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Zara DuRose

About Me

See my events website:


I'm now offering solo escort meets, my AW page has been updated with information: MissZaraDuRose
Also my couples profile: ZARAandDAVID and ZaraAndEevee with my hot redhead friend.


WINNER - Escort Magazine GOTY 2017 - Paul Raymond Awards


WINNER BDSM Sex Goddess - 2016 DDF Awards, Europe!

Nominated Best Fetish site & performer 2016 for the ukap awards.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - WINNER of the 2015 UKAP award for Best Fetish/Niche Website!

Nominated for performer of the year for the UKAP awards 2015.

Nominated for Best Newcomer for the 2014 Paul Raymond Awards!

Full time model, working in everything from the adult industry, to fetish, glamour and art nude shoots.
Enthusiastic, professional & reliable - please read the references for examples of this! :-)

UK size 8/10 & I'm a Natural REDHEAD, with landing strip to match, a tattoo on one side & left arm sleeve, pictures of my tattoo can be provided, if needed.

I'm always fully certed & available for solo, G/G, B/G work.

I am happy to work with photographers for any style of photo shoot.
Over the past years I have worked on different model days with photographers of all talents and experience. So can work on my own, or happy to be directed.
Please see my PurplePort page for more examples of my work:

Well I'm up for pretty much anything (within reason of course!!). I can do softcore & hardcore with guys & girls. I'm genuinely bisexual, none of this 'gay for pay' rubbish!! ;-)
I have an extensive knowledge in the Fetish/BDSM lifestyle and have lived in the 'scene' for over 8 years.

There are only a few things I will not do which are the following:
Kissing with guys (girls ARE OK!) ;-)
Gangbang style shoots

Please email me with the project you have me in mind for and as much detail as possible, links to previous work, references etc. I DO NOT reply to emails that just say "Hi, what are your rates?"

I have a car and am willing to travel anywhere in the UK or will travel abroad for the right work.

I'm also on Twitter: @ZaraDuRose and Instagram: ZaraDuRose :-)

For information please email

I am also on AdultWork:
I also Webcam from this AW account too. This is hard solo work, and fetish sessions. I'm NOT looking for guys to cam with.


Amazon Wish List:

Thank you for reading!


I have worked with over 40 different companies and photographers over the last year or so, and have been published in different magazines & featured on all sorts of different sites. Some of these companies include:
- Marc Dorcel
- Kaizen
- Digital Playground
- Jim Slip
-PureXXX Films
-Max Bones Media
-Fake Taxi
-Fake Agent
-Playboy TV
-White tower studios
-Sexstaion TV - phone chat & live sex show.
-Kink Canary
-Kinky Pony Girl
-Fiona Cooper (Covergirl For September 2013!)
-Sexstaion TV - phone chat & live sex show.
-Shiny Videos
-Clinical Torments
-Razzle Magazine Nov 29th 2013
-Dave Lefant, Paul Raymond Magazines
-LatexGirls HD
-Lady Suspender
-Dusk Films
-Nerd Pervert
-Glamour X Castings

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Billys Babes's picture

I had the pleasure of shooting Zara's first porn video today.

She was an absolute pleasure to work with and has a very professional approach to her work.
Her communication before and on the day of the shoot was excellent, she arrived on time with an excellent selection of outfits and put a lot of effort into the shoot.

As well as the above she is a lovely and very classy lady.

A total pleasure to work with.


Hi, if you are available for work in Jan and Feb, please email us a contact number and we will get in touch to discuss the type of shoots we have available, the rates and timings.
Steve Harrison

jasonporn's picture

Zara's comm's were excellent and she worked very well under my direction. She's quite new to Porn but is learning fast LOL !!!!
Thanks Zara xx

yoniman1's picture

Worked with Zara on a BGG shoot and she was a true professional. The shoot didn't go as I wanted but through no fault of Zara who was patient, professional and perfect!!
I am looking forward to working with Zara again as soon as her very busy diary can fit me in !!

