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Billy Bleat

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AKA Billy Bleat of Billy Bleat Studios (Newbury)


I am in my sixties and I retired from full time employment three years ago. I like to think of myself as a semi-professional photographer, but in reality I am just a dirty old man with a camera. I have been told I take a mean picture. I have a good selection of lights/backgrounds/locations in my home studio, but can also travel up to 150 miles. I am particularly fond of Leopard print and usually include it in every set, in some way, such as the outfit & underwear, accessories & props or backgrounds & covers.

I prefer to shoot adult glamour/role play work but have done a lot of G/G recently. Sensible rates offered, plus some outfits provided. I do not carry a vast range of shoes, other than leopard print, in various sizes. Did I mention I like leopard print?

I have worked with AliB, Ammy, Ashleigh Doll, Ashleigh MacKenzie, Asian Amy Latina, BB, Bi Suzie, Bounty, Busty Cookie, Cathy Oakley, Charlie West, Charlotte, Charmed25, Cheeky Kitten, Claire Knight, Clare_Cream, Daisy Bright, Dani, Danielle, Dee Dee, Electria, Elle_Rose, Emma J Black, Esteem, Gilly Sampson, Gina Lynn Jameson, Gloria, Ivy Moon, Jill 78, Jodie Ellen, Karma, Katrina, Kayleeigh, Kerry Davies, Kiana Kraze, Kimberly Scott, Kit Kat, Kitty Kream, Lacey Starr, Lara Latex, Latin_Rosa, Laura Toy, Lenah Makena, Lexi Cummings, Lillie-Anne, Lily Roma, Lock_and_Key, Lola Marie, Lottie21, Lu_Elissa, Mackenzie, Madcat, Marlyn, Maya Homerton, Melissa Tongue, Mercedes, Mimi-Jo, Miss_Teri, Natasha Conway, Olivia, Oxonfleur, Pandora Smith, Princess Leia, Raven Black, Red Sonia, Roseviolet, Sammy Jane, Sofia Rae, Saucy Sally Cream, Savana, Sexy Tara, Shadymouse, She_Wolf, Silky, Sookie Blues, Speedybee, Stacey, Sweet Chill, Tabitha Alexander, Tiffany T, Tiger Lily, Tiina K, Tootsi, ToriB and Viola Elisabeth in the last couple of years.

I try to organise at least one shoot per week, sometimes two. My ideal model is a MILF-next-door type (40-60) who has a sense of humour, is confident about her own body and doesn't mind wearing my outfits, particularly my selection of leopard print, which I have a certain fondness for (I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before somewhere). But I can work with young models too (18-30) or established honeys (30-40), all are welcome to visit me in my humble studio, or I can travel up to 150 miles, but please be aware, I do more than Jeans and T-shirt, even if Jean is wearing the T-shirt, it's wet and it's a frosty winter morning in the Peak District, lol.

As I am a poor pensioner I mainly take TFP (Time for portfolio) work at the moment. Please do not contact me if you want outrageous £££ ph I simply cannot afford it any more, but I do a good deal with outfits, lingerie etc. It's what I call the Billy Bleat Treatment and it is a day spent in my company, visiting a local sex shop and other outside locations, plus lunch and more sets back at my house. Most of the girls who have tried this love their time with me. Good references available if required (see below) and please do not hesitate to send me a message if you would like more info. Note for agencies - do not contact me if your models are hundreds of miles away and want fees from the very outset. Also, make sure you are representing your clients professionally, with professional portfolio pictures. It is such a shame to see girls who are supposed to be agency represented, posting selfie's taken in a mirror.

You can also follow me on Twitter @alarm668 or Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/billybleat/ where my screen name is "I Spy With My One Good Glass Eye".

My headline girl is Dee Dee, a lovely mature model from Kidderminster I worked with for the third time in January 2016. She's such a delightful model to work with and such wonderful assets.

The limited pictures in this Gallery represents a fraction of the work I have done in the last three years. I wish I had more space to display ALL the lovely models I have worked with. Instead I will change the gallery regularly.

