commended, book her.

Signature - AIR Admin aka Paul Jones Model, and Producer

SarahKellyxxx's picture

Im `great` and `highly recommended`? Thank you xxx ......

Im putting THAT on my Cv and will be seeing you again!!! ;)

Sarah Kellyxxx

Always fully certed, I'm RELIABLE and turn up on time,fully prepared to shoot what you want,or happy to shoot you a Private CommissionMy Model Listing

Tony's picture

Sarah was both an awesome mistress and professional model

Nothing but positive things can be said from my first real introduction to the industry - I'm glad I worked with such a fun and professional performer

andy250's picture

Well what can I say, Sarah was just superb on our fetish tickling shoot. Boy oh boy did she get tickled. Fantastic lady, I also have to thank her for battling through some pretty terrible weather in
order to get to location. Thanks again Sarah, regards Andy.

Morph's picture

I've had the pleasure of working with Sarah and she is very professional and a very nice girl. Recommended!

johnjohn's picture

Sarah came, cum and gushed had a great shoot brilliant girl fun relaxed and very sexy. She is also a great performer and you really have to behave or she will spank you LOL will be doing a hard G/G with her can't wait.
Thanks Sarah for a truly great time.

myson's picture

Little ol' me was very fortunate to have had a right cracking shoot today with Sarah and Rachel Travers ( We shot some great photos (even if I do say so myself but that was due to the girls, not my skills) in between all the falling over laughing.

Thank you Sarah and Rachel


andy250's picture

Yep it finally happened folks, we managed to get Sarah, in character onto a splosh shoot!!! What a blast of day, direction: there was none given, as none was needed. We had a world first and actually got Sarah on a BUS!!! (I should have took the stills camera) Fantastic day all round Sarah was a trooper and when she got messy boy did she get messy!! She even ripped the camera mans pants to bits!!! (I let Miss Kelly explain what happened there!) Sarah looked truly stunning in her pvc attire.. Sarah is more than welcome back.
Kind regards, from Andy and the team.

I worked with Sarah on Saturday for the first time ( and on my first ever splosh shoot ) - she was an absolute pleasure to work with!
We had such a giggle, and she has a really good aim with those squeezy bottles! Lovely girl, very professional and a good laugh too - had a brilliant time, PLUS I got to fill her pants with beans....does it get any better??? lol xxx
Thanks Sarah, loved it x

Signature - Black Krystal, curvy, black, hot and willing! My Model Listing

Sookieblues's picture

Had a brilliant, fun shoot with this gorgeous lady. Can't wait to work with her again, she is great!!!
Lovely, friendly and a brilliant laugh, full of ideas. X

Sookieblues's picture

Another awesome set of shoots with this gorgeous, sexy and fun lady.
Book her! Or even better, book us together for double the trouble lol ;-)
Anytime Sarah! X

SarahKellyxxx's picture

Mmmmm... you and me fucking each others brains out ...... Delicious ;) x

Sarah Kellyxxx

Always fully certed, I'm RELIABLE and turn up on time,fully prepared to shoot what you want,or happy to shoot you a Private CommissionMy Model Listing

MistressNicola's picture

I have had the pleasure of meeting and shooting with stunningly sexy Sarah. She is so much fun and so easy to get along with. I am lucky to say that we have lots more fun planned in the very near future and will be meeting/filming regularly :-D 
You can see by Sarah's pics she is truly yummy and I can safely say she tastes as good as she looks ;-) xxx

As a model, Sarah strikes the balance perfectly between her professional approach, being punctual, organised and equipped for all eventualities mixed with her relaxed, fun loving easing going sexy minx attitude makes her the absolutely perfect choice !!!  

Booked Sarah for a half day 2 girl video shoot with Holly kiss. Had a great shoot with the two girls, Highly recommend Sarah for any work you might need doing. Lots of fun had on the day.

DannyBoye's picture

I had the pleasure of hosting a very hot fem Dom session / shoot with Sarah and some of her obedient, collared playthings in my apartment in Manchester. A tremendously fun, charming and sexy woman If ever there was one!

alexeijack's picture

i worked with Sarah for the first time last week in a bg scene for Art Erotica. Although it was the first time we worked together she was very confident, full of energy and made the scene very easy going. her on screan performance was great, she developed a good chemistry with me and made the scene a pleasure to be part of. she's very sexy and fun to be around. she was professional, arrived on time and was very engaging company. i'd have no problem recommending her or working with her in the future. thanks. Alexei x

Alexei Jackson

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