Hi Zara -

Paid work offer local to you and within your stated levels. Tried messaging you direct but no response,


Ed Dorians

ZaraDuRose's picture

Hi there, I'll be replying to your email tonight, it came through at a busy time.
Kind regards
Zara x

Different Pictures's picture

I had the absolute pleasure and honour to work with the lovely Zara for a bondage shoot. Zara is an absolute fantastic, very good looking and open-minded model. The communication prior to the shoot was perfect, clear and very open. On clear questions came clear answers from both sides. On the day of the shoot everything was delivered and performed as agreed on in advance. Professionalism pure! She was accompanied by a very friendly partner who left the room once he senced that "the coast is clear and safe" for his wonderful woman.
Zara is absolutely stunning, very beautiful and loves her job clearly 200%. It was just a pleasure to put some rope around her wonderful figure.. And in between two shoots she is fun to have an informal talk and chat with.
Rates (up to you to discuss) were very competitive!
I recommend Zara very warmly and whish her all the luck in her career!

Had a wonderful shoot with Zara a little while back. I'll definitely be working with her again as soon as possible.
She's a smart, fun, confident woman who loves what she does. Can't ask for more than that.

MaxBones's picture

We did a shoot with Zara at the weekend and got excellent results! She had great communication before and on the day, was professional, easy to work with and very sexy!
Will be looking to book her again for sure :)

Max Bones Media

LeighWTS's picture

Had the pleasure of working with Zara today. Wow. What a gorgeous sexy Lady. Shoot flew by. Zara knew exactly what was required, looked great, and came over very confidently in the scenes. She has a fantastic body, and was enthusiastic for the whole 6 hours.

Pre shoot comms was efficient and professional. Zara arrived 30 mins before shoot time which gave me a chance to meet her partner too who was a great guy.

Hope to see you both again soon, thanks for a great day x

Stocking Stan's picture

Shot with Zara last night, great model, turned up & on time (actually a little early)

Professional, Friendly, Great communication before. Top Model A+ rating from me.

Will be booking again soon ;-)


realnicepix's picture

If Carling did Saturday afternoons they would include a video shoot with the delightful Zara. She is gorgeous, sexy, professional and very good company. Her partner David, who came along at the start to ensure all was safe, is a very friendly guy. Book her while you still can cos she's gonna be a big star! Ben Clarke.

Mistress Chatterley's picture

Had a Fab shoot with the Lovely Zara,a real pleasure to work with.
Really impressed with her professionalism,the added bonus a real nice Person.

freebird-001's picture

ok with will wont to shoot you i need footagre for pov let me know

Freebird Productions

ZaraDuRose's picture

Please DM me with more information!

alexeijack's picture

i recently worked with Zara behind the scenes on a cosplaybabes set for Yuffie Yulan. Although i have spoke with Zara on a number of occasions it was the first time we have met.
there is a lot of hype around this model for all the right reasons; Zara is very professional - punctual, a good communicator and hardworking - and a very friendly person to work with - easy going, relaxed and fun company.
she did 3 or 4 scenes in the day (directed by Yuffie) and i had the privilege of being cameraman for their GG scene. it was a struggle to keep composed and not be mesmerised by the hot and steamy scene that followed! Zara has great on-set style, is very sexy and produces HOT natural scenes!
i'd recommend her to all togs and producers in the industry and hope our paths cross again soon as she is definitely one of the good one!!
thanks, Alexei

Alexei Jackson

Davelefant's picture

I worked with Zara today on a magazine photoshoot, and Loved every second gazing through the lense and working with her! She can switch from cute to sexy in an instant, outstandingly beautiful woman! She has an Amazing figure (hourglass figure wow!) and her Fabulous attitude and enthusiasum shone brightly! I had been looking forward to working with her and I wasnt dissapointed whatsoever! I highly recommend her! I am looking forward with much relish to working wtih her again really soon. X Dave

Worked with Zara on our last shoot of 2013 on 18/12/13. We had plans to work together for a while, but we were always both busy. With me shooting all the time for the US and Zara being busy modelling I knew it was just a case of timing. We are both very similar in our work ethics in terms of planning, dedication to our work and above all organisation. There's not many models these days who take the job as seriously as Zara and it shows. When Zara said she was working for a week only 2 hours away I snapped up the chance to work with her, which was easy as I'd already finished shooting for the year but couldn't not take this offer up of shooting once more with Zara. She turned up on time and has plenty of her own ideas, as well as taking direction well and making the part her own with the material and story you give her to play with. She's very easy to get on with which is perfect for us as everyone works hard on set but our shoots are well known for being laid back and fun. We had a very original concept for the story which we had never done before and Zara was the perfect choice, in fact we are adding her on our list of models to work with again in 2014 as it will be effortless to get her back and continue the story we started with her on the show Would I recommend Zara ??? Of course I would she's amazing, Beautiful and reliable a word not to many models can be linked to these days. Thank you Zara for bringing our script to life and for working hard we look forward to the next time.