The following comments were posted on my previous profile (The one we had before the Admin started messing with the format)

Fantastic Guy

Submitted by Cee on Thu, 2011-12-08 19:40.
I have just finished my first shoot with Alan and the first thought that comes to mind is “Wow” this is due to the fact he is such a scream to work with, I would say his true vocation is on the stage telling jokes, although he is a dam good photographer. He rattles them off while shooting so the time flies by, he is so easy to work for. He is professional, organised, polite, a true gent and can he come up with some ideas. I 100% recommend Alan to everyone.

Happy and looking for the fun times working with good people can bring

Thankyou Alan

Submitted by Bustycookie on Mon, 2011-10-17 21:59.
I had my first photoshoot with alan in his cool home studio it was full of lepoard print he is practiclly a comedian as funny as myself we got some great pictures Thankyou Busty Cookie :)


Great shoot, great Tog!

Submitted by TiffanyT on Mon, 2011-09-12 19:44.
I had a fab shoot with Alan. He is so friendly, laid back, helpful & a pleasure to do a shoot with. He also had some great outfits for me to wear & shoes - heaven! Definitely going to be working with Alan on more projects in the future.
Thank you. T x

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claire knight's picture

I have worked with Alan for a few shoots now, both stills and video. He is a very funny, creative guy, well organised but not pushy. He keeps in touch, right up to the shoot, brings a selection of outfits to back-up my already bursting wardrobe and he lives on coffee and the odd sandwich.
I highly recommend working with him, but he won't stalk you, but he does write very funny emails.

martin_essex's picture

Did a recent shoot with Alan recently and he certainly knows his stuff and makes you feel comfortable. Cheers mate.

Asian Amy Latina's picture

I work with Auncle Alan, he is very gentleman, he looked after me the whole session, which infact we worked for twice already,,,not only that! there are more dates coming soon! offered me unlimited drinks and lovely Filipino dinner. Outfits to be given of course for nice models ( as he said) lovely presents after the shoot, i got nice leopard watch and outfits to take home too! he is very generous....the best among the rest! contents are superb..he is very well organize and ready to shoot!

Thank you for the lovely days...cant wait after easter for our 3rd shoot..

Kindest regards,

Speedybee's picture

Met Alan for the First Time this Weekend at a shared Content Shoot at Claires Spacious (Ideal for shoots) Berkshire Country residence, and I must admit we had a great time from start to finish, Alan was concentrating on the Pic's and My hubby The Dirty Doctor was concentrating on the vids, we had a couple of great Studs, Naked Butler and Black Panther and my Friend Lexie Cummings turned up as did Bounty who we met for the first time. We got so much content its untrue we all worked extreamly hard but everyone had a fantastic time and a good laugh.

Knowing Alans weekness for Leopard print, his first shoot was with me and I was ready for him in leopard print fur coat, stockings, shoes, bra, knickers, skirt & top, how he held the camera steady as I slowly and secductivly stripped for him, i'll never know, but I cant wait to see the pics, all in all a great weekend and a good shoot, and our next shoot with Alan has already been planned.

Trisha xxx

lexiecummings's picture

I met Alan at Claire Knights converted barn this last weekend, for a content shoot with Speedybee and her hubby phographer.

Alan knew how to get the best from the models and create a great picture, whilst still having a laugh and enjoying our antics when dressed as naughty nurses and school girls.
There was a relaxed atmosphere which meant we go so much done, whilst still having such fun the day went far to quickly
Would be happy to do more content with Alan

Lexie xx
for films and clips http://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=803534&SE=1
twitter- @Lexie_Cummings
facebook -lexie.cummings
If we email direct check your setting to accept the .xxx adult codes

Lara Latex's picture

Had great fun on this shoot, especially as Ive never worn leopard print before...ever! I really enjoyed the outdoor shoot in a derelict garage. Alan was good fun to work with and allows you to move around for the camera and direct yourself. Would work with him again.