Paul Taylor

hi had a amazing shoot with zara for kloe kabe new website, great model, great wardrobe, hope to work with her again soon

I had the pleasure of working with the lovely Zara for the first time last Friday on a content shoot.
Pre-shoot communications were perfect.
I'm sure we produced some amazing content and I can't wait to see it.
Zara is very organised, genuine, friendly, hard working and I definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a professional and reliable model who is easy to get along with and puts 100% into all her work :)
Looking forward to working together again hopefully in the near future. xx

It was a pleasure to work with Zara on two separate occasions last month. On each occasion, she was early and well-prepared. She was polite, well organised, hard-working and needed no direction. She is gorgeous as well. The clients I shot her for are very happy with the content. I highly recommend her, and look forward to working with her again.

Lovely to shoot Zara again. We have kept in touch since the last time we shot which was well over a year ago and always looked for a way to bring her back into our show and were just waiting to find the right story line. Zara has grown so much as a model and now a producer for her site We like to try and keep in touch and always pleasure to see her at industry events such as Xbiz and Paul Raymond and UKAP events. Always on time and I think she's the only person in the industry who is as OCD as me with planning a shoot and being on time etc. Its a rare quality to have these days, and she was like this before the shoe was on the other foot and she became a producer too. I love the fact that she is happy to come back and do our little shoots and she appreciates it for what it is and the thought we put into it, and she is always happy to collaborate and discuss her own ideas with us, which is something we love when the model gets involved instead of just being told what to do off us. We even tried something different, an took advantage of shooting Zara in one of her hot Latex dresses ( See Zara I didn't say PVC this time :0) ) and we even had the Nerd in a latex mask too so it was all new to me but fin at the same time. Its a utter pleasure to spend the day with such professionalism and once the right story comes up I'm sure she will be back again for more Nerd fun. Thanks as always Zara for all your time and effort.

Paul Taylor

Model_Amy's picture

Terrific GG shoot with Zara. Superb pre-shoot communications, wonderfully relaxed on set - no drama - great company, zero direction required, fantastic own hair and make-up done. Simply put: Ticks ALL the boxes and is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS as well. 10/10. An A-Lister of the highest degree within the industry on all fronts. Cannot wait to work with her again.

Published adult model - stills and video - always up for paid work. 100% reliable and always fully certed.

See me here:

Nominated - 2017 UKAP awards.

Nominee *Best MILF* 2016 UKAP Awards.

Twitter: @MILF_Amy

I had the luck to work with this beautiful lady.
Zara has such sexuality emmanating from her, making the shooting very easy.
Honestly I expected her to be posh, but I was so wrong, she is a very easy-going girl.
Top female talent.

Ricky Stone's picture

Above comment was meant to be sent by me :)

Top Stocking Productions's picture

We are proud that we have shot Zara a number of times - and have a lot more already booked...

Where do we start?

Pre-shoot communications that would put a Number 10 Downing Street press conference to shame.
STUNNING on camera.
Laughed at (some) of our jokes.
Knows EXACTLY what the lens is seeking - Zara needs less direction than an Oscar winner.
A wardrobe that would make Vogue nervous.
Terrific company.
A DREAM to work with.

The TSP team.

Top Stockings Productions

Independent Production Company

Twitter: @XXX_Films_XXX

LaceyStarr's picture

I had the very distinct pleasure of working with the very sexy Zara a while ago and just realised I'd forgot to leave feedabck.

This lady is an amazing beauty and highly professional model. She looks as stunning in clothes as she does out of them. She handled a tricky scene very well and took direction with enthusiasm. She was absolutely perfect for the role and nailed all aspects of it. I'll definitely be hoping to shoot Zara again for LaceyStarr Productions and would highly recommend her to anyone.


Worked Zara and loved it. .
She was really friendly and welcoming, giving all the positive vibes you need to shoot a good scene. We had some ferrero roches before we started although I ate 66% before I even arrived haha.
Everything happened as it was agreed beforehand, she is a pleasure to to work with. STunning, curvy and amazing, attractive woman.
Absolute pleasure hope we get to work together again xx

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