Sookieblues's picture

Had a fun and interesting shoot with Alan. Unusual locations and cannot wait to see the photos!
Also very easy to get on with, friendly and a good laugh.
Will work with again x

Sookieblues's picture

Had another great shoot with Alan, fun and got some great photos! And lots of laughs.
Can't wait to work with him again x

Sookieblues's picture

Don't let it be said Alan don't know how to show a girl a good time ;-) had a productive and interesting shoot with the fab background of an old warehouse. It was cold, but had lots of fun. Apart from the spiders lol
Any time Alan x

Cathy Oakley's picture

I had a great shoot today with Alan. Apart from the best ever pre shoot comms, Alan's planning and organisation is exceptional. I knew exactly what I was required to prepare for the shoot. The shoot plan is so helpful to as you can refer to it during the shoot. The outfits, sizes and colours were all perfect. During the shoot we got on very well. It was fun, we laughed but we also got loads of content shot. Alan said he was pleased with what we had acheived today - especially as it was our first shoot. We have another shoot organised already. I would recommend Alan to all other models both experienced and new! Cant wait for our next shoot. thanks again, cathy x

Cathy Oakley

esteem's picture

Had a shoot with Alan today and thoroughly enjoyed myself. His professionalism combined with his sense humour and lovely manners, my shoot with him was thoroughly enjoyable and I look forward to our next shoot. Highly recommended.

esteem's picture

Had my second shoot with Alan today, and it was as good as the first. He was welcoming, friendly and we had a fun shoot. Look forward to working with him many more times in the future.

esteem's picture

Just had my fourth shoot with Billy, and as always, such a professional photographer. Although there were a few minor hiccups i.e. our original venue closing quite early, we managed to have a productive shoot in a nearby location.

As always, Billy brought a great selection of outfits to wear and model in, and we got some great photos. I can't wait to see the finished results, but I'm sure they will be as excellent as ever.

Highly recommended.

esteem's picture

Had another terrific shoot with Billy today. This is the fifth time we have worked together, and this being my first time since giving birth, so we were able to push boundaries more. Billy is a great photographer, and he's become a good friend. Can't wait for our next shoot, that we have already planned :-)

LaceyStarr's picture

I met and worked with Alan for the first time yesterday at my home in Crawley. He was well organised and had thought every part of the shoot out. He arrived right on time and we got going straight away. His painstaking preparation paid off as we shot a huge amount of stills with several costume changes. Didn't even notice the time overrunning!
He is a warm and friendly guy with a easy-going professionalism. We chatted throughout the shoot and his saucy wit was the perfect soundtrack to me getting my kit off as he clicked away! he made the whole thing fun and I had a great time. I'd gladly work with Alan again and very much look forward to doing just that. I'd also recommend him to anyone that enjoys some friendly banter and engaging with their togs. Nice guy, great shoot.


LaceyStarr's picture

My second time shooting with Billy and was just as much fun as the first. The shoots with him are always fast, fun and productive. He shot a lot of content yesterday in 4 hours and the time flew by. It's always a pleasure to work with photographers who know exactly what they want, but are also ready to take suggestions and feedback. A real 'model's photographer' and if you have any sense of humour he'll keep you smiling throughout.


Had a great time with Alan recently. This was my first shoot with him and he made me feel at ease straight away, kept my giggling most of the time though ( :) ) Nevertheless this was a fabulous shoot and looking forward to our next meeting in November.

KianaKraze's picture

I had a great shoot with Billy yesterday. He's friendly, professional and very easy to work with. The time flew by but we managed to shoot everything that was planned. Sure it was the first of many shoots. Highly recommended x

Really enjoyed our shoot, great guy to work with. Was nice to interact with the other girls shooting that day also. Comes highly recommended. Look forward to our next shoot

KianaKraze's picture

Another very successful shoot with Billy. It's always a pleasure working with him. Easy going, friendly and professional the shoots always fly by. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him and look forward to our next shoot x

I have had 5 fantastic shoots with Alan. His a great communicator, reliable and his work is amazing. His one of the best in the business and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

KianaKraze's picture

I have shot with Billy 3 times now and its always a pleasure. Friendly and professional, he is so easy to work with. The shoot always flys by and we have a great time.
Looking forward to our next shoot.
Kiana x

KianaKraze's picture

I have worked with Billy many times now and it's always a pleasure. So easy to get along with and professional the shoots are always great fun. Sure we will continue to work together for a long time. Highly recommended! xx